This Guy Loves Our New Cheap Ticket Thing

Yes, this is a plug. But here’s an email I received from reader Ryan:

Score Big is awesome. My friends and I have ordered at least 10 sets of Flyers tickets. Although we'd like a refund for last night's loss… Great tip though. Thanks! I hope they stay like this [no fees] and don't go the way of stubhub and charge out the ass with fees and "taxes". 


What he’s talking about is this. It’s our new ticket partner, who offers up pseudo last-minute tickets for upcoming games in a way that can only be likened to what Hotwire does for hotels. You choose the game you want to go to, what seating area you’d like to sit in (there are five, ranging from one to five stars), and how much you’re willing to pay. If your deal is accepted (the system will give you clues on how much to bid, like: recently, users have saved up to 50% on seats in these sections), the tickets are yours. They will be somewhere within the chosen sections, which are very clearly defined. 

Right now, there are no more tickets remaining for tomorrow night’s Blues game, but people are saving around 50% on the next three home games, against the Maple Leafs, Jets, and Hurricanes.

Yes, we get a small amount of money for referring you, but – at the very least – it’s well worth checking out if you want to sit in really good seats for less than face value. Click right here to try it out.

Now, back to regularly scheduled snark… just as soon as something happens.


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  1. Just got 2 tickets for next Saturday’s game. Section 108 Row 26, $60 a piece! Thanks for the awesome heads up!

  2. Do you have any invite codes to give out? I tried to sign up to look at game for next week but it’s closed to new registrations. Linking to a partner site that doesn’t even allow signups and puts you on a wait list doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  3. FYI.. lower level tickets (one of the sites) messed up my order for the phillies playoff game #2, but they ended up fixing it and i got a small upgrade, other then that it was pretty good

  4. It is pretty awesome!! Went to the the LA game last Saturday night with my husband. Sat in $175 seats for $60!!!!

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