Mandatory Reading From Jayson Stark

As only Jayson Stark can:

The man who gave up that homer, Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia, had spent his career — and his afternoon — dominating the Phillies so relentlessly that he allowed as many earned runs on that one swing of the bat as he had allowed the Phillies in his previous 34 innings, covering five starts, combined.

Never in the history of postseason baseball had anyone launched a pinch home run to break up a scoreless game. But Ben Francisco just had. And as he circled the bases in a suddenly silent ballpark, his pulse spiking, you can only imagine what that journey around the infield felt like.

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  1. I love when guys who look like Grover hit pinch hit home runs to break up a scoreless game.

  2. I literally got chills reading the last couple lines of that article. Hopefully that’s a good sign. Magic. October. Pinch Hit Bombs. Chooch’s Banshee Screams. Cole Hamels in the Playoffs. YES.

  3. “There is almost no way to explain why the winning team won and the losing team lost when, if you looked just at the box score, you would think it had to be the other way around. Had to.”
    sabr nerds will still find a way to tell us how the cardinals played a better game.

  4. Before i read it, does Stark make anymore anti phillies predictions going forward, like losing to Garcia last night or the rangers in the WS? promoting positivity and boycotting negativity at all costs.

  5. this made me crack up for some reason:
    talking about ben: ” And in his only plate appearance of last year’s division series, he got drilled in the head by a 103 mph Aroldis Chapman smokeball.”

  6. Someone needs to remind Stark that the Stairs Homerun deep into the night landed in the bleacher seats 20 rows back in right field. Shane hit the line drive that skirted over the wall into the bullpen.

  7. “Big Bang” Ben is the happiest person in the world today. Look at him still amazed at himself when he talked to Sager:
    “I love when guys who look like Grover hit pinch hit home runs to break up a scoreless game.”
    Posted by: Jay Grace | October 05, 2011 at 11:47 AM
    Hell, I love when guys who look like Grover bag a gal like Cindy Francisco:

  8. There anyway we can snooker ESPN into taking David Murphy off our hands in return for Jayson Stark?

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