Video: Fight in Subway After Flyers Game Last Thursday

According to the YouTube description, this guy kicked someone in the subway following the Flyers game against Winnipeg last Thursday… He wound up in a trash can.

What makes this video, however, is the cell phone with Mario Bros. text alerts. They were almost timed with whitey here getting deposited into the metal trash receptacle. Almost.

via The School Philly


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  1. The thing that is exactly wrong with the population “in general these days” is that 8 people were watching the fight happen and recording it and it took some slender guy to break it up. Yep, people are wonderful.

  2. The problem with this video is that they wrote “Flyers 8-9 loss”. Did the Phillies lose the NLDS 2-3 to the Cardinals? Cowboys dropped last night’s game 7-34 to the Birds.

  3. Black dude was a lot nicer than i woulda been after some drunk doughy sloppy retard spat in my face. He showed alot of restraint, good man. Hey 20 some and 30 some year old dudes, this is why you need to pull your pants up and put on a belt because yes, shit like this can happen. This cat is lucky he didn’t get stabbed and get his girlfriend bitch-slapped and or raped.

  4. LAME. I thought the dude was literally gonna end up in the trash can. Come on Kyle your better than this crap! HA!
    @ Deej – “That blonde cunt is exactly what’s wrong with the female population in general these days.”
    Couldn’t agree more.

  5. Mike F – to answer ur question about the scores — YES. The cowboys did in fact lose 7-34, & the eagles won 34-7. You’re a moron

  6. “Hey man, last time i saw you, we locked you in that dumpster….. well i got out!”

  7. he’s about to throw him in a trash can..OH My GOD!!!
    I was actually hoping Natural Born Killaz was gonna start blaring and New Jack would bust in and beat the crap out of everyone.

  8. I think it’s safe to say the BIGGEST douchebags in this video are dudes filming and comentating…losers

  9. Mike F, are you serious? only amateurs put the low score first. Dallas lost 34-7. At the same time, the eagles won 34-7

  10. This post is pointless. The Mario Brother’s text was not even close to lining up with him in the trash can. I wish I could get those 2 1/2 minutes back….

  11. don’t you always read the home team score last? dallas @ philadelphia, the score reads respectively, 7-34. winnipeg @ phila, 9-8 final score.

  12. For you j-bags criticizing my comment, I’m clearly sarcastically mocking the creator of the video who put the losing score first (i.e. 8-9). That was my point…Flyers lost 9-8 (not 8-9), Dallas lost 34-7, etc. You’re probably the kind of bros who yell “SHOOT IT” during Flyers power plays.

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