Phillies Fan Will Face Tim Lincecum in Spring Training Next Year

It figures. It figures that a Phillies fan would win this Red Bull contest to face Tim Lincecum.

Fist bump to Buzz on Broad for catching this SF Gate story about the guy who won the right (privilege?) to bat against Timmay by best imitating the Giants pitcher’s delivery.

The winner? Lance Lampert (unfortunate), whose friends call him “Lancecum” (get it?). He is a 20-year-old from Philadelphia who gets to face Lincecum at spring training next year and will presumably be wearing a Phillies hat when he does. Which means we can fully expect L squared to get buried 0-2 before chasing a slider in the dirt.

Anyway, good luck to Lance. Pretty cool opportunity.


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  1. How awesome would it be if he blew out his elbow and needed Tommy John Surgery during this

  2. Phillies fan huh?
    does that mean
    1 – look at perfect pitch down the middle
    2 – swing at looping hook 10-inches outside (maybe foul it)
    3 – K on high fastball up around the noggin

  3. Here’s how I would go about this at bat.
    Pitch 1- Don’t swing. Pray for walk.
    Pitch 2- Don’t swing. Pray for walk.
    Pitch 3- Don’t swing. Pray for walk.
    Pitch 4- Don’t swing. Pray for walk.
    Pitch 5- Don’t swing. Strike out looking.

  4. lance is a friend of mine, he is a lincecum fan but says he is going to be repping all phillies gear in scottsdale AZ during spring training.

  5. lance is a good guy, hes pretty much been part of my fam the last few years and hes a pretty good pitcher too as i hear

  6. What a poorly written article … where did you go to school? Btw, Lance is an awesome guy who is a dedicated Philly fan and who also has been inspired by Tim Lincecum because of his pitching. There is nothing wrong with that. Lance, have fun in Arizona and take plenty of pics!

  7. Sorry- Wasn’t taking a shot at Lance, at all. Re-reading I realize it may have come across that way. Just trying to snark on the situation, that’s all.

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