Kane Kalas to Sing National Anthem, Lauren Hart on God Bless America at Phillies Game

Screen Shot 2011-10-06 at 4.13.00 PMPhoto source: Getty

Stepping it up for Game 5. The Phillies will roll out Kane Kalas for the National Anthem and Lauren Hart for God Bless America (during the seventh inning stretch). 


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  1. Let’s go for broke and have Lauren Hart pull out a duet with Kate Smith on the HD screen. Better yet, let’s have a Rocky montage as the opening piece with “Eye of the Tiger” play when Halladay takes to the mound.

  2. new respect for the Phanatic. Look at him with his arm around the babe. The singer looks like a D-Bag though.

  3. Kane has probably one of the most classic mid evil opera like voices I have ever heard. Pulling out all the big guns to pump the fans up. Lets end this Cardinals, Squirrel, shadow bullshit of a series!

  4. I’ve sat there looking at all of the non regular posts negative or not(bs from non Philadelphia fans and everything never hurt anyone) but to knock Kane or anything even remotely associated with Harry…line drawn…not that anything posted in the comments is really ever worth anything anyway but seriously…WTF

    capslock F A C E

  6. Why don’t we get Harry’s widow to sing “Take me out to the ballgame”? Come on, Harry’s kid has nothing to do with the Phils. His singing is for blue hairs, not baseball fans.

  7. @ Jill- We all love the roots, but this goes beyond the way they sound. How would HK feel about his son singing the anthem? Same with Hart? It’s going to be awesome.
    @ Ninja-Stay classy buddy.

  8. God Bless America hasn’t worked for the Flyers since 1974 – and they needed a shutout.
    Me thinks we’ll need one too.

  9. 94 wins, 26 losses, and 4 ties as of April 26, 2011
    The Flyers record when God Bless America is sang live. Ummmm yeah, I’d rather sing it then not holmes.

  10. haha. dudes hard to listen to (you know it’s true), but glad to have a little bit of harry involved.

  11. Sorry, F A C E, but Kalas’s kid is a bore. I don’t get the fascination with Harry’s kid.

  12. I’m a Philadelphia sports fan and I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t see how you can be a true Philadelphian and NOT think it’s cool, but to each his own.

  13. 94 wins, 26 losses, and 4 ties as of April 26, 2011
    – and not a Cup since May of 1975 – 36 years ago
    let go of the past
    forget good luck charms
    go out and win the fucking game

  14. You know the difference between Jill and the Phillies?
    Jill knows what to do with a bat in her hand.

  15. @Todd couldn’t have said it better myself(but which is jill TLR or JM?)…I guess it doesn’t really matter haha

  16. Fuck all you cock smokers, Kane and Lauren will have that place rockin, suck a bird assholes

  17. Point to anything in the room and I’ll fuck it…. What do you want me to FUCCCCCCKKKKK!!!

  18. I’m back bitches! Despite that Little PUSS Kyle Scott trying to censor me and block my posts.
    What a freaking tool!
    How is the game going?
    Shame on you Kyle Pussy Scott!

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