Tony La Russa Fined for Game 2 Comments

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Good for him. 

Tony La Russa’s bitching about the strike zone on Sunday night got him a “four-figure” fine from Major League baseball, according to a source of

Major League Baseball's vice-president for on-field operations Joe Torre spoke with La Russa Monday and notified him of the fine, according to a source familiar with the situation. La Russa declined comment Monday regarding any recrimination for his alleging that plate umpire Jerry Meals was employing different strike zones for starting pitchers Chris Carpenter and Cliff Lee during Sunday's Game 2.

Speaking from the team's dugout during the game, La Russa told TBS, "I would add — which could get me in trouble, but I'm going to add anyway — is that we are pitching to two different strike zones."


Is it 5 yet? Somewhere. Somewhere it’s 5 o’clock.


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  1. It’s funny that he said that about Sunday’s game, but he was right, there were 2 different strikezones… Lee was getting squeezed all night long (eventhough he wasn’t exactly hitting his spots), and Carpenter had such a wide strikezone to work with you could have thrown a bowling ball and it would have been called a strike.

  2. Early on lee was getting just about anything called strike, while Carpenter was getting squeezed a bit..and somehow we still lost..weird huh?

  3. This is ridiculous! I thought that if you argue balls and strikes that you are immediately ejected from the game? you cant question an umpires authority during a private conversation heard by maybe 20 people, but you can go on national tv in front of millions and belittle the strike zone of the HP umpire? Hmmmmm too funny. Joe Torre(whose nose looks like a ballsack) should have had him ejected after hearing that shit. Then maybe Tony Larussa doesnt do 19 double switches and steal the game. Phillie fan POV aside, what really pisses me off is that LaRussa KNEW what he said is wrong, and he fucking said it anyway, i would understand it a little more if it was a rant and he was “in the heat of the moment”, that would be more excusable. But to sit there and carefully select your words and understand the consequences they would carry, and then to say it anyway! thats a slap in the face! and all he gets is a fine under 10k! GOD DAMN HORSE SHIT! no matter, time for Cole to rally the troops! COME ON BOYYYYYYYS! LETTTTTTTTTSSSS GOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  4. Is it 5 yet? Somewhere. Somewhere it’s 5 o’clock
    This has been the slowest workday in the history of work. LET’S GO PHILS.

  5. Adam – you sound ridiculous, get over it. The phillies lost because they play poor, not becuase of what Tony said.

  6. Harry get realistic its a domino effect more that porr playing poor umpiring and Joe Torre SUCKS just like JOE BUCK

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