The Flyers Dropped a Deuce in Canada

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Photo: Flyers, Getty

Reader Bill put it best: Nice game, Flyers… for me to poop on!

Simple Triumph the Insult Comic Dog references aside, the Flyers look bad last night. Real bad. Michael Jackson.

The Flyers were outshot for only the second time this year. They fired 22 shots on goal… that, folks, is a season low… against the Montreal Canadiens, who came into the game so confused on how to win in the sport of hockey that they fired their assistant coach– perhaps the most inconsequential coaching position in all of professional sports. Heh? There are fall guys, and then there are Speed-like, we’re just going to dump a body off the bus in a show of good faith guys. The bus usually winds up blowing up, anyway. Incredibly, last night, it was filled with angry, frightened hockey players, who whipped up on the Flyers.

Two things:

– Jagr is good. Watch him compared to any other player on the ice– he can’t be moved off the puck. He’s like a three-legged statue (his stick, folks). The Flyers have gone smaller and faster this year, so many of the other players (looking at you, Brayden Schenn, Danny Briere) get knocked off the puck very easily. It’s not a bad thing, but all the more noticeable when you see Jagr stand his ground 10 times a night.

– Bryzgalov is hardly playing like a $500 billion goalie. He’s gotten some very unlucky bounces, but so far has looked like nothing more than 2010 Michael Leighton. I know that’s unfair, but he needs to steal a game every now and then– that’s why he’s here. Let’s go, pal. 

And, yes, Bryz wore the fucking tiger mask last night. Quite frankly, I don't care if he wears a Muslim hijab on his head during games… as long as he, you know, stops the puck.


As always, Dave Isaac has your full recap. Your photo gallery is here. Your highlights, well, they are after the jump.



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  1. Timonen’s failed clear under 10 seconds in the period really turned the game around. We were headed to the break up 1-0 but the last second goal is so deflating. Sure enough two Flyers screened Bryz and he was unable to stop the slapper from the point.
    I’m mildly concerned about the defense that everyone touts as the best in the NHL, especially without Pronger. If I had to rank em:
    1) Pronger
    2) Coburn
    3) Timonen
    4) Meszaros
    5) Carle

  2. Shots on goal is the dumbest stat in hockey. the flyers always lead in SOG becuase they fire pucks from teh point and hope for rebounds, or things of that nature. its the quality of shots and chances, not quantity

  3. @TR
    It’s not always quality over quantity. A great defense could prove your theory wrong, so could a terrible goalie.

  4. I really hope by the end of the year we aren’t left wondering who has a worse contact in Philly; Ryan Howard or Bryzgalov.
    I kind of hated this signing in that if the Flyers felt Bob was a year or two away from being something special because why then woudl you lock Bryz up for as long as they did.

  5. On nights you compete, your gaoaltender can steal you a game, anybody think the flyers competed in the second or third periods? All the flyers issues are in thier own zone and mostly with the defensemen. Matt Carle is skating like he forgot to take his guards off. Kimmo looks like “old at the end of the season” Kimmo. Meszaros is playing with the wrong partner they have no chemistry together. The forwards look great but we’re going to need a couple pk guys and another top 4 d-man, make it happen homer.

  6. MM – they don’t have the cap space to do anything. Couturier should be sent to juniors before the next game so he isn’t brought down by fourth-line minutes while playing with Shelley and Talbot, but you know Homer won’t do it. If they sent Couturier to juniors and waived Shelley, they’d have plenty of room, but since the front office is so dead-set on having a fighter on the team and having a rookie for the sake of having a rookie, the Flyers won’t make any kind of move.

  7. I hope your Wrong Tommy, Keeping Couturier is tempting but it’s not the right thing to do this year, hopefully homer realizes that. I think they can get some pk help from the phantoms, i hate seeing Giroux out there killing penalties, the wear down factor and the increased chance of injury scares the shit outta me.

  8. Bryz will be fine down the road I feel, but that doesn’t mean Bob shouldn’t get the majority of the starts over the next 5+ games…

  9. Kyle- we need Bryz to steal games in the playoffs, not October. There is no Patrick Roy or prime-of-his-career Marty Brodeur. Those goalies just aren’t out there anymore. So you have to bet on a goalie with top-tier talent (Bryz has that) and hope that his hot, shutdown streak (which most very good goalies get at least once a year) occurs toward the end of the season/playoffs. I don’t want him playing his best in October- it makes it all the more likely he WON’T be at his best in April, May and June.

  10. JT- sort of agree. But I’m fairly certain a goalie can play really well in October and spring. Perhaps steal a game is the wrong phrasing, but he’s been average at best. That’s disappoint, so far.

  11. Clearly none of you have played goalie…I am a goalie and will defend Bryz. Bryz is a solid goalie. Should we blame him for the first goal (screen and turnover), the second goal (cluster f**k in front of the net where no D man wanted to knock anyone down), the third goal (Carle blocks a shot onto a MTL stick), the fourth goal (Walker trying to catch a puck and then 2 canadiens standing alone allowed to whack a puck home) how about the last goal (Briere turns it over, puck goes deep, camalleri standing alone infront)…
    Your goalie should steal a game every once in a while…but last night NO GOALIE could have won that game for the Flyers. It was awful. The sad thing was the flyers had so many chances early to burry them 2-3-4 to nothing and they didnt (simmonds open net, giroux side of net, JVR breakaway, etc)
    Bryz is going to take crap all season because hes not a flashy goalie. He doesn’w whip his glove or dive over to stop a shot. He is solid, he is upright, he plays the angles and makes everything look easy. He made and has been making saves all season that have been great saves but because he makes them look so simple your typical hockey fan would not understand how nice the save really was. Its a shame too, how much longer till the Philly media starts yet another goalie controversy in Philly?
    It was a awful team game. Expect more if it this season too. Its a young team with growing pains. Some nights they will look unbeatable and others they will drop a deuce like last night…

  12. You mean the “Frog Pussies” took it to them. BTW Max Pacioretty is from the US (CT).
    “And, yes, Bryz wore the fucking tiger mask last night. Quite frankly, I don’t care if he wears a Muslim hijab on his head during games… as long as he, you know, stops the puck.”
    What a fuckin flipper-flopper you are, Mama’s Boyo.
    Good Michael Farber (SI) article on Bryzzy:
    I think Bobs should go in tonite even if the 5 in front of him are fluxxed with Schenn and Pronger out and Rinaldo and Gusssstafffffssssson (let’s just call him Gusty for short) up from the Phantoms. And I wonder if Cooter will be in the game or shipped back down…

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