St. Louis TV Station Brings on Marketing Expert to Slander the Phanatic

How sad.

The Phanatic: “strange, violent, obnoxious, and disgusting.” These are the types of segments that keep people out of top 20 markets.

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106 Responses

  1. I didn’t even know the Cardinals had a mascot. Maybe their marketing expert can give them some pointers on marketing their own mascot!

  2. hurling batteries and running over kids? wtf? i take so much offense to this lol. i’ve never even HEARD of fred bird, and from what i’ve seen, the phanatic gets voted best mascot in all sports regularly.

  3. This market expert is good at one thing…munching carpets. Polling “baseball fans” found in the STL market is not market research.

  4. The fanatic should just point at the scoreboard. 2-1, keep crying. Cardinals fans, players and coaches are whiny bitches that should shut their mouths, before their mouths get fucked.

  5. I wanna beak to that chick in the red dress..more pics of her please.
    Phanatic = Phillies + hard is that to understand?

  6. That little ginzo dyke bitch shoulda left the tablecloth at the restaurant and the blonde has bigger hands than fredbird….ewww creepy.

  7. Fredbird? Are you freakin’ kidding me? That’s the best you could do? Totally lame and pathetic. Jeez, even the Simpson’s Capital City Goofball is pretty much a copy of the Phanatic because he’s the most recognizable. Screw little dyke with her marketing research and polling, I’m more interseted in polling the blonde next to her after we wrap up the series tonight!!!!!

  8. I typically refrain from listening to statistics read by pygmy dykes with popped collars, and this situation is no different.

  9. FredBird? A giant bird that “beaks” people by putting their head in his mouth? That sounds like he’s some kinda nasty furry pedophile.

  10. i am seriously offended by this!! do they not know that the phanatic was legit voted best sports mascot?????? so suck a fat one market researcher.. oh wait, do you do that??? that was mean i know, but sorry i’m not sorry. dont mess with the phanatic. he will gut check you! the phanatic is more entertaining that ‘fredbirds endearing pecking of heads’ ??????? the phanatic mocks the other team, entertains and involves the fans, hell sometimes when i’m down there i find myself watching him more than the game! i love his antics! and they were appalled he shoots hot dogs into the stands… WHO DOESNT WANT A FREE HOT DOG!!! fredbird sucks. GO PHANATIC!

  11. The Phanatic also streaks. She left that one out (but you can’t overlook it). Oh, and it jackhammers peoples’ faces with its midsection. How vile!

  12. Pathetic. You have a mascot that no one know, legit didn’t know the cardinals had one, and you try to put it up against The Phanatic. Get the f**k outta here.
    Most recognigzed, beloved and is voted best mascot on a regular! Phanatic beats you hands and belly down!

  13. maybe that marketing expert can tell them how to sellout games
    and not have their fans sell tons of tickets on stubhub for $12…lol “best fans in baseball”

  14. thats probably the first time that lady has had a brid near her face in a long time if not ever. Fredbird. Really?

  15. I can’t wait until Nutter dumps that case of victory Budweiser into the Schuylkill. Who’d have thought that the Schuylkill could actually taste worse?

  16. What the hell is FredBird even made of? It looks like soft construction paper. Phanatic would kick his ass and then some.

  17. nice “market research”, you “expert”… anyone who took a high school stats class knows you cant interview only people from St Louis, ya retard. try looking at “best mascots of all time” and see the Phanatic in the top ten indefinitely.

  18. Is this the best they can do, all they do is whine and bitch and moan…and do tacky slanders on the best mascot in history

  19. The segment looks like something put together for a grade school Spirit Day or homecoming game or something.

  20. You guys all sound so pathetic getting this offended and defending the phanatic over this stupid news story.

  21. Guys come on she is a total hottie, you just cant get a fair assesment b/c of the shadows. If this video was viewed after 6pm, maybe we could say different. But were not the yankees, so we have to settle for second tier eyecandy.

  22. No class, just like LaRusso. What do you expect they know they’re going to lose. Phantic I love you!

  23. Strange. I thought their manager was that drunk guy with the messed-up hair who keeps changing pitchers every other batter.

  24. Watch the guy clap…it’s the best part of the video…and no, that chick in red is butt ugly…

  25. Strange, violent, obnoxious and disgusting? They say it like it’s a bad thing…

  26. Fred the Dead bird! LOL. Everbody knows the Phanatic. So go crap on a car window Fred!!!

  27. I watched this video as I took a dump. I couldn’t tell which was more full of shit, my toilet or this segment.

  28. I’m going to ass fuck Fred Bird until I have a Red Bird. It’s not gay of me because I’m into kinky animal mascot sex, but it’s gay for the mascot because it’s name is Fred.
    Seriously, my high school newscast was better than this garbage. Eat a dick, St. Louis.

  29. Oh let them feel like they have this win. By the end of the night “Fredbird” will be taking it in the ass by a roid raged McGwire…


  31. I guess she could pull herself away from her gym class and “shower time” with her female students to do this “expert” polling.
    Oh well, it’s all done in fun but I didn’t even know the Cards had a mascot. Then again when you’re a low level market team it’s understandable.

  32. Hey, Phanatic is actually endeared and loved by many people. Sorry, but I had to wiki their mascot. Though it’s listed in Wiki, I don’t really see him as a totally legit mascot. Mr Met is more of a mascot than Fredbird. (Philly fans, please don’t hate me for saying that, but it’s true.) Youppi is more of a mascot, though he’s no longer in baseball, but Hockey.
    Get outta here ya two bit wannabe mascot and take your one bit marketing expert with ya.

  33. How could you possibly tear at the Phanatic like that? “Throws batteries”? “Runs over children”? Those haters can all go fist themselves in a pool of their own self pity. Enjoy your RedBird mascot that no one (until now) has even heard of.
    Our mascot sits in Cooperstown, you fucking cunt knuckles.

  34. That might be the worst statistical analyst ever. No numbers to support the data. We are not told the population that polled. The poll most likely did not even consist of going out onto the streets of St. Louis and conviently polling people there. That lady most likely asked the guy on the left, the girl on the right, the camera man, and “Fred Bird” himself for their opinions. That was not an equal representation of the entire baseball watching world.

  35. If i were the city of St. Louis I’d be more concerned about my team winning than my mascot.

  36. thats why the phanatic was voted favorite mascot of all sports this segment should be removed from all air waves… ps phillies are clinching the series tonight sorry st louis

  37. Somewhere I picnik table is missing its tablecloth cuz that dyke is using it as a shirt. How bout this for a question… which mascot is going to the next round?

  38. I think they were descrbing the Phillies Phans.. but I love us all 🙂 Cardinals are haters because we are just the best in all areas…

  39. Cleary a pathetic, desperate example of what is clearly a sad state of affairs right now in St. Louis.

  40. Wow this is pathetic! First the sun is in my eyes then you don’t like the Phanatic. Grow up wah wah.

  41. What is wrong with you people?! It’s clearly a news story that was done for FUN – something you obviously know nothing about. Do you know any of those people? I’m guessing not. I don’t know anything about you, but I’m going to go ahead and call you a fat loser who has nothing better to do than make hurtful comments about someone on a video. GET A LIFE!!!

  42. What’s truly pathetic is all of you folks getting so upset about a “joke” segment. What’s worse — is that you think it’s appropriate/funny to refer to someone as a dyke. Do you also go around calling black people the n word? This is from someone who works with kids, but it’s people like you that are the reason there are young kids out there committing suicide — because they are scared of how they will be accepted someday. I feel bad if one of those kids took a look at the stream of hate here. It’s disgusting. Grow up.

  43. Zach — I hope someday you have a gay child so you can understand how big of an asshole you are.

  44. Wow people, sounds like you all need something better to do with your time, it’s all in good fun. Go on now, enjoy the game and your hand.

  45. Is everyone in Philly either 14 or literally retarded? Or is it just the people that read Crossing Broad?

  46. the most irritating part about this video: the 0:48 second mark where the guy does not stop saying “gotcha” and “absolutely.” shut the fuck up, dude. and yeah, the phanatic is always voted as the best (or 2nd best) mascot in sports by a bunch of demographics…STL needs to do some better research.

  47. You say you never heard of Fred Bird? Bet you never heard of Edwin Jackson either and he just kicked you ass!
    Sorry I could not read all your posts. I was too busy counting Cardinal championships. Suck it!

  48. I second that, Ninja.
    What the fuck is the Phanatic anyway? Just some weird freak monster or something.
    Go eat a bag of dicks, Philly Phans!!!!

  49. Anyone else notice that Kyle Scott’s pic looks like a cross between Lance Bass, the gay dude from Back Street Boys and a serial killer?

  50. The only thing good out of Philly is Rocky. And he had to be made up by a writer because the real people of philly SUCK!

  51. Way to take a joke, Philly. Your maturity level equals that of your Sesame Street-inspired mascot.
    The impending Game 5 loss on Friday to the Cards will further damage your fragile little egos.

  52. Go shove some cheese steak up yer fucking assholes, you fat Philllly Phucks.

  53. BTW, it is not Carpet Muncher, it is CARPENTER.
    And he is going to kick your ass tomorrow!

  54. Proving once again that Philly is a world class city full of nasty little sports trolls.
    Go Eagles!!

  55. So Philly fans are pathetic?… You know what is pathetic, you cock sucking cards fans trolling the Internet to find a Philly sports blog and commenting on said site… Want to hear something even more pathetic, you can’t even sell out your stadium for a playoff game.. Is there really that much more to do in your shitty town? Answer is no, unless you tour the the worst beer in the worlds distribution center, or go up in your shitty little arch in those horrible elevators that are the size of an industrial dryer… Best fans in baseball huh? 12 dollar tickets for a game four of an NLDS, you should be ashamed of yourselves… By the way good luck next year, because once Doc shits all over your “beloved” team and wipes his ass with Larussa’s hair piece, Pujols will be on the market and leave your shit hole of a city and I’m sure your attendance will drop, until you get another roided out player at first base that is…. Your mascot is a joke, your team is a joke and you as fan are the biggest joke

  56. Holy shit…all you philly assholes must be freaking out. Dream Team(s) my ass… One’s gonna have to pull some serious shit just to get through a divisional series – the other can’t figure out how to get their dog-killing QB to win’m a fucking game much less the Super Bowl. At least you can take solace in cheesesteak form…which it seems you do a plenty based on your national fat-ass ranking. And just a tip for Friday night – tell Ruiz to watch the fuck out!

  57. congrats Kyle, you know how cardinal trolls coming on to the site!! #crossingbroadexpanding

  58. Klassy Philadelphia, just Klassy! I wouldn’t excpect anything less from you! I am positive this post will go right over your head.

  59. Philadephia is the city of Brotherly Love. I know that these comments do not represent the majority, but the minority.

  60. Good night you little bitches. Enjoy watching the cards win their 11th championship.
    Better luck next year bitches. Suck it!

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