Lou Williams is Rapping Again


The opening verse from Lou Will’s latest jammy-jam with Meek Mill, Problem Ft. 2 Chainz:


Never get rattled from bloggers and all these jaw droppers

I’m doing me, just riding around in a jaw dropper, with a showstopper

I made a man disappear, watch the magic happen

I give a damn about a hater what he talkin’, what he Tweetin’, you keep bloggin’, I keep ballin’


As our friend Spike Eskin points out, saying that you’re not rattled by bloggers and then singing about your unrattledness (word?) means that you are, in fact, rattled by bloggers. It’s sort of like the drunk guy who says that he’ll walk a straight line to prove he’s not drunk, when, as we all know, that very offer usually indicates that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, drunk.

Anyway, he’s actually pretty good (Lou, not the drunk guy). There, I said it.

Listen to it after the jump.


9 Responses

  1. I guess it’s better then rapping about fucking bitches, jewelry, cars & $$$ like every other cheesy rapper

  2. I’m sorry, i don’t listen to that culture or genre of music.
    I prefer talent rather than speaking rhyme.

  3. I am sorry, but if you honestly think Lou Will is a good rapper then you A) don’t listen to good rap ever, or B) you hate your own ears for some reason

  4. if you think he’s good you don’t listen to rap. wayne could write better lyrics then that and he has written a song since…well, ever

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