Jimmy Rollins Hasn’t Figured Out How to Deal with Internet Trolls Yet

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I don't want your life.

In all fairness to Jimmy, someone who writes "suppose to" probably needs a nice grammatical smack every once in a while, though I find the best way to deal with web trolls is to talk about your high school prom– you know, because they can't relate.

H/T to Tim and Ed


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  1. Breaking: being a pro athlete is better life than 99% of our lives. Glad Jimmy reminded us all how much better he is than us in a non-douchey way.

  2. He gets to play a kids sport for a living, along with every other pro athlete. Their lives are awesome

  3. Fuck you Jimmy, I hope you die broke and your wife chokes to death on a room full of penises at NBA All Star weekend.

  4. Tonka Truck and Matt,
    I feel your frustration. Jimmy Rollins had the talent and potential to be great. He is an above average fielder. His approach at the plate leaves more than enough to be desired. I cringe every time he pops up on a first pitch. YOU ARE NOT A LEAD-OFF or a home run hitter, Jimmy.
    Jimmy may have one of multiple narcissistic disorders. His arrogance may be why he’s never played or practiced hitting the ways the great ones do.
    Just because he has more money than me, does not mean his life is better. I have already done more in my life for others than Jimmy ever will (giving money that you don’t even need to charities doesn’t count – neither does showing up at photo ops). This is how one measure life. Roberto Clemente and Jackie Robinson understood this. Remember that the next time you wear number 42, Jimmy. It’s a shame that the proles and members of the outer and inner parties in our Orwellian culture are either too ignorant to understand this, or do, and just don’t care. Jimmy, you will never be a Philadelphian to me – and I’m well aware that you don’t care.

  5. Hello Bitches!
    Boy have I missed you. Anyone watch baseball tonight? I hope you all die while sucking on your own nut.
    Cards win! Cards win!
    Hey Iron Balls, you suck! Cards win!

  6. In fairness to the douche who sent the tweet to J-Roll, he’s pretty much right. Rollins hasn’t been an “above average” player since his MVP season. Yes, he’s very good defensively – but he hasn’t been an offensive threat what-so-ever.

  7. Rollins should sign with DC as a free agent so that he can suck up with his hero B.O. while he’s still on Amerika’s tit.
    They’re both headed for the dung heap.

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