Someone is Playing a Cruel Joke on Me


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  1. game 1 should be rained out tonight if shane & the boys showed up game 5 against the cards

  2. Hey Shane tweeted me and told me to tell you guys to get a life… His life goes on and so should yours. It’s over guys lets get over it

  3. So – per your little advertising blurb, you get about 600,000 visits a month, or 20,000 per day. Chances are about 10-15,000 of that are your loyal readers, and 5-10 is search traffic/random folks/one-time visitors. Let’s say the 15,000 daily hits are your loyal fan base – but obviously your loyal readers would visit more than once a day. So let’s say you have about 7,000 people who read the blog regularly, roughly in line with your twitter followers.
    I would also guess, that much like a Howard Eskin, at least 1/3 of them come here only to see if you’ve either blatantly stolen something from another blog, or are acting like a popped-collar tool.
    So I’d say there are about 4,700 people who truly give a shit what you have to say. A pretty good number.
    But here’s the thing. There are 3 million people in this city. You have the ears of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of them.
    So when you “go up against” Shane Victorino, and pretend to be representative of more than a handful of frat-boy meatheads you give the 99.9% who don’t give a shit about what you have to say, and would like Shane Victorino to remain and remain happy in Philadelphia, a bad name.
    Say what you want on your blog – that is what it is for but try to keep your attention-starved self away from the actually athletes. If you actually cared about the team(s) as much as your personal “notoriety” – you would know that badgering them on twitter can ONLY have negative consequences.

  4. Pete,
    When you say things like “you give the 99.9% who don’t give a shit about what you have to say, and would like Shane Victorino to remain and remain happy in Philadelphia, a bad name.” you make it sound like we should all just bow down to him because he’s a good player. if the guy is a douche bag then he is a douche bag, and none of us should sit on twitter blowing him “so he can be happy.” Unfortunately for you, I do not spend my life making sure millionaire under-performers have happy days and live on rainbows. grow up. If you think an athlete is really going to judge an entire city’s fan base on the comments of one blogger then why the hell do you want him here anyway?

  5. I’m glad I spend $500 a season on the Phillies so Shane can enjoy an early exit from the playoffs, take a million dollar bath, and get over the fact that a 102 win team shat the bed. Btw, I’ve never heard a good story about him as a person. juuuust saying.

  6. Matt –
    Yes, you should bow down and blow Shane Victorino.
    Nice comprehension skills.
    I think you’ve found the right blog for your intelligence level.

  7. Anyone that’s on twitter is a self-obsessed narcissist almost by definition, yet people always seem surprised but what the twats tweet.

  8. Wow… Pete going for the “bad grammar, comprehension” comeback so soon. Usually when that card is played it’s evidence that you’ve got nothing better to offer in the way of a comeback. Matts opinion > Petes opinion. And even if you’re correct that Kyle has only .1% of The Philadelphia area caring about what he has to say, that’s still thousands more than you. You’re most likey known as “the insufferable water cooler guy” who everyone avoids at work. Have fun motor boating Shanes balls you smack ass.

  9. “Btw, I’ve never heard a good story about him as a person. juuuust saying.”
    Even Kyle ran the story of the youth rec center that Shane opened in Nicetown. Maybe that piece escaped your attention because the facility serves people of color, not pampered suburban frat boys.

  10. 1. He’s our CF and a good one, I don’t care what he tweets or thinks or believes as long as he hits and fields for our team. Once he leaves, I could care if he dies in a fire, as I’m sure he will feel about the entire Philly fanbase.
    2. He doesn’t really care about Nicetown, it’s called publicity/tax writeoffs, the poorer and blacker the better for the photo op. You’re blind and stupid if you think otherwise.
    3. He is a known cooze hound who fancies himself a player, ask any bartender from any upscale place in the city.

  11. That’s some hokey math, Pete. Also based on a lot of assumptions. That number is a bit outdated (my fault there), so it’s really about 750,000– 30,000 on weekdays now, roughly 10,000 people, of which I’d guess no more than 2% come because they hate (remember, most people have lives and the ratio of dumbass internet commenters to real human beings is significantly skewed because most people have jobs and hobbies so they read and get on with their lives). Further, it’s not the same 10,000 people every day (remember, lives, doing things), by the end of the month it turns out to be somewhere north of 100k. But of course you’re still leaving out the people this stuff reaches when Gonzo writes about it (he did), or when Barkann and Jon Mark talks about our stuff on the radio. So there’s that’, too. Plus, the people who agree with it and incorporate the opinion into their view of local sports. All of a sudden, it actually reaches a decent (read: still a relatively small percentage, but certainly large enough to serve as a good sample size) — national polls only use about 2,000 people — so using the 100,000 folks who will see my words this month, most of whom will be sports fans between 20-35, and all of a sudden you have a VERY accurate sample size, of young sports fans (remember, not all of those 3 million love sports — or have tvs for that matter). And seeing as though (not be cocky here, just true), that this is the most read independent site written from a fan perspective, I’d say that I’m qualified to give my opinion on how most fans feel.
    You’re free to comment with your ridiculous math, but you should probably get a clue before doing it again.

  12. dear Jesus Christ Superstar,
    I’ll address your point number 2:
    Since when did your divine Self become so cynical?
    It’s not exactly a secret that pro sports players establish foundations to write off ten percent of their income…so what? It incentivizes good works in the community. It gives them an opportunity to contribute to a cause that is meaningful to them, such as the Utley’s animal advocacy and Jamie Moyer’s grieving child foundation. And if anyone should know this it’s yourself, since you created him – Shane is a person of color. So he actually may have an affinity and/or interest in the circumstances and conditions of non-Caucasoids.
    Did you even see the video clip that Kyle posted from the opening of the rec center…Shane was genuinely moved. Stop trying to rewrite history just so you can flaunt your smartest guy in the room cred.

  13. Shane is the worst multiple gold glove winner in MLB history.
    2011 Gm. 4 NLDS – 1st he falls in center field making a throw – cost Philles a run
    2011 Gm. 2 NLDS – 4-4 tie, he take s bad route on fly ball and cost the Phillies a run and the game
    2010 Gm. 6 NLCS – botches a play in CF
    2009 Gm. 6 World Series – can’t catch a catchable ball in CF keeping the inning alive and Matsui goes deep later in the inning
    The guy is most overrated player in MLB.
    He might also be the dumbest player in MLB.

  14. I’m not going to criticize Shane for opening the rec center, obviously, but let’s be real straight, a lot of those shane stories carry weight. trust me on that.

  15. @Jmac – once again your beacon of truth shines bro, i’ve relized this for quite some time which is why i personally pay no attention to what he tweets. I don’t understand why Kyle doesn’t “consider the source” and move on.
    Hey Kyle all that following and readership and your still self-admittedly making 5 figures? and driving a Venza? I think the true math lies somewhere between yours and pete’s, or, you need to rethink your cost structure.

  16. Shane bangs a ton of strays….he’s not too picky either, I know one of the slobs who went down on him

  17. Oh and I’m even more disappointed to hear that Shane plows ugly randos more often than, say, a Julie Dorenbos-esque broad.

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