UPDATE: Pronger Home and Resting, Should Be OK

Well this is good news.

UPDATE: Paul Holmgren told reporters after the game that Pronger will be on bed rest for three days and wear a visor upon his return. He will be out 2-to-3 weeks.

According to SportsNet Canada's Mike Brophy (where you at, Philly beat guys?), Chris Pronger is home and resting. A doctor said he should be OK. Of course, being OK is a relative term here, considering the shot Prongs took to the eye, but it's certainly good news.

Bob McKenzie, from TSN, first reported that Pronger was seeing an eye specialist.

Howard Eskin, who is usually right on with these things, says it's an "eye injury with bleeding," out up to two weeks, max. Eskin also says Pronger doesn't have a fracture.

We'll update with anything new.

H/T to our man Steve Whyno


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  1. A little clarification (if anyone even wanted it-from what all of this sounds like..).
    ((eye dr and cb fan))
    When you get an impact to the front of the eye, the area between the cornea (clear) and iris (color) part of your eye can fill with blood. It’s called a hyphema (GSP had one a few fights ago for UFC fans). Absolute bed rest. You need to let the blood drain out so it doesn’t clog the drainage channels and cause glaucoma. Think of shaking up a snow globe (every time you move your head/eye around)
    Prognosis very good but just time consuming.

  2. holy shit to hear pronger scream like that made me shit myself with fear. the well literally got silent and to hear a 6 foot 7 240 lb dude scream in pain is one of the most unsettling feelings of all time. lets hope prongs is ok and back on the ice soon. holy jesus. scary.

  3. Shyte! Cause iron balls makes for bad glass eyes.
    Will be crossing me fingers that he makes a speedy recovery from this. It was scarey on TV, I can’t imagine how scarier it was to see it in person.
    If it’s what Ray says it is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyphema than that jives with Pronger’s bed-rest treatment.
    Hey, look at the positive here. It’s early (like last year), it’s not likely to linger like the injury he had last year.
    And if he get’s lucky the eye will change colour like it did to David Robert Jones (AKA David Bowie), badarse:

  4. Aw shyte, foot in me mouth, I just read that Bowie’s eyes are still the same colour; just that the eye that got hurt is permanently dilated. Still crossing me broad fingers that nothing like this happens to Pronger.

  5. Steve Jeltz, fuck-off you short-bus wankering fuck-wit! It could have happened to ANYONE! And the way the stick blade swept up, I don’t think an eye shield would have helped.

  6. hey steve jeltz, if you actually watched the game there was nothing pronger could do about this injury. grabovski was following through on a shot. why don’t you get your facts straight before you criticize someone

  7. immediately made me sick to my stomach…i thought he lost his eye by the way he reacted. Lappy getting hit in the face with a slap shot didnt scare me half as bad as that did.

  8. Pronger has an upper head injury. Seriously, not only do they have to worry about bl0od clotting up behind the eye there is also a chance for a concussion. He will be out for 2 weeks and then back skating (not playing) with the team. 3 weeks is probably about right. Any chance we can put him on IR and get some cap relief. Welcome to the team Sean!

  9. I agree with Henry I heard him scream and it was maybe the most unsettling feeling I ever had watching a sporting event.

  10. “Card Carrying” Flyers fans are the biggest nerds & Iron Balls is on top of the list.

  11. Somebody should’ve beat the shit out of those stick swangin leaves! Especially that fuckwad Grobovski…

  12. there’s no way a visor would’ve helped Pronger last night. Maybe the full visor Michael Renberg version but not the partial. Let’s be honest here guys, If these fellas really wanted total protection they would wear full cages, that’s not gonna happen, hard to get some puck bunny tail or an endorsement deal with a full cage on. I can’t blame em…

  13. Grobovski (sic?) was stick happy last night. So was Lupul. And WHAT THE FUCK was the actual difference between Briere hitting the Leafs’ Gustavsson and whichever Leaf hit Bobrovski last night? NO FUCKING CALL when the Leaf hacks the Flyers’ netminder in his head with a stick, instant call when the Flyers hit the Leafs netminder in the head with a stick. That double-standard shit is fucking LAME. Weasel-hockey-playing shit-for-brains league darlings, the Leafs, eh? How about that asinine faux penalty Shelley took in the 1st? Dumbass Luke Schenn elbowed Gustavsson, who dropped as if shot by a fucking mortar round, and Shelley didn’t even touch Gustavsson. At all. Who gets a penalty? Jody Shelley, of course. 2 minutes for being in the vicinity of a diving Louganis Goalie. What a bunch of gayboys there are running hockey in Toronto, and playing for Toronto.

  14. lol at steve jeltz. ’cause random eye-injuries have EVERYTHING to do with age and conditioning, right? dumb.

  15. Finished listening to The Borrower, by Rebecca Makkai, in the car. It’s sort of a light book about this 10-year kid, really smart, precocious, possibly gay, who gets attached to this librarian – and gets the librarian to collaborate in a journey halfway across the country. A little strange, but good book. Interestingly, borrowed this at the recommended reading rack in the library.

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