We call that Bryzgaloving, around these parts.

The Eagles will honor Jim Johnson and Eric Allen this weekend, so, as you might expect, we’re going to see a slew of stories about both of those guys. But here’s one with a little bit of punch, courtesy of Les Bowen. Michael Vick on Johnson: [Philly.com]

"He was probably the only defensive coordinator — I can honestly say this, because I've played against some good ones and I've played great against them — probably the only defensive coordinator I ever faced and had … a tad bit of doubt in my abilities. It speaks volumes, but it's the truth … He did things you'd never seen before."


Anyone who watched the 2004 NFC Championship would agree with that– the Eagles held Vick to 26 rushing yards and a 46.5 QB rating. Vick has always been supremely confident, though. Johnson is the only one who could put a little dent in his universe by using the blitz.

Perhaps Juan Castillo could take that as a hint: the Eagles are last in the NFL in total blitzes this year.