Jeremy Maclin was a Little Testy with Reporters Yesterday

Video via Bob Grotz of the Delco Times

H/T to Jon Marks for the link here


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  1. “There is not pinpoint reason for why you are turning the ball over.”
    I could have sword they taught me how to hold a ball and prevent turning it over at my 3rd grade football camp.
    Who knew that was all crap? Apparently there is no correct way to hold a football.

  2. In all fairness, that was a really stupid question. I know the guy is looking for a quote for some story but it’s just on the players. All these people (See comments above) talking about teaching players how to hold the ball, are idiots. They’re NFL players. They know what they SHOULD do and the coaches can only say do what you’re supposed to. They’re pros.
    The coaches are at fault for a lot of things in this, but turnovers, especially fumbles, are not one of them.

  3. I’m having Kotite nightmares…7-2 and finishing 7-9…they always seemed to find a way to lose ..or invent a way to lose…
    a walk-off offsides – that’s inventive
    giving up a 10-yard QB sneak – that’s new
    kicking onsides before the whistle – another first (for me)
    running out the clock before the half (that’s old in this town)
    at least Maclin looks pissed – too many clowns on this team don’t

  4. Bunch of thugs is what they are. The NFL is becoming the NBA. Why must they celebrate after every small play like a sack or long catch and then do a stupid cultural dance. Disgusting. And they all have to wear their “ice and hats”. Bunch of thugs.

  5. My thoughts exactly, Downingtown. Whenever I tune into an NFL game, I have to remind myself that I am watching a sporting event, not an episode of Oz. And yes, plenty of white players look like they just got out of jail on a reduced sentence.

  6. What a hack- even if you think that, in some way, shape or form, that turnovers are a byproduct of poor coaching (which it hardly is), it’s very low on the list of 248 things that Reid does wrong. There are SO MANY things you can blame on Andy Reid. To point a finger at Reid because players deflect balls into defenders hands or can’t maintain possession of a ball as they are running down the field is ridiculous.

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