Mikael Renberg Found: Says Not Playing at Winter Classic

Well this sucks:

Renberg said (according to a translation from Google) that it would be “be great to meet Eric and John, but now I have a contract with SVT and have to do my job, a very enjoyable one.”


Philly Sports Daily has the story.


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  1. Technically when Renberg was traded for Gratton in the ’97 offseason, we had Keith Jones play on that line for an entire season. That might be pretty fun to watch, though I too was hoping for a Legion of Doom reunion.

  2. Or we could just sacrifice Chris Gratton and his lousy take a slap shot to the five hole shtick.

  3. For some reason I remember Recchi with Lindros and LeClair at some point…am I imagining things?

  4. This was the ONE thing I was looking forward to…..WTF I was all ready to bust out my #19 Renberg jersey…maybe I still will.

  5. Is Keith Jones confirmed to play? any word on Brind’Amore, Recchi? How bout Propp, Toc and Poulin? I think the alum’s are badass enough to beat the present rangers squad. Maybe that banana hammock sniffing sean avery will play for the rangers alums since hes bagging groceries at some hipster veagan market in the village.

  6. Put Jonesy out there. Didn’t they call those guys the “LL Cool J” line? And I’d love to also see the Minnesota line (Otto, Podein, Klatt) and either the Three-Dan Line (Kordic, Lacroix, Daniels) or the Left-hook Line (Kordic, Lacroix, Myhres).

  7. Recchi said yesterday that he was invited back and would definitely play.
    There are so many alums in the area that they could probably have a 70s, 80s, and 90s team! How awesome would that be?? I mean what about Hatcher and Propp? Primeau may not be able to play, but have him as the honorary Captain on the alums! I would love new Hall of Famer Mark Howe out there too! And I’m still holding out that Renberg could play.
    I might be getting more excited about the Alumni game than the actual WC!! Let’s Go Flyers!!!

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