Ryan Howard Tailgating at Eagles Game

Ryan Howard's offseason tour continued today in the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot. Jeremy Maclin jersey on the Big Piece. Nice.


Pics via (@shawnmcbrearty) and (@The MightyEROCK)


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  1. i thought he didn’t take pic with drunk white guys. I def agree he does rock the worse ed hardy type hats.

  2. “i thought he didn’t take pic with drunk white guys.”
    especially when those same drunk caucasians are the ones who call WIP to yell and scream that Howard needs to be traded for Pujols. The same ones that will enlarge this picture and put it in an honored place in their man cave for the rest of their natural life.

  3. Gotta like a local athlete staying and supporting his other teams in the city….regardless of your opinions of him, that stuff and him being around the city is cool….

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