Make an Offer on Discounted Tickets for the Flyers’ Home Opener

Want to go to the Flyers’ home opener tomorrow night? You have two hours to make an offer on these tickets:

Flyers vs. Canucks. List price for 1-star deal is $102. We recommend offering $55. Deal expires at 7:30pm ET tonight. Click right here to see what’s available.


From time to time, we’ll be bringing you these last minute offers from TiqIQ. Prices go up as ticket availability goes down. So the earlier you make an offer, the better deal you get. It's all in your hands: you only offer what you want to pay.

They are also accepting offers on Kings tickets for Saturday (Mike Richards…). That link is here.

There are other seats available for tomorrow besides what’s listed above, so make sure to check it out. As best as I can tell, this functions like Hotwire for tickets– unlisted seats available for far less than market value. Take a look here.


8 Responses

  1. Dude….sweet. Just got me some real nice tickets for a real nice price for Saturdays game. Good look on that site.

  2. I’d be hesitant with placing an offer on the seats. If you want two they may not be together…but it’s definately worth a shot.

  3. As an add on, I tried it for Sat night and got two tickets, center ice, sixth row for $80 a pop. They’re $165 seats. No joke.

  4. Paddy’s day in boston, paddy’s day parade, drink, flyers/bruins, drink, boston bars, drink… omg what a blast it’s gonna be!

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