Jimmy Rollins and Ruben Amaro Press Conference Live Blog

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  1. Howard on the shelf for a year means Howard is done with the Phils. After the fans get use to not having him, the management will unload that contract faster than we exited the palyoffs this year. So plan for a whole new infield without Rollins, Utley and Howard. The team core that was, isn’t anymore. The new one will have Shane, Hunter, Carlos and some really good pitching.

  2. and how would the phillies go about “unloading that contract”, Darth? he is just starting a 25 million dollar per year deal, is 31 and just ripped his achilles. at best, the phils would get a marginal prospect for Howard. the phillise would be foolish to do that, their fanbase woudl crucify them

  3. Listen to Ruben. The team is old and you’re saddled with high payroll for underperforming players. Phils will have to pay part of the contract for the new team (Cardinals?) like any other team has to when they move. But in 2013 is that 25 million going to be that high a number anymore.

  4. @darth…. yeah …. so pay 20 mil to the new team and then still have to pay another player that is a run producer(in the regular season), trust me i am through playing the “defend howard” card… but that idea is stupid

  5. It’s great to hear the points RAJ wanted to bring forward. The phillies philosophy at the plate has to change, it’s ok to look for a pitch in a zone until you have 2 strikes and with 2 strikes shorten up your swing and make contact. O.k. to move a runner. Fucking amazing that Charlie Manuel needed the GM to tell him this. Once again RAJ saying and doing all the right things… However i seriously doubt CM has it in him to change so look for him to be on a short leash next year.

  6. @MM idk if you watch baseball, or any of the games during the playoffs, but looking at a pitch until you have two strikes is literally the dumbest thing in the world. Fastballs down the middle, do not come often, not even in high school! so i really don’t know why, these “professionals” cant hit a first pitch fastball down the middle. after all, if they drill it out of the park, or get a hit, it looks a lot better than making the pitcher throw two more pitches, and striking out swinging on a breaking ball in the dirt (see the forte of ibanez, howard, utley, victorino)

  7. The guys on this team swing first pitch all the time, but the problem is they do it after the pitcher walked the last two guys on 8 pitches. It’s usually a bad pitch and they end up popping up (Victorino) or grounding into DPs.
    They have to get smarter about hitting and unfortunately if they had it in them to get smarter, they would have done it already.

  8. @Adam – not that stupid now that insurance is going to pick up the first year of the contract for Howard, now you have that $25 mil to play with. So figure 4 years left, $100 mil in cost now with $25 mil in the pocket to start. So picking up half the contract ($50) would actually cost you $25 out of pocket over 4 years 2013-2017. Look at this as an accountant, not as a fan. And I’m not trying to get rid of Ryan, I’m just pointing out that injury to him along with the potential loss of Rollins and uncertainty at third makes this a acceptable risk for going younger across the board.

  9. @vrenzi – the approach to hitting with the bases empty or full is as follows, you’re looking for “your pitch in your spot” to drive until you get 2 strikes, at that you shorten up your swing to protect the strike zone always trying to put the ball in play, good things happen when you put the ball in play, good things happen when you walk and or move runners, then theres situational hitting. Not only do i watch baseball fucktard but i’ve played baseball at the collegiate level and continue to play in an over 45 league. Don’t know vrenzi if you ever step out from behind your tv, keyboard or xbox and pick up a bat or glove but you oughta give it a shot. You oughta pick up a dvd bought the 93 phils and thier approach to hitting, you can play the dvd on your xbox. The point is you don’t go flailing at anything close with a 3-1 count like these guys do.

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