Rob Ryan: “We’re Going to Kick Their Ass Anyway”

Still loud. Also, fat. [ESPN Dallas]

"If they need my motivation to get ready to play us, then we're going to kick their ass anyway. It ain't going to matter.

Hell, he [Jackson] doesn't have to worry about tackling me. If he does, he can tackle me. That'd be great, because I'm going to land on his shoulder and put him out. So that'll be awesome. Hell, he can tackle me two or three times."


Sunday yet?


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  1. 99% of the time, I have a feeling one way or another about what I think the outcome of a game will be. I honestly have no idea what to expect Sunday night. It’s a rare Week #8 playoff game for both teams..

  2. Eagles lose. Unless you drank the Kool Aid that was that Redskins/Grossman fiasco and believe this team has actually improved somehow. I’m sure Asante will be putting forth his best effort, as always..

  3. Oh and who on this defense is stopping Witten on the short passes? I fucking despise the Cowboys but I think we’re fucked here.

  4. Hello Bitches!
    Boy have I missed you. Anyone watch baseball tonight? I hope you all die while sucking on your own nut.
    Cards win! Cards win!
    Hey Iron Balls, you suck! Cards win!

  5. I agree with matt. I fear the Eagles will focus so much on shutting down DeMarco Murray after last week’s 253 yard rampage, Jason Witten will have a field day. I don’t have a good feeling about this game as I suspect Fatboy Reid’s undefeated record after the bye might well come to an end Sunday night.

  6. Wow, 7 duplicate posts all cut, pasted, and submitted within 8 minutes, and not even an hour after the Cards win. How many other true Cards fans celebrated the win like this? It makes him a faker, and I guess it’s safe to say that ninja-the-phony-Cards-fan didn’t get laid last night either. In fact, he’s probably never been laid, unless if you count him sucking his daddy’s dick, and taking it in the ass by all the men in his family—now known as “The Gaddafi Special”.
    And this just proves that for 3 years in a row that only a LUCKIER team can beat the BEST team. Suck on that, ninja.

  7. Hey Daddy Dick, is this how you spend every fri night? fucking loser! I was counting Cardinal championships and we are up to 11. You?
    Love to irritate you little bitches but this is my last post. Until we kick your ass again next year……..

  8. I find it funny that on a Halloween weekend night, a couple hours after the Cardinals win, instead of celebrating was on a web site whose baseball fans have stopped caring about the season a couple weeks ago to talk shit.

  9. Hearing that was Ninja’s last post for months is wonderful news. Now he can go back to his pathetic life of giving himself over the pants hand jobs and living vicariously through the Cardinals. That is until Puhols walks away from those cheap bastards and they sink back to the NL cellar for years to come.

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