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Here’s the short version:

A year ago, Vince Young (the real one) landed himself in some legal trouble when he got into an altercation with a manager at a Dallas strip club. Allegedly, the man, Creiton Kinchen, flashed Young an upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns sign, something that pissed off the former Texas star.

But there's more.

Today, the man’s lawyer, wrote the following in a lawsuit filed at the Dallas County courthouse: [Dallas Observer]

Creiton was working minding his own business in the "cage" area dealing with an employee on credit card issues, when suddenly and without provocation, an intoxicated Vince Young began cursing and making derogatory remarks to Creiton because Creiton refused to sell Vince Young $8,000 (Eight thousand dollars) in $1.00 (One dollar denominations) using Vince Young's credit card. It was Vince Young intention to use the $1.00 bills to tip and throw money at the dancers who would entertain him and his party that evening.


8,000 individual paper missiles to hurl at the taints Texas beauties. This is Vince Young’s life.

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