MLB Network Breaks Down Utley Getting Thrown Out at Third

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In case you want to punch yourself in the gut, here's video of MLB Network's Diamond Demo of the Pujols-Utley play.


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  1. I like Utley’s hustle & trying to make something happen. He would’ve been safe if not for Pujol’s heads up play

  2. I’d rather see MLB Network break down Ryan Howard’s terrible 4 ABs, 3 of which resulted in a SO.
    How does it seem that he is the only one that doesn’t realize that every LHP in the majors pitches him the exact same way every time?

  3. @Michele: That’s the difference with this NLCS series as opposed to others. The Cardinals have veterans (like Pujols and Berkman) with postseason experience — not the newbies and novices like the Reds and Rockies!

  4. Ryan’s OBP would be higher if he didn’t have a bat
    Ryan could learn from watching Albert – Gm. 3 Cole was painting the outside corner – Albert reached out and poked 2 doubles to right center
    And as far as fielding goes – Howard never makes that play on Chase, even if he thinks to step up, he throws into the seats…
    The Big Piece is making Big Albert look grossly underpaid

  5. Pffft. Reynolds woulda screwed up the play and both Pence and Utley would be safe. Hell, Reynolds would have made a throwing error so that Utley could score and pence would go to 2nd or 3rd.
    Give the future Cubbie Pujols credit for a smart play, and that was not a time for Utley to make something happen.

  6. waaaaaaa! A rodent ran in front of me so I could not pitch a strike. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cry baby mother F’r!

  7. Utley was sending a message to Howard. By him trying to make it to third with only one out, he was saying he didn’t have confidence in Howard (or anybody else behind him for that matter) to get him in from second base. Last night was a wake up call. It’s gut check time. Let’s gooooooooo

  8. Going to get Howard a key to our city. Thanks Ryan!
    Your buddies from Lafayette H.S. say hello!

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  13. i stopped reading after the first comment… Utley makes a bonehead play he gets hustle credit everyone else makes a bonehead play they get thrown to the wolves… smh

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