Video: Matt Read Deposits Matt D’Agostini Into the Bench

:20 second mark.

In case you missed this. Thanks to Iron Balls in the comments for the link.


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  1. Who cares about the Cowboys. They’ve been irrelevant for years. Why give them the credit of your attention? The Eagles biggest rival of the last decade is the Giants.

  2. @BobbyD, lets not forget the long standing rivalry with clock management and play selection.

  3. Hahahah you’re welcome, but it was D’Agostini who got the last laugh by being the one who scored the Blues final goal, the one where neither Bryzzy or Coburn played the puck:,2,100&event=PHI703
    FYI Jonas Gustavsson should get the start in goal tonite since James Reimer got hurt by The Smurfs the other nite:

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