Reader Post: Fire Andy Reid

Adam Reigner, a producer at WIP, wants the Eagles to lose today. This is why.


Do you have your pitchforks ready?

The Eagles are going to lose today at Buffalo. That’s a stone cold mortal lock. If they do somehow end up winning — I will get on my Huffy, pedal my ass down to my local watering hole and drown my sorrows with my best friend Jack. 

Never before have I wanted my team to lose a game. As a matter of fact, I’m the kind of fan who goes into every game thinking they are going to win. Not this week — not anymore. 

It’s been 13 long, fat years.

It was January 11th, 1999, Joe Banner and Jeffery Lurie were ready to take the Eagles into the 21st century. Their first step was bringing in Andy Reid, a quarterbacks coach from Green Bay, to guide their team to a Super Bowl Victory. 

The only thing Reid has brought to this city since has been; a smug attitude, an ever-increasing waist line, and an education in poor clock management.

October 9th, 2011, judgment day. After literally thousands of “I gotta do a better job” and “It’s my responsibility to put the players in a better position”, Reid’s job is finally on the line. Even his detractors have nothing left to defend him with.

The irony here is too much.

The Eagles have been nothing more then a poor man’s early 1990’s Buffalo Bills. Instead of Super Bowls its NFC championship games, and instead of Marv Levy leaving after 11 years with dignity, Reid has stuck around like a bad cough.

From day one, he let us know that he was smarter then us. Regardless of if you wanted Donovan McNabb or Ricky Williams — he made the right choice. That onside kick against Dallas was brilliant. But for ever hit there has been more misses.

Year after year glaring holes would go unfilled. 

Reid has always been misguided by the idea that he can coach up anybody and make them work in his system. How else can you go into a season with two 7th round picks as your outside linebackers and a 4th rounder as your middle?

Stephen Tullouch was available during free agency and would have fit this team perfectly. He played behind Jim Washburn’s “Wide 9” in Tennessee to the tune of 160 tackles last season. 

Instead, they spent money on a backup quarterback who has contributed nothing but a rallying cry for every other team in the league. A corner back, who regardless of playing press or zone, hasn’t shown me he can make a tackle. And finally a backup running back who was responsible for the single dumbest play I have ever seen in football.

I’ve been watching football since I can remember. I played some in college and coached Pop Warner — I have never seen any play as stupid as that. The only comparison that remotely even comes to mind is Tim Tebow throwing a “jump pass” on the goal line at Florida. Before Sunday, I had never seen a “tackled pass”.

Over the last three years, you’ve seen a lot of changes on this team. Lurie and Banner are giving Andy ever chance to succeed that they can. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, then consider these last two years sanity. Everything has changed on this team except one thing.

Our notoriously stingy owner has gone out and spent money like he was running the government. He expects a proper return on his investment, something that he isn’t seeing.

With this much talent, there is only one person to blame for not getting it done.

So here I am, rooting for the Buffalo Bills (ironically enough) to “kick” me awake from this dream that Reid is going to bring us a Super Bowl. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take two forward, right, Andy? 

Your steps backwards have just been, well — backwards. 

Here is my step backward … I want you to lose Sunday — for this team to take two steps forward, you have to be fired. There are far too many great players on this team for the same four to get exposed every single week.

We could have had it all, but I have completely given up on you.

I no longer get mad when you mismanage the clock, I expect it. I watch games waiting for you to screw up, not to see players make plays. You’ve brought me to the point that I can’t even be mad at Juan Castillo for not having a clue on how to run a defense. You put him in the same position you put all your players in, a position to fail. This team reflects your weak mental state and folds when things get tough. I cheered Mikey Miss when he put your feet to the fire, because my mom taught me a long time ago you get the respect you show others.

I used to get upset when things didn’t go our way — Now I just laugh.

You’ve become nothing more then a joke. 

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29 Responses

  1. Wow, someone who can read my thoughts.
    Is it really out of the question that if the Eagles go into the bye week at 1-5 that Coach Fatman gets axed? I mean, what better way to wake up this underachieving team and hold someone accountable?
    Somehow I worry that this wont happen.

  2. One look at the guy’s waistline and you know he is a glutton. One look at his offensive philosophy and you can see the gluttony does not stop at his waistline.
    For Reid, it is always just one step away from his big pizza pie in the endzone. The guy is not a patient human being and his coaching philosophy shows his desire for instant gratification.
    How many times a year can a team be third and a yard on a crucial drive in the second half yet he instructs the team to throw long? That’s the gluttony I see in his makeup. I have yet to see the Reid led Eagles team play a game where they play within themselves and do not attempt to hit the jackpot all at once. It is akin to watching someone attempt to hit a home run EVERY swing, and it not a mature, adult sophisticated perspective to have in any business endeavor. The guy, the team show little patience and now the fans are showing the same thing.
    I’m reminded of that old story about a young bull and old bull grazing on a hill and they see a herd of female cows on the plain beneath them….. the young bull says to the old “lets run down and fuck one of them cows grandpa,” to which the old bull sighs and responsds, “lets WALK down and fuck them all.”
    Fire Reid, “you betcha’.”

  3. “I used to get upset when things didn’t go our way — Now I just laugh.”
    Yep…. straight outta my thoughts……
    He’s gotta go, until then, this season will never get better, win or lose

  4. I never hope the Eagles lose, yet I’m happy after every Eagles game. If they win, great. If they lose, that’s one step closer to Reid getting fired. Let’s watch today how his gameplan gets Vick killed. Poor O-Line play just got the starting RG benched. So, there will be a rookie with horrible technique at RG today, and King Dunlap at LT. This won’t stop Reid from calling 40+ pass plays (unless Buffalo completely dominates T.O.P.). This will get UGLY today. P.S.- Forgive me if O-Line composition has changed recently, I’ve been in a coma for the last 40 hours

  5. I used to be a huge Andy Reid fan, but enough is becoming enough. There is one reason now. Andy Reid should be fired for hiring Juan Castillo A’s the defames coordinator. It was quite possibly the most asinine move ever. EVER.

  6. I’m all for it, 7-28 can we fire them before the 4th quarter starts?

  7. Well written. And I agree that Andy Reid should be treated as he treats others. Last week’s post game was even more disrespectful than usual. Saying he’s arrogant is too easy. At this point, he’s an insecure, spoiled brat with a Napoleon complex who will not be remembered fondly by us.

  8. Spare me. Reid could go 1-15 and he still won’t be fired. As long as Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner continue drinking Andy’s Kool-Aid and kissing his oversized ass, nothing will change.

  9. I’m hoping, if it doesn’t happen before the end of the season, that 5-11 will get it done. So far so good.

  10. This man hi-jacked my brain and typed my thoughts on the Eagles into an email. And crossing broad posted it. Crossing Broad posted my thoughts.

  11. My biggest fear is that Lurie likes this guy too much to fire him. If Andy Reid is here in 2012 I will no longer be able to support them.

  12. First of all…you are not an Eagles fan, if so you could never root for a team to beat us.
    Secondly, we will never fire the coach 5 games in a season. That will not happen until after the season, if required.
    Get off the bandwagon all of those who’s faith in the team is gone. Bye…don’t need you. I’m upset too. I’m hurt and I want to win a Superbowl too but I love the Eagles until I die and if you are a fan then it should be the same.
    There needs to be changes…agreed, but acting like a little whiny girl isn’t helping.
    Go Eagles (Until I Die)

  13. his ineptitude was hidden by jim johnson for years … those double reverses and 3 and outs were usually followed by jj’s d getting a 3 and out so he could call 3 more useless plays. This team is unprepared and undisciplined in all facets. He and juan castillo needs to go … now.

  14. Was this written by the same fan that said the Phillies needed to trade Cole Hamels before his value plummeted?
    This is Howard Eskin level crap. Just stirring shit to stir it. Move along, nothing to see here. It’s just an idiot asshole saying whatever comes to mind.

  15. We are all finally seeing that the real reason for Reid’s success in the past was none other than Jim Johnson.
    Now that he’s gone, Reid has been too scared to go hire a real, qualified Defensive Coordinator because he doesn’t want his replacement waiting in the wings. It’s as simple as that.
    Nothing else explains the hiring of Sean McDermott & now Juan Castillo.
    It’s time to get a real head coach in here, so we can finally win a Super Bowl.

  16. @KD
    you get the Beez Nutz, Trojan Enz boner of the week award.
    you’re a friggin useless fan, the type I unfortunately know too many of. People like you are the reason this team, this city, this state and this country are going to the shitter.
    you can keep accepting piss to swallow your shit sandwich just because you love the team, city, state or country.
    go fuck yourself
    Beez Nutz

  17. I’m so tired of the fans in this city. You all think you know so much. Whether you like it or not, Andy Reid made the Eagles relevant again and gave you the most succesful decade the Eagles ever had. Go ahead and look at how many times the Birds have made the playoffs and then look at how many of those years Reid was the coach, 9 out of 23 (39.1%) I’d say that’s pretty good. But hey he hasn’t won the SuperBowl so he’s a failure. Wait a minute… that means every other coach in Eagles History is a failure and the worst coach ever. Yea don’t blame the players and the mistakes, let’s blame the coaches. You know what, how about let the fans coach because they obviously know what they are doing more than Reid. Boom problem solved.

  18. Hi Im a Steelers fan who also likes to see the Eagles do well since my wife and her family live and die with the Eagles along with the rest of you Eagles fans. Just because Andy Reid has given you success in the past doesn’t mean you have to worship him for the rest of his life for that fact. Yes the last decade or so has been a successful one and yes also a failure at the same time since the main reason they play is to win a championship. If they miss the playoffs this will be what the third straight year without a playoff win at all. Thats a far cry from four NFC championship appearances they had years ago. I know its a hard thing but sometimes its just time to move on good bad or indifferent.

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