Phillies Decline Options on Both Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge

Let the dismantling commence. The Phillies declined their club options on Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge.

Ruben Amaro had previously hinted that the Phillies wouldn’t pick up Oswalt’s $16 million option for 2012, but that they would work to renegotiate with him. Oswalt will receive a $2 million buyout, for now.

Same thing with Lidge. He is due a $1.5 million buyout.

Amaro said in a statement that the Phillies will continue speaking with both players.

Gut feeling? They re-sign Oswalt at a reduced salary and let Lidge go. A tear scampers down the face of my 2008 World Series poster.


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  1. Hey Vanimal i see you have nice shoes and all lets see how you handle the pressure of going into the season as the number 4 starter

  2. i will miss brad lidge… he made me nervous everytime he pitched but he was always a classy guy! Plus, he gave us a championship!

  3. This is not a “dismantling.” Lidge is a liability and probably won’t even stay healthy for all of 2012. The Phillies will be just as good in 2012 with Brown in LF, a full season of Pence, a full season of Utley, and no Howard. Mayberry had a higher WAR than Howard in about 1/3 of the at-bats.

  4. lidge was absolutely great for us when he came back this year. will be sad to see him go, he was classy in stepping down as closer and doing whatever charlie asked of him. couldn’t have been an easy thing for him to do, pure class. if its not too big of a blow to his pride, would be nice to see him take the demotion and come back for us as an 8th inning guy, assuming they don’t re-sign madson, but i don’t either of those happening. either way, will always have nothing but respect for his perfect year and helping to bring our team a championship. ’08 seems so long ago now but it was a great year!

  5. Something about Oswalt just tells me he won’t come back for less than the $16 million. He’ll sign elsewhere for less, but he just strikes me as the kind of guy who wouldn’t admit he’s not worth that, and that he’s pissed off the Phillies declined it.
    I could be wrong. I don’t know him personally. I’d love for him to come back, but something tells me the Phils would force him to take less than they’re paying Blanton next year (basically saying “we won’t pay more than Blanton’s salary when we can just avoid it and have Joe at that number as our 5th starter”), and I just don’t see the two sides getting together.
    On Lidge: if you want to close, and you can find a closer’s job, it was great run, Brad. I’d take another 6 years of your late-game heart attacks for 2008, and be happy to do it. But if you really want to close, this ain’t the place. Want to sign a one year, $4-5 million deal to be a “situational righty”? Then there’s still a spot in my pen for you.
    In summary, I respectfully disagree with you, Kyle. I think Lidge has the much better odds of being back, as I think he’ll see that closer’s role just isn’t out there for him.

  6. I hope they resign both now….
    Lidge = 2yr @ $4M per
    Oswalt = 1/2/3 yr(s) @ $8.5M per
    Madson = 3 yr @ $9M per
    Make it happen Rubzzzz!
    Oh…and Ibanez if he wants to return = 2 yrs @ $4.5M per.

  7. Lidge is old… Ibanez is even older. Bye-bye fellas. Oswalt would rather be on his farm in Mississippi or Missouri or wherever the hell he lives, than pitch again next year.
    Save the money and sign Madson, and make sure you have enough for Cole next year.
    And please let Rollins go. I am tired of him going 1 for 4 with 2 pop outs and a fly out. Hey Jimmy… enjoy Oakland

  8. They’re moving in Rollins’ direction. Even if they work out new deals with both Lidge and Oswalt (slim chances, but certainly doable), they’re shaking off some money.
    In suddenly more interesting and relevant news, The Ageless Wonder still intends to pitch in 2012. He’d be good insurance if Worley turns into another Kyle Kendrick.

  9. Yep, i disagree Kyle, thinking it’s much more likely we see lidge as a 7th inning guy at a reduced rate. maybe 3 mil, Oswalt’s headed to Texas.
    This is addition by subtraction regardless, and it indicates they are clearing out space to try and get a deal in place for hamels/rollins and for my money i hope it’s for a Hamels extension.

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