No Gretzky at the Winter Classic

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I kind of figured this would happen. There was a short list of players that many of us wanted to see, for varying reasons: Eric Lindros (he's in), Mikael Renberg (TV thing), Ron Hextall (back), Wayne Gretzky (?).

ESPN via NY Rangers Blog via Puck Daddy:

"No, I'll be with my family for the holidays,'' Gretzky said. "Plus, they don't need to see a 50-year-old slow guy out there!''


Boooooo. Once, when he was playing with the Rangers, father CB and I scored third or fifth row tickets (I forget) to a Flyers game. Before a faceoff, with the Great One just feet away, I stood up and yelled: Hey Gretzky… you suck! I was like 14 and had yet to learn proper heckling etiquette (you don't tell the best ever that he sucks). Anyway, I won't have a chance to tell Wayne I'm sorry… from 384 feet away on a freezing cold New Year's Eve at age 28. A sad.


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  1. So no Hextall, which sucks. Bernie is too old. The million dollar question….who plays goalie for the Flyers? I mean, we have about 10 billion different options. So who suits up??

  2. Was it Bob Froese who was on WIP’s Who’s That Guy gameshow a few years ago and said he is now a minister or something along those lines. Guess he is out.
    Beezer..We’ll I’m not sure if he would be comfortable around Wayne Simmonds..
    Esche is still playing..
    Garth Snow..conflict of interest?
    Ken Wregget perhaps??

  3. One of the most incredible statistics in sports history: If every goal Gretzky scored was erased from the record books, he’d still be the NHL’s all time points leader. Wow.

  4. remember when the glass fell on gretzky’s wife during a game and he didn’t even go over to check and see if she was okay? That was awesome, that f’er does what he wants when he wants.

  5. Twice as old and you still haven’t learned much more. What a lost cause. I bet the old man is proud of you.
    No Mama’s Boyo, it may be you that really sucks. At least you’ll never be as great as the Great One.
    And you write like a chick. “A sad.”? Now I know what the “Broad” means in your blog’s name.

  6. PS:
    Puck Daddy give you a cred:
    He alludes to the premmiss that Gretzky no longer wants to be an active part of the NHL:
    “The logic: That the Winter Classic would be a prime opportunity for the NHL and Gretzky to make amends after ‘shoddy’ treatment of The Great One when his tenure with the Phoenix Coyotes ended.”
    Read the Puck Daddy entry linked above and read the links he’s embedded into that statement.

  7. Hello Bitches!
    Boy have I missed you. Anyone watch baseball tonight? I hope you all die while sucking on your own nut.
    Cards win! Cards win!
    Hey Iron Balls, you suck! Cards win!

  8. Since Pelle Lindbergh was the wall that stopped pucks maybe they could get the wall that stopped him in net for the WC. Too soon??

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