Video: Zac Rinaldo Blows Up Drew Doughty

Your full Mike Richards spitting in Paul Holmgren's eye recap coming shortly.


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  1. “Your full Mike Richards spitting in Paul Holmgren’s eye recap coming shortly.”
    Bullshyte! That game coulda went either way. Just a hard-luck penalty into OT that gave them the loss. Even me drunken great-great-grand-nephew KS McGinty coulda gotten the assist that Richards had on that OTS goal.
    And I’m sure Bryzzie also wants that LA #2 goal back. Looks like him and Jagr were getting ready to make out in the creese.
    Other than that, the game was a good even match. Despite some loss, I’ve seen some improovments, especially with getting the puck out of their zone at even strength. Apart from a few brief times, the Kings didn’t mount much of an offense. It was the penalties that dominated the game for both teams.
    So spare us any more your “Wah! Homer was a meanie because he traded me dearest Richie” blathering. You sound like a fucked up broken record already, boy.

  2. IBG, don’t you have any friends that will at least pretend you’re funny to make you feel better about yourself? Jesus Christ, just kill yourself if posting on a sports blog as some stupid persona is the highlight of your day. Fucking annoying asshole.

  3. Krikey, IBeeGoinAway. With that crazy rant of yours, YOU must not have any friends, or much of a life yourself.
    Aye, in my life, friends and loved ones (and sometimes family) may come and go, but after reading your vile dietribe I will always feel better about myself.
    And that makes me a much better person than you could ever hope to be hahahahahahahahahah.
    PS: I have many “highlites” of my day. This blog, while entertaining, is not up there with them (sorry Laddie).

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