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I kind of figured this would happen. There was a short list of players that many of us wanted to see, for varying reasons: Eric Lindros (he's in), Mikael Renberg (TV thing), Ron Hextall (back), Wayne Gretzky (?).

ESPN via NY Rangers Blog via Puck Daddy:

"No, I'll be with my family for the holidays,'' Gretzky said. "Plus, they don't need to see a 50-year-old slow guy out there!''


Boooooo. Once, when he was playing with the Rangers, father CB and I scored third or fifth row tickets (I forget) to a Flyers game. Before a faceoff, with the Great One just feet away, I stood up and yelled: Hey Gretzky… you suck! I was like 14 and had yet to learn proper heckling etiquette (you don't tell the best ever that he sucks). Anyway, I won't have a chance to tell Wayne I'm sorry… from 384 feet away on a freezing cold New Year's Eve at age 28. A sad.