Morning Puck: Deflections… Lots of Them

Screen Shot 2011-10-21 at 8.59.53 AMPhoto via the Flyers

Well that didn’t go so well.

The Flyers had their biggest test of the young season last night, and while they were just coming off a drubbing of the lowly Senators on Tuesday, it was the Capitals – 5-0 coming into the game – who asserted themselves as the alpha male in the Eastern Conference.



Kimmo Timonen got hit hard when he went down to block a shot… and, well, he was less than helpful when answering questions about it: [Timmy is presumably Tim Panaccio]

Q: So you went down to block that shot, you went off the ice, you came back, but are you hurting from that?

“What do you think, Timmy?”

Q: I think you probably are, but, I mean, how bad is it?

“Well, it’s hardly anything serious, but it is sore, I’ll tell you that.”

Q: Did it swell up on you there in the third or no?

“No, it hit my hand, not my chest.”


Q: Did they do an x-ray and are you cleared for tomorrow or Saturday yet? 

“Well, we’ll see.”

Q: Well wait a minute, what does that mean? We’ll see you’re cleared or did you get an x-ray?

“Well we’ll be saying that we can’t say anything. It’s an upper body injury and we’ll see Saturday if I can play.”

Q: Well, did the upper body…




At least Timmo blocked a shot. Four of the Capitals goals were scored on shots deflected by the Flyers. Ilya Bryzgalov not happy:

Q: (Deflections) It looked like at least three?


Q: Four?


Q: Does this qualify as one of those nights that you’re not happy having defensemen block the shots, you’d rather have it clear?

“You know, they try and (inaudible). One of the nights (inaudible).”


As always, Dave Isaac has your full recap. Your photo gallery is here. and Your highlights are after the bump (Giroux did a little dirty).


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  1. Well, even the ’27 Yankees threw in the occasional clunker. Last night, Washington was simply the better team. End of story. All the Flyers can do is learn from their mistakes and move on.

  2. This was an interesting game but in the end means absolutely nothing. Everyone knows that year in and year out the Capitals are the hockey equivalent of the 2011 Phillies. Ouch! Too soon? maybe, but you know what else was too soon? the hurt of the season ending! Come on 2012

  3. Thinking they have to realize it’s more critical to give “this years goaltender” clear sight lines on shots and move guys away from the rebounds. The shot Timmo blocked was in a dangerous area, therefore, a good decision. Lavs will make the adjustments.

  4. Can someone please go watch the Danny Briere interview on the flyers website and listen to the question that Tim Panaccio asks him. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Is he trying to start shit between people? I mean I understand that professional athletes need to have thick skin and all but its almost like this guy’s MO is to try and create beef and drama in the room. Danny does take some (read: many) unnecessary penalties. But just the way Ive heard Panaccio (Timmy?) phrase questions its like he is intentionally trying to create drama on the team so he can fill columns about it. Listen dude, nobody is interested in reading about your locker room drama bullshit so cut the nonsense and ask questions that are meaningful to the game and not how the capn and alternates are about to be beefing.

  5. Bryzgalov’s tendency to point fingers through the media when things don’t go well is going to be an issue at some point this year, mark it down. He’s way too critical and uses “we” too much when he talks about things outside of goal that he has nothing to do with. I know he’s just trying to be honest but it might be too honest, you won’t see one of the skaters saying, “We need to be better in goal”.

  6. has #19 always sucked this much??
    haven’t paid much attention to the Fly Guys in years, but since my Sillies shit the bed I’ve latched onto the Flyers
    #19 Scott Hartnell is a fucking waste of space
    dumb penalty after dumb penalty
    give aways
    half-assed defense
    I see this guy’s face all over the place, I assumed he was a “playa” –
    he blows

  7. @Jmac, his play on the ice isn’t nearly as bad as his fucking salary cap hit, it’s a fucked up situation.

  8. I’ve been pleading to get rid of Hartnell for about 2.5 years now. He really offers nothing. As Jmac said, its typically dumb penalty after dumb penalty. When he does get the puck he rarely picks his head up to make passes and he is typically falling over the place. He’s pretty terrible to watch.
    They should have gotten rid of him as well this offseason and used the money elsewhere, perhaps re-signing Leino or what have you.

  9. Hartnell is just taking Couturier’s spot right now, which is fucked. If Harts doesn’t get bumped down to the 4th line, Couturier is going back to the Q. No way we keep him up hear and burn a year on his entry level deal so he can play 4th line minutes.

  10. Wanna throw up?
    Hartnell 3.7m this year
    Simmonds. jvr, Read and cooter combined – 4.1m this year. Will they package him with Bob and send him packin for a D-man? god i hope so…

  11. Sorry Scottie “Orange-on-a-Toothpick” ( ) Hartnell (“Now that was offside, wasn’t it? He’ll be crying himself to sleep tonight, on his huge pillow.”), I like ya, but with with this “chemistry” thing the team is fronting, you’re like a bad reaction.
    I actually think “Hed” should stay on Briere’s line. As long as Danny doesn’t get too many high sticking penalties, they’ll get something started soon. It creates issues with what to do with Simmonds, who should get more chances to play on the first line, perhaps.
    Yeah, redirects aside, what really killed them last night (and led to more than 2 of those redirect goals) was their stoopid carelessness again in their zone and turnovers in it leading to goals for the Caps. If you read this blog over the past you know I came down hard on them, particularly Carle, for these tendancies. But last night it was almost any D but him: Coburn (focused on his newborn?), Lilja, and Mezzy.
    And that Ron Noel, I’ll bet he’ll even fuck that mental-midget of a reporter, Tim “Panocha” Panaccio.

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