Victorino on Squirrel

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14 Responses

  1. Why the hell would those people try to grab at the squirrel? What in the world were they going to do once they caught it? It would fuck your hand up six ways from Sunday.

  2. nightscape94: It’s the midwest… that’s their dinner running around out there.

  3. amazing all season long, MLB restricting the right for you to embed on 95% of their videos, but they let you do it with a video of a squirrel running rampant.

  4. “victorino is fascinated by beings with superior intellect.”
    I Guess then he’s not interested in you—yet another funniless imposter poster.
    And I say that squirrel got thrown onto the field by some doosh redbird bog-hick—probably at J-Roll™—just like the bananer at Simmonds… And they say Phillies fans are the worst.

  5. they shoulda tasered the squrrel.
    also, i’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate iron balls mcginty on getting name-dropped on the colbert report last week

  6. What I’m pissed about were those crazy shadows. I mean sure I was hitting the ball, but that was by accident, and sure it is our home field and maybe we should be more accustomed to it than the Phillies were, but the shadows were only there when my team was at bat, and its the reason why we lost.

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