Oh Boy

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Our fault again.

Our old friend Steve Whyno pushed back a bit with J-Roll™. That exchange is after the jump.

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58 Responses

  1. Jimmy needs to focus on baseball and not the fans or the media. Maybe if he does that he won’t get picked off first next time.

  2. just heard jimmy’s comments on the news what he said was truth even the announcers pointed out how quiet it got in the stadium last night after the blown lead… move on folks we have to get ready for game three…

  3. Ughhh…Twitter is a fucking drain on sports. It exposes every flaw in everyones favorite athlete and reminds us how fucking crazy most of em are.
    Not saying J-roll is one of the crazy ones, but why is he throwing gas on the fire here?? He shouldve just come out and clarified what he fucking meant! All he had to say was something along the lines that he was misunderstood, he loves the fans and that he’ll give it his all tomorrow .That’s all, end of story!! But him coming out on the defensive just reinforces everyones original thought and makes him look like a typical snooty fucking athlete. God dammit! How can people who have so much respect, money and fame be so fucking stupid????
    Choose your 140 characters better next time Jimmy! It’s not a lot to go by and people arent going to read between the lines or give your tweet some sort of profound analysis, so its going to be taken at face value. Especially after a grueling day of shitty sports when the fans are already pissed off!

  4. What exactly is he saying is “our fault”? He’s defending his words that were made too big a deal of in the first place. He’s saying that true fans should know that he wasn’t blaming them at all. Sweet Christ get off the dude’s dick and let’s worry about winning tomorrow’s game.

  5. Wth??? Why in the world are you guys criticizing him? He knows how energetic and into the game Phillies fans usually are. Last night, they were dead, even in the early innings. He commented on it and then clarified that he didn’t mean anything by it. Way to blow things completely out of proportion.

  6. It looked dead because the Phillies got one hit in seven innings. Let’s be real clear about that. No need to call people out for that. It’s a byproduct of what you’re watching.

  7. Just win the damn game! These sumbitches shouldn’t be worrying about anything except what they have to do to win the game.
    The crowd was dead because the game fucking sucked. Steed got hit around, Jerry Meals was an atrocity behind the plate and fucking Tony LaRussa is a douche.

  8. Kyle, yea fans were upset because of one hit in 7 innings, but that’s not the whole story. When TBS came back from commercials, all of the fans were standing up, going crazy, waving rally towels, and then the second the warm up pitches were over, that all went away. We are facing obviously shaky pitchers, who could be easily rattled. I think what Jimmy was expecting, and i was too, was for the fans to continue to go nuts during the Phillies at-bat’s and give us the biggest home field advantage possible. While it is discouraging when they stop getting hits after the 2nd, i thought what made us the best fans in the country was our undying passion. The passion looked pretty dead last night

  9. Here we go again turning nothing into bs. How exactly was he wrong in what he said anyway?

  10. I completely agree with what J-Roll said last night. The anemic offense can easily take a crowd out of the game, but that’s when the fans should get louder. It seems we expect too much from this team so the second they start slipping we’re uninterested. We get spoiled by shutouts and Howard’s longball to realize we should be loud at all times not just for the big plays.

  11. As far as I’m concerned, J-Roll can say whatever he wants… as soon as he STOPS POPPING OUT 3 TIMES A GAME.
    Having said that I do agree that when the Phils bats went quiet so did the fans last night. It was kind of odd to see.

  12. I think people have a problem with what Jimmy said because they know he’s correct. Playoff tickets = $$$, but $$$ ≠ real fans. The crowds were anemic most of last year’s playoffs too, but for much better reasons. Time to wake up, Phillies fans.

  13. I was at the game, it was the quietest game I have ever been at. And I blame this solely on Juan Castillo. Eagles put everyone in a bad mood.

  14. J Roll is getting on my nerves. Why is he getting involved in this nonsense in the middle of a playoff run? He should Concentrate on beating the Cardinals and winning a World Series.
    This implied BS denial doesnt fly with me. Put a Cork In It Shorty and play ball.
    We dont want to hear about your next contract or what the Phillies fans didnt do.

  15. This is a terrible time for such a non-sensical debate. What is the rationale for continuing it any longer? Self-aggrandizement? Let the ballplayers play!

  16. How about getting on Clifton Pfeifer for thinking he had it won after two innings? There’s no excuse for an ace with his talent and ability to go on cruise control, especially when Meals started fucking with the strike zone.
    Long before that sorry excuse for a crowd died, the people in my house were yelling at Cliff to start throwing strikes and quit trying to be cute.

  17. I was both games and the Phillies crowd was definitely dead after the Cards started coming back. And it was definitely Juan Castillo/ Henererery’s fault. Getting cock slapped twice in one day will make anybody quiet.

  18. Apart from the Twitter controversy bit, I have to say that I went to the game on Saturday and was disappointed in the crowd THEN. I was completely blown away to see people leaving during the 8th + 9th innings. What’s the matter with these people? What part of the possibility for a Roy Halladay complete game in the playoffs didn’t they understand? This isn’t some regular season game in May!! If they cared about this team, they’d want to cheer on every single out and wouldn’t be worried about getting out early to get on the highway. Clearly, they only became fans in 2008; otherwise, they’d realize you don’t get to go to the playoffs every year! I screamed myself hoarse at that game, and at every one of the four playoff games I’ve been to in the last four years. The fans sitting behind us were appalled as well; we joked that anyone leaving early that night should have their picture taken by a security camera and never be allowed in CBP again.

  19. no reason for anybody to be talking about this. we got to put this whole game behind us because we cannot linger on this in game 3 or we will fall behind in the series. i feel like nobody is taking the cardinals serious and they basically shut us down for 8 innings last night. get over it people.

  20. “Kate show your tits”
    Posted by: Small Balls McGinty | October 03, 2011 at 08:50 PM
    But never to Jerry Meals, please.
    J-Roll™ should follow the advice that a wiser fellow than meself once said:
    “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    Jimmy, believe you me, I always follow that advice like a mantra…

  21. Who cares what jimmy says hes right afteer the cards took the lead the place was silent it was a joke watching it on tv and if he keeps hitting the ball like he is. …Hecan say whatever he wants….and for thehometown discount crap. ..Hes earned not having to take one…

  22. The Phillies fan base has sucked since 2008. A bunch of fairweather fans who really don’t know when to cheer.
    It’s been consistent this year. Fans only make noise when they’re told to now. I feel like we’re at some Hollywood TV set at some of the games.
    Douchebags, go away. Let the fans who belong there, go.

  23. I thought the players always say that they don’t pay any attention to the fans, or the media?
    Jimmy, when the team gives us something to cheer about, we’ll be there. Till then, STFU and play ball.

  24. the screaming on routine pop ups like just beiber just walked out on the field and the exodus of fans after the 7th inning was a flat out embarrassment
    the bank has become a haven for rich spoiled south jersey teenagers who dont know the first thing about baseball and just like to scream after a home run they just missed because they were updating their facebook status is hit
    jimmy is spot on….lol @ attacking a legend like him while your mouth is around mike richards foreskin

  25. Sorry it’s true. I was pissed off how quiet the fans were when Cliff had guys 0-2 while we still had the lead. Place was loud when Doc had hitters at 2 strikes when we were still losing. I understand the weather and time were different, but come on.
    At the same time, for Jimmy to ‘state his opinion’ is nonsense. Play the game. In my opinion, bats were WAYYYYYY TOOO QUIET too. Let’s play obvious.

  26. I agree with J-Roll as well. A true baseball fan, when given a lead, cheers the whole time, espcially when the other team is pitching. You are cheering for a hit, yes, but also because you want to make a painful nest inside the other pitchers brain. The fans do have a responsibility to frustrate the other team. Chase’s strike out would have been a great time for a Jerry Meals chant that didn’t stop until he gave us a pitch, but there were at least 80 chances to get in the heads of the Card’s bullpen.

  27. You know, all indignation aside—and it was indeed very quiet Sunday nite, but so what?—I think this is just Jimmy trying to justify in his own head that he’s not coming back. I mean, look at the tweet that started it all: he was talking about something else and then suddenly he switched the subject to the crowd. I’m still trying to get me head around that…
    I say IF they lose tonite, and IF they are losing early on tomorrow, I say Charlie gets Valdez in there. At least I’m 100% sure he wants to be there and advance to the NLCS and WS, no matter what he gets paid or no matter how the fans act. Sheesh Jimmy, I like you, but too often you make me sick.

  28. Yes, he did get picked off first. Get over it. It was time to try to make something happen since he was the only person in the lineup doing anything (3 of the team’s 6 hits). If people want to crucify him for that and say it gives him no reason to say anything, well, then you are just an idiot who obviously doesn’t know enough about the game.

  29. Ok, Jimmy… You weren’t wrong in the initial statement you made… But stand by your fucking statements if you meant what you said. Playing cat-fight over twats after what was (regardless of the reason) a tough loss Sunday night is unacceptable. It’s worse than a fucking Red Bull publicity stunt on one of the few off days you have, when you’ve been battling injury for the past three years, and could really use all the R&R you are given.

  30. I love how whenever someone disagrees with other fans, one always goes to the “if you don’t agree with me you obviously don’t know enough about the game.” NEWSFLASH JACKASS: You are commenting on crossingbroad. I feel pretty confident in saying that you are not, then, a major league manager or player. So you, Miles, and everyone else who says that, don’t know as much as you think you do.
    Most people aren’t saying he can’t talk because he got picked off. But that is yet another example of J-Roll’s head not always being in the game. J-Roll consistently does not give 100%, and yet he expects that of the fans. Hey, Jimmy, YOU are the one being paid millions. You have a RESPONSIBILITY to give 100%, and you don’t always do that. And you expect it from the fans? No. That’s bullshit.

  31. he didnt get picked off first….he was caught stealing…picked off would have been inexcusable and he would deserve getting crucified
    the team had one hit after the third inning….there was little chance they were getting one hit in that spot much less a couple to get him home so he tried to get into scoring position…with two outs thats not a terrible thought

  32. Go back and watch the tape, Ghost. He WAS picked off. Just because he started running to second when the pickoff move came does NOT mean he was caught stealing. It’s still considered a pick off.

  33. JT- I just don’t see the correlation between him getting “picked off” and him not giving 100%. He was trying to make something happen. When you haven’t done a thing offensively since the 2nd you need to start taking chances. He had 3 hits! I know this doesn’t immediately excuse everything else but damn…Jimmy’s supposed “lack of effort” is not why we are tied 1-1 right now. It is Lee’s inability to hold a lead. If he holds that lead we aren’t even having a conversation about the crowd (who did all leave early and/or retreated because of a light mist).

  34. It’s not JUST getting picked off, Miles. His first hit could POSSIBLY have been a triple, but instead it was a bang bang play at second because Jimmy dogged it coming around first base. That’s not 100%. When he was picked off, it Charlie told him to go on first movement, then it’s not Jimmy’s fault. If he didn’t though, then it’s all on Jimmy for not paying 100% attention. Jimmy has been benched for not running balls out… and he continues to not run. That’s not 100%. This is an overall Jimmy thing, not JUST the pick off, although that does add more fuel to the fire.
    You’re right, Jimmy was not the Phillie most responsible for the loss. He was, however, the one who came out and blasted the fans. That’s why he’s catching this shit.
    I was at the game. Some fans left, but most didn’t. At least 95% of the crowd was still there until 2 outs in the ninth (always get that pre-last out rush for the doors). The beginning of the ninth was one of the loudest the stadium was all night. Yes, the crowd was quiet for portions of the game, and that was a little disappointing. But that is going to happen in any city under the same circumstances.

  35. J-Roll, Shane and Chase are the only three players that have a green light unless they are told to NOT steal. So I highly doubt Manuel told him to go on first move. That was all Jimmy.

  36. Great, getting engaged in a twitter fight with one of the Phillies should be really helpful.
    Jimmy was right. The crowd was lame.
    They actually CHEERED Cliff Lee after his subpar performance. We used to laugh at fanbases that did weak things like that.

  37. forgot about the cheering of lee….that was pathetic…put a bunch of kids from marlton in a stadium and philly becomes des moines

  38. Philly fans love to take credit for being the “best fans in the world” but proved they only want to be that when the goin’s good. I was there and the crowd SUCKED. Yes it’s demoralizing but that’s when true fans need to stand up and cheer even more. Jimmy was not blaming us for the loss. He was trying to egg us on because clearly the cheering helps. And by the way, Dutch called out the fans for the same thing last year – even went on the field the next night to address the crowd about it. Clearly it’s something all players notice and want from us…and we owe them that. They aren’t going to sweep 11 games and will all have an off night. All we look like now are a bunch of spoiled brats. I just hope getting all over the guy doesn’t have a bad effect tonight.
    As for the cheering for Lee, my personal take on it was that most in the stadium felt he was robbed by the ump (aka LaRussa’s bitch) and then thrown to the wolves by Charlie in the 7th. I agree he was NOT good and didn’t deserve it, but I kind of got why some people did it. The whole night was just kind of ugly all around.

  39. Rollins called out the fans in 2008 (for being front-runners). This is a good omen! Also, in this case (as opposed to 2008), he’s right.

  40. I was at the game Sunday also. It was like being at church. The fans were horrible. Ever since 2008, the fans have been quiet. I can only think of 2 times since 2008 when I have seen a Phillies crowd as amped up as they were in regular season games in September of 2008. The first was was a World Series game against the Yankees, and the second was the beginning of Game 6 against the Giants last year. Half the fans barely watch the game now or they spend the whole game yelling about Jimmy Rollins popping up, Howard striking out, David Herndon or whatever else 610 told them to complain about.
    I remember going to Flyers playoff games in the 80’s, and 18,000 people chanting “Let’s go Flyers” 20 minutes before the first period. Phillies fans now wait for the Noise-o-meter or a the “Make Some Noise” message on the scoreboard. Sunday night was pathetic. Before the game started, people only cheered when TBS told them to, and it went right back to silence.
    Jimmy pulled a great move by mentioning it on twitter. He took all of the focus and criticism away from Cliff Lee, who had a horrible game, and then got a standing ovation from the lame-ass fans. And the fans will be going crazy at CBP for Game 1 of the NLCS.

  41. yes he should have kept his mouth shut. yes the fans should have kept the momentum going. but its game 2 ffs. there are more games to play so everyone relax: they had 102 wins

  42. Love the sentiments, Kyle! Ridiculously excited about going to the game tonight and seeing if things play out as we hope. As a small business owner myself, I know what it’s like to jump ship and wonder if you can stay afloat. Love reading your blog — Continued Success to you!

  43. As for the cheering for Lee, my personal take on it was that most in the stadium felt he was robbed by the ump (aka LaRussa’s bitch) and then thrown to the wolves by Charlie in the 7th. I agree he was NOT good and didn’t deserve it, but I kind of got why some people did it. The whole night was just kind of ugly all around.

  44. trying to egg us on because clearly the cheering helps. And by the way, Dutch called out the fans for the same thing last year – even went on the field the next night to address the crowd about it. Clearly it’s something all players notice and want from us…and we owe them that. They aren’t going to sweep 11 games and will all have an off night. All we look like now are a bunch of spoiled brats. I just hope getting all over the guy doesn’t have a bad effect tonight.

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