Mayor Nutter and Ed Rendell Campaign to Put Temple in the Big East

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The Villanova fan in me wants to pretend this isn't a thing. The sports fan in me would like to see even more high-level college athletics in Philly. I'm torn.

Anyway, Nuts and Gov (cop show?) both sent letters to the Big East. Philly Sports Daily obtained them. You can read them here. Simple sentences ftw!


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  1. There won’t be any “more high-level college athletics in Philly,” unless you kick the Phils and Eagles out of town. Philly is the northeast, where people don’t give a rat’s ass about college football (okay, maybe Penn State gets some love in Philly, but it’s hardly what, say, Tennessee gets within a 200 mile radius of their campus).
    Remember when Temple played in the Big East? Piss poor showing on the fans’ part for home games. Those people couldn’t even fill half of the lower bowl at the Vet or Linc. Why? Because their alumni base doesn’t give a shit about CFB, and most people not affiliated with Temple were much more interested in how the Eagles were going to do on Sunday.
    And, while basketball is popular, it’s not football, which is the key to the market. I just don’t see that happening with Temple or Nova going to play with the big boys. If you want to check out some quality college football, you need to hop in your car and drive out of town at least 6 hours. My suggestion would be to head south or west.

  2. Don’t those clowns have anything better to do? Rendell’s got like thirty jobs, I’m amazed he has the time for this.

  3. Temple is on the rise and this is just what Temple needs to continue to become a serious competitor in ALL sports. The Big East needs Temple and Temple needs the Big East

  4. Kyle,
    Another thought on this (re-stating what Mike said, a bit)…let’s say Temple does get an invite to the Big East. There’s nobody left to play there, with Cuse, Pitt, and WVU leaving. Cincy, Louisville, and USF do not a quality conference make, and they’re going to lose their BCS bowl bid soon.
    So Temple may be “on the rise,” which I think is true, but soon the Big East will be worse than the Mountain West. That, coupled with the fact that pro sports will always rule in the northeast – what’s the point?

  5. Temple basketball TV coverage this year:
    6 games on television
    0 on ESPN
    4 on ESPN2 (all against more high profile teams, such as Villanova, Texas, Duke and Xavier)
    2 on ESPNU (Maryland and Saint Joseph’s PA)
    And Temple is supposedly essential to the new big east configuration to land a tv contract?

  6. alls it takes is one deep run in the tourney for temple and BYAAAAAAAAAAAM temple is just as popular as nova is as far as basketball. fuck nova.

  7. Penn State owns PA college sports. Everyone from Philly loves PSU anyway. These schools can’t compare to Happy Valley.

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