Reader Post: Vick Back to Old Ways

Adam Reigner from WIP gives his thoughts on Vick returning to his old ways


Fool me once, shame on you…

Fool me twice, shame on me.

I have egg on my face.

This isn’t the Michael Vick 2.0 that I was sold last year — I already have buyer’s remorse watching Mike Vick Redux.

Since getting what Michael earned, Mike’s got his swag back. To quote Eminem “Money is what makes a man act funny.” 

I will not coddle Vick and set him up for failure like the people in Atlanta did. I will, however, hold him to the same high standard as I did last year, because it looks like some people aren’t, anymore.

You have eyes; you’ve seen it happen. This isn’t the Michael Vick we saw last year. He has become comfortable. He is “the man” — he’s back to being Mike [editors note: I use a similar tactic to separate romantic comedy McConaughey (Matthew) from slick, Two For The Money McConaughey (Matt)]. Do you think while laying on his cot, staring up at the top bunk, he could of even dreamed it would of been this easy?

Less than one month out of federal prison he put his signature on a million dollar contract. That will do wonders to help a bruised ego. Add on top of that trading two franchise quarterbacks, and as your fiancé so eloquently put it giving him “100 million dollars to plank on” and you’ve got a case of deja vu.  

Why would Mike even bother with a mirror?

If he isn’t going to hold one up to his face, allow me: The Giants blitzed the hell out of you and you were clueless.

You have shown that you aren’t a smart enough football player to call out the pass protection and read a secondary within 20 seconds. You aren’t getting any help from your coach, but you didn’t last year, either. You made it all happen. We went as far as you took us; a pass that came up short to our tallest receiver.  

I could rattle off stats that prove you haven’t been the same player, but honestly I find the off the field Mike Vick to be far more compelling than the “I never learned the game of football and am still relaying on my aging athletics” Mike Vick. Let’s face it, you aren’t getting faster.  

I don’t mean to be so harsh, but when you stop taking all the blame, and start pointing the finger at others, my tendency is to put you under the microscope.

You blamed your “meh” performance against the Rams on a Red Bull. You said it was hard to focus because of how jittery it made you. You followed that up with three turnovers within eight minutes against the Falcons — your former enablers. You swept that under the concussion rug and pointed to the scoreboard as you retreated to the locker amidst a sobering shower of boos. Then came our arch-enemy, the New York Football Giants.

Something didn’t seem right. Reid called eight running plays — in a row. Then decided to go with an empty backfield and throw the ball. You run to set up play action — any 13-year-old has played enough Madden to know that.

I know the Eagles would have won if you had stayed in the game, but you didn’t. It was reported that you broke your hand and wouldn’t be returning. It hurt so much that you were icing it on the sideline, but to your credit you never showed it on your face (that’s sarcasm for those of you not paying attention).

Then you pulled off your greatest performance yet. You made people believe you were a victim again — I guess it comes natural at this point.

The Giants didn’t hit you late. Not one play. Anybody saying they did has fallen for your “woe is me” song and dance all over again. You held onto the ball too long. Playing quarterback is about anticipating things quicker than anybody else on the field. Something that you aren’t doing, and I’m starting to wonder if you can. 

The reason I bought your Kelly Green throwback last year was because you deserved it.

The reason you were on the cover of the New York Post Tuesday as a baby is because you deserved it.

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15 Responses

  1. All valid points, but it comes back to the playcalling. You said it, any 13 year old with a year or two of Madden under their belt could run this offense to higher levels of production than AR and MM. Why do you pull lineman on the 6 inch line? You don’t, you have them push straightforward. Why would you call a screen from the same yard marker, with all those defenders right there? Why would you hand the ball off to the 6th best runner on the team (Shady, Vick, Brown, Lewis, 1yard), not once, but twice?
    Vick isn’t doing himself any favors, no arguing that, but the rest of the offense isn’t either.

  2. I don’t buy this argument at all. Michael Vick should be throwing his line under the bus, but he doesn’t. By the way, I’m convinced Vick was out of it for last week’s game. Maybe that’s why he was a step or two late.

  3. Dear Genius- A horrible offensive line + horrible playcalling will make 99.9% of NFL QBs look horrible, especially aging ones with diminishing skills who never fully dedicated themselves to their craft to begin with. At least you can dry your tears with that throwback Vick jersey. P.S. NEVER EVER do a Google image search of “Adam Reigner”. EVER!

  4. Your anger is totally misguided. Last time I checked Vick doesn’t play defense. Patience dude, this mentality is why Philadelphia fans get a bad name. Oh and I’ve heard the great QBs (Brady and Manning) bitch about hits too. But for some reason they’re “entitled” to bitch.

  5. Yup, sounds like prototypical Negadelphian blogger drivel hoping for someone to fail to be able to say “I told you so.”

  6. You think he’s gonna read this? Stop saying “you”. Theres some points to be made here, but overall you’re trying to throw a guy under the bus for the 1-2 record. How about YOU write a letter to Juan Castillo and ask him why his scheme has sucked every week? Or tell our Oline to stop letting their QB get obliterated.

  7. Yo, Kyle! I’m afraid I have to agree with the Greek chorus here. Right now, Vick is the absolute least of our problems when the real vilain of the piece is our woefully underperforming defense which has AGAIN coughed up a fourth quarter lead and pulled defeat from the jaws of victory.

  8. I agree with the overall tone of the article. But also Vick is not the main problem but he is a problem. The D is garbage the O line is garbage. Our coach is about 7 years behind the rest of the league. Our D coordinator wouldn’t earn a job in D-1. I haven’t watch a game sober since miracle in the meadowlands2 . And I refuse to purchase more eagle items to finace this shit. Our owner is content with just making money and until he gets a fire under his Jew ass we won’t win shit. But it doesn’t help the franchise. Be able to sign role players, like LB or some safeties when u give mike vick his big deal when u play in a sport with a salary cap. In order to compete in this league I think we need a QB that can carry the team when need be but not a QB that is our star player. Our QB needs to be a cog in the wheel not the wheel.

  9. The author of this article says that the O-Line “has been great this year” because Vick has “only been sacked 4 times this year”. This statement make me doubt if he actually watches the games.

  10. 16 turn overs in his last 11 games. Do the math, he’s not the only problem but he’s not the same QB he was early/middle last season.

  11. Maybe he can improve, Vick was excellent today…and not all turnovers are his fault his last 2 interceptions have come at the hands, or lack thereof, of our wide receivers…the fact is the defense is terrible and Castillo never should have been hired and our offensive play calling especially in the Red Zone is terrible…the team still has the talent to turn this around but it has to begin NOW and the only way they can do that is with something BIG happening this week.

  12. Yo CB, did Adam Reigner miss his deadline. This crap article is a week late. Vick had almost 500 yards of offense today. And the Eagles didn’t lose to the 49ers because of Vick’s bad tendencies. They lost because the defensive coordinator is a joke, Ronnie Brown’s throw/fumble at the goal line, shoddy o-line play and even shoddier tackling.

  13. OL is doing better than most give credit (except the first week). QB that can’t read a defense & creates a moving pocket. Many of the hurries, hits, etc are because the linemen expect him to be in one place and hold their blocks as such.

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