Jim Johnson Used to Make Michael Vick Feel Like He was Lost in the Woods

We call that Bryzgaloving, around these parts.

The Eagles will honor Jim Johnson and Eric Allen this weekend, so, as you might expect, we’re going to see a slew of stories about both of those guys. But here’s one with a little bit of punch, courtesy of Les Bowen. Michael Vick on Johnson: [Philly.com]

"He was probably the only defensive coordinator — I can honestly say this, because I've played against some good ones and I've played great against them — probably the only defensive coordinator I ever faced and had … a tad bit of doubt in my abilities. It speaks volumes, but it's the truth … He did things you'd never seen before."


Anyone who watched the 2004 NFC Championship would agree with that– the Eagles held Vick to 26 rushing yards and a 46.5 QB rating. Vick has always been supremely confident, though. Johnson is the only one who could put a little dent in his universe by using the blitz.

Perhaps Juan Castillo could take that as a hint: the Eagles are last in the NFL in total blitzes this year.


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