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via Sam Carchidi:

The NHL allotted the Flyers about 19,000 tickets to the Winter Classic, Tilger said. The NHL, the Rangers, and the Phillies were also allotted tickets. Citizens Bank Park is expected to hold about 45,000 for the game.

Because of the number of tickets the Flyers were allotted, "we don't expect to have a public sale," Tilger said. "We were given just enough to cover our season-ticket base and some partial season-ticket [holders]."


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  1. I’m sure it’d be real fun to go, but I feel like most seats wouldn’t be able to see the ice very well. It’d probably be better at the Linc where the seats are more vertical and would contour around the ice.

  2. Gahh that sucks. I wanna know how many tickets they made available to the rangers fans. Fuck that. I guess its the nature of the beast but it fuckin sucks ass knowing that I won’t be able to go because I’m not a season ticket holder. And theres no way I’m payin for a ticket on stub hub when the lowest price is going to be at least 500 bucks.

  3. it’s exactly how every single Winter Classic works. How else was there just as many Flyers fans as Bruins fans in Fenway park? It’s great and makes it a very festive event….that i’ll enjoy watching from my couch.
    If you can hardly see a puck on standard defintion TV, imagine watching the puck from the 400 level #nope

  4. We’ve had a Winter Classic party every year, so we decided immediately that we weren’t going. We did get two tickets for the Phantoms game for $103 though, just for experience of going to a hockey game at CBP.

  5. I’m a Partial Season Ticket Holder and we were forced to purchase tickets to the Phantoms game and the Alumni game with our Partial Season Plan. We aren’t even guaranteed Winter Classic tickets. So I’d gladly suck it up and buy the others knowing I was definitely getting WC tickets.

  6. I don’t like how the winter classic is turning into the Super Bowl as far as tickets. For a regular season hockey game, they shouldn’t consider it an “event”, it should just be a home game, because thats what it is. Why screw an entire fanbase out of tickets? They’ll still get the money in a second, and not as much bad press. Stinks for the away team, but they can get tickets through Stub Hub like any other time if they want. Especially with a city like NY, its not like they’re not going to get an outdoor game in the near future.
    It also sucks that the Classic has turned into a hive for corporate slugs and not real fans. When club boxes go for 40K, you know that real fans aren’t going to be sitting in it. I’ve heard people talk about the original WC game in Buffalo, and they said it was awesome. It was all normal Buffalo fans in the stands, just like a home game. From what I hear about the game last year, the stadium was split in two between the fanbases, creating a weird not as electrifying atmosphere, and everyone else there was just some corporate non-fan because it was the cool thing to do.
    It just sucks that the NHL and the Eagles couldn’t work something out so that the game could be played at the Linc with an extra 20000 seats.

  7. Pete- what was there to work out between the Eagles and NHL? The Eagles are playing the Redskins at the Linc the day before the Winter Classic.

  8. Since when were TicketMaster and Stubhub considered STH? From what the first batch of STH’ers told me, those brokers get the best seats and are charging double what the Flyers are. Passssss.

  9. Does anybody know what DC Visual Arts is or how to contact them? I want a copy of that picture.

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