Mike Richards Returns

Welcome to the post-Phillies, everyone is just laughing at the Eagles now world. A world in which we talk about hockey games still 36 hours from starting.

As you know, El Capitan will be making his return to Philly tomorrow night (if you don’t think I’m sitting in the sixth row and wearing a One Eight jersey, you’re crazy). Anthony SanFillippo, whose name I have to double-check every time I spell it (two Ls, 2 Ps), made the drive to North Jersey yesterday to talk with Richards and Simon Gagne. The two were in town for a 7 PM game against the Devils, before heading to Philly later on.

Here are a couple of excerpts, you can read the full thing here.


Does it make it easier to not focus on going back to Philly that it came at the end of this incredibly long road trip that had you away from home for almost three weeks?

“Yeah. It’s been here, there, everywhere with planes, trains and automobiles. It’s been good though, to get away with the guys and be welcomed into their tight-knit group. It’s fun to come to the rink again. You don’t have to worry about anything. You just come to the rink and joke around with the guys. There’s not little (cliques) or anything – there’s just one big group. When you have that it makes everyone closer and you play that much harder on the ice.”

Have you kept in touch with any of the guys? 

“I was actually in Philly Monday and went out to dinner with Hartnell. I still keep in touch through text messages and stuff. I will probably see a couple more of the guys (tonight).”


The it’s fun to come to the rink again-cliques line is fairly telling- it obviously implies that Peter Laviolette’s Dry Island was not an enjoyable destination for One Eight. 

Everything we’ve heard coming from the Flyers so far this year indicates a much different atmosphere in 2011. Every player and coach has been extremely positive about the way the team has come together and gelled rather quickly. It sounds like coach speak and cliché, but you can see it just watching the 3-0 Flyers. There is a small group of older veterans (Briere, Kimmo, Pronger) and litany of hungry youngsters (Simmonds, Voracek, Giroux, JVR, Read, Couturier). Together – so far – it has made for a good mix.

Last night, Richie was part of that mix. Again.

Our friend HughE Dillon points out that One Eight didn’t miss a beat. He was apparently at Recess Lounge’s 2-year anniversery party last night with some of the Flyers:

Screen Shot 2011-10-14 at 9.11.53 AM
Screen Shot 2011-10-14 at 9.38.27 AM
Screen Shot 2011-10-14 at 9.11.53 AM

Unnecessary shot at Simmonds here 


Welcome back, Mike.

On a related note, James van Riemsdyk had his monthly radio show with Philly Sports Daily last night. Worth a listen right here.

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32 Responses

  1. This article brings a tear to my eye. God I miss him. Screw Carts but I do miss One Eight. Standing Ovation please!

  2. Oh how I wish I would be there, also in my One Eight jersey. Oh well. Give a couple extra claps for me, Kyle.

  3. best thing to ever happen to the flyers was getting rid of richards & carter. Also would be nice if philly chit chat dude had pics of them partying.

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t miss Richards? He was an underachieving cry baby who took unnecessary penalties. He was a great C in 2009, but he showed his true colors last year during the collapse. He was not fit to be a captain anymore and I’m glad he’s gone.

  5. It shouldn’t even be a question for people whether they should boo or cheer him. Regardless of what bullshit you heard of off the ice, he played the game with heart; through injuries and all. The people who questioned his captaincy are just plain stupid. He led this team to within 2 wins of a cup two years ago…closer than any Flyers team since 86-87.
    Not only should he get cheered, he should get a standing ovation.

  6. Completely agree with Steve. Even if you thought he was a major problem last year, EVERYONE was a problem last year. Richards, Carter, Pronger, Laviolette, the goalies, Timonen. They all share blame. Richards gets his fair share, and you can be ecstatic with the deal. But also appreciate what he did. “The Shift” is the single greatest 60 seconds of hockey I have ever seen one player play. That was special.
    Maybe he wasn’t captain material. I personally think he just got it way too soon, and will make a great captain some day. It won’t be for the Flyers, and that is a shame. But I think both sides have benefited from the deal, for what that’s worth.
    Don’t boo him. Appreciate what he did, and appreciate the locker room we have now.
    And, Homoboe- the last half of last season was just that- one half a season. How can you tell Richards’ “true colors” from one half of a season? I think you need a bit bigger of a sample size for that.

  7. @Homoboe- I 100% agree with you baby. I don’t get these idiots with no sense of reality when it comes to richards

  8. I’m glad he’s gone. Have fun in LA where no one cares about hockey ya miserable prick. It was like a weight was lifted when he and Carter were traded. He’s the Mcnabb of hockey. Captain of a team that won nothing and pissing and moaning about the media and fans.

  9. He must have show up to this event pretty late as I was at the devils game last night and saw him out back of the arena when he stopped to sign some autographs and that was at 10:30-11.

  10. Agree with all you guys. I’m starting to come around on the moves- the Flyers look GOOD. And while he may be a dick and have caused problems, he was a hell of a player here.

  11. He’s a freakin pus, thank god they got rid of him before his NTC kicked in. Prongs is a real captain and has the respect of everyone. Richards is the equivalent of Andy Reid at press conferences except he doesn’t cough and weigh 400 pounds.

  12. This article just shows WHY he has to go. Seriously GTFO out of philly bars and get FAR FAR away from any young players on this team. Pronger should of just kicked the shit of of him last year. Fuck richards. Fuck carter. Booooooooooooooooooo

  13. Anyone else find it funny that he’s talking about the lack of cliques in the Kings’ locker room when he was primarily the one that caused that here?

  14. Deezy- how do you know he caused the cliques?
    I mean, I love Pronger as much as the next guy. But he can be a real dick. It wouldn’t surprise me if HE was the one who got the vets together in their clique and had issues with Carter/Richards/etc. All I’m saying is, you weren’t in the locker room, you don’t know, so don’t assume. Any locker room where everyone is on the same page (see: apparently, the Kings and definitely, the Flyers this year) is always going to be better. So Richards should be happy with that.
    Obviously, some of you will always remember Richards as part of the team that collapsed last year, Dry Island, cliques, etc. That’s sad for a guy who gave us 5 years of great hockey. But, I’m sure he will get a standing ovation. And you guys can live your negative nancy lives forever. Just know- Richards lives in LA, can pull down any girl he wants, and he makes millions. We, the positive fans, will cheer him, remember the good times, and still love this year’s team. Everyone is happy. Except for you. Enjoy that.

  15. let’s clarify some things here, Mike Richards deserves a standing O, no question. When he played all out, he played well and he did so the majority of the time. The Flyers shouldn’t have saddled him with the C because Mike Richards was not a good captain, he doesn’t posess people skills, not a knock, just a fact, this is clearly demonstrated by his thin skin with the media and his perception of “cliques” in a locker room. The “shift” was only about 36 seconds not 60 and it was against the tiny canadians. Prior to Mike Richards there were guys like Poulin, Ricci, Lindros and another guy named Clarke who had “shifts”. Nothing about Mike Richards drives me nuts more than his “legend”.

  16. When this fuck starts taking some responsibility for his actions, wake me up… until then I’m going back to sleep on the Mike Richards shit.

  17. Good riddance to the 3rd line checking center making almost 6 million per year…. who takes bad penalties, doesn’t know how to deal with the media, and turns the puck over in the offensive zone on the power play.

  18. Who cares that he makes millions and can sleep with hot women? He’s a douche and he won nothing while he was here. I don’t owe him applause for anything. There have been a lot of captains on the Flyers who didn’t win championships, but at least they handled themselves with class.

  19. Handled themselves with class? You do realize, right, that if Clarkie, Poulin, etc. were playing during the era of Twitter, TMZ and blogs that they would have been seen in the same “party animal” light, right? They were routinely picked up by the Philly PD and driven home because they were too drunk and the cops knew they would have driven, so they just gave them rides. True story- my grandmother was a bartender at one of the clubs they used to go to after games. She saw it firsthand.
    And really? Third line checking center? That’s all he was? Open your eyes- NO NHL team trades a beast like Simmonds AND THE BEST PROSPECT IN THE LEAGUE for a “third line checking center making $6 million per year.” So yeah, he is definitely better than that.

  20. So here’s a conundrum for ye Laddie (and the rest of ya wankers) to ponder:
    If Richie gets hit REAL HARD (whether legaly or not) and as a result gets hurt, would you cheer or boo?
    Would it make any difference if the hit came from an ex-teammate or a new guy? What if it was from your new favourite cocksman Max Talbot?
    History will be made indeed.
    (HD Link:


  21. THIS:
    Good riddance to the 3rd line checking center making almost 6 million per year…. who takes bad penalties, doesn’t know how to deal with the media, and turns the puck over in the offensive zone on the power play.

  22. In dealing with media and fans J.T. He was an asshole in the way he acted. I know someone who works for the flyers PR department and they confirmed he was much worse in private than in public which says a lot. I don’t care that he parties. Just don’t bea dick about it when people question you if it affects you. Your a public figure and that goes with the territory. Clarkie won two cups so he could party as much as much as he wanted since it obviously didn’t affect him. Poulin didn’t piss and moan about the fans and media. He did his job and when he came up short he accepted responsibility instead acting like a immature baby.

  23. While I don’t hate Richards, I think it was the correct move for the Flyers to trade him. He just had some flaws that a captain in today’s game just can’t have… and the Flyers brass share some of the blame there. I guess they were hoping he would mature into more of a leader, and take the off-season a little more seriously as he aged. When it appeared neither was happening, they dumped him as part of a roster makeover. I get it, and i’m on board!
    I would not boo Richards, but I was dissapointed in the player he became. Just not a consistant effort each game, and with zero workout effort I think his body will start breaking down on him sooner rather then later.

  24. If they gave out Lord Stanley’s for banging drunk quim in Old City, I’d have had my own parade by now. Sadly MR didn’t achieve anything especially notable during his stay here, so move along and put your faith in Prongs.

  25. You compare what the Flyers did during Richards’ time here with what they did during the Poulin or Lindros or especially the incredibly overrated Primeau years, and Richards compares very favorably.

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