Welcome to the Jaromir Jagr Hockey School

Jagr_flyersThanks to (@DLF1021) for the pic, which was not taken in the middle of the night

Classes start around 11 PM at the Flyers' practice facility in Dry Island Voorhees, N.J.


There’s a tremendous article on Yahoo! (!!!) Sports today about Jaromir Jagr, his work ethic, and influence on teammates. The most interesting part? The Flyers organization has given Jagr a key to the SkateZone so he can work out on his own… late in the evenings:

If they want, his teammates can come, too. Flyers winger Jody Shelley said they have a standing invitation.

“He calls it the ‘Jagr Hockey School,’ ” said Shelley, who has attended some night classes and makes them sound like a graduate course taught by a famous professor. “It’s just extra work, just extra stuff. He just has input on anyone’s game if they’re open for any ideas. He’s just got a lot of things to tell me and talk about. It would have been nice to meet him 20 years ago.”


Jeez, why do I get the sense that Mike Richards wasn't holding late-night self-betterment sessions?

Shelley (of all people) went on to say that Jagr’s presence is beneficial for "every… single… one… of us," indicating that 68 offers his advice to anyone willing to listen.

Enrollment is free and there is a standing invitation to all members of the team to show up for the Jagr Hockey School, presumably so they can learn to have Moves Like Jagr. Claude Giroux hasn’t attended yet, but he will, even though he said Jagr goes “pretty late.” 

Chris Pronger told Nicholas Cotsonika of Yahoo! (!!!) that Jagr called him before signing with the Flyers to ask about the Richards and Carter trades, along with the state of the team. Jagr, who was playing in Russia, hadn’t been paying too much attention to the NHL.

So far, Jagr has impressed teammates. Max Talbot:

“He’s the strongest guy in the league on the puck – by far,” said Flyers center Max Talbot, who used to face Jagr as an opponent and doesn’t like to face him in practice now. “I don’t want to hurt myself. He’s that strong.”


Apparently, Jagr also held his late-night workouts while with the Penguins, Rangers, and Capitals, but he always tried to keep them low-key. When asked why a future Hall of Famer would work out on his own late at night, Jagr replied: “Because the ice is free.”

Awesome read on Yahoo!.

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22 Responses

  1. @AR, I was just typing the same thing, here is a guy that i grew up hating! but am slowly starting to love him wearing the orange and black

  2. Dear Jaromir Jagr,
    The entire city of Philadelphia would love to have your babies. That is all.
    Small Balls
    BTW- Kyle you’re a pus and maybe try doing some of your own research for once instead of copying everyone else’s.

  3. Kyle, thanks for pointing this out, great article, Shelley summed it up best “he’s not who i thought he was”. Lavs has to do the right thing here and be smart with this guys minutes. By the way, anybody else notice Hartnell had some extra jump last night? Maybe somebody told him “why don’t you earn the minutes your getting first?” definitely a different team and a different vibe.

  4. “Jeez, why do I get the sense that Mike Richards wasn’t holding late-night self-betterment sessions?”
    Actually he did quite frequently. It was all about feeding tube steak to puck bunnies after getting them drunk though. Unlike Bunny Rabbits “Puck Bunnies” love meat.

  5. @F A C E,
    This is exactly why you hated him. He was THAT good. Actually I was expecting an older, injury prone, Jagr look alike. I’m very happy about being wrong. Let’s hope his age doesn’t equal getting hurt more often.

  6. It’s clear that the leadership problems and locker room divisions that existed over the last few seasons have been purged: Upshall, Lupul, Carcillo, Richards, and Carter, to name a few – talented young guys held back by their unearned senses of entitlement and chips on their shoulders. With Hartnell’s declining ice time as writing on the wall, I would expect him to be gone soon, too.

  7. Mike Richards WAS holding late-night self-betterment sessions….they were in Old City.
    At the local watering hole.
    With all the college beavers.
    And then they went for private instruction in his penthouse apartment.

  8. I do have photos from that day that don’t look like Jagr was skating in romantic mood lighting. Though I must say there’s something about low lighting that makes his flowing locks all the more dramatic.

  9. @ Johnny- you’re absolutely right…i definitely didn’t hate him because he sucked. he used to kill the flyers.

  10. Heard about this a couple nights ago, maybe on DNL or a post game show- my initial thought was that, for an older player, one might think rest would benefit his legs more than late night puck handling, but I guess its no big deal if it’s not too often. I did notice that there’s nobody in net?!? I’d gladly show up with my old Mylec pads and let then ring wrist shots off my shoulders and ribs, if it’ll help the team.

  11. “The most interesting part? The Flyers organization has given Jagr a key to the SkateZone so he can work out on his own.”
    Come on, Laddie! Where have you been? Jackson-Coates-Jones-Clement have reminding us of this since the season opener.
    Another interesting trivia? Jágr’s number celebrates the year of the Prague Spring (1968), when the then country of Czechoslovakia tried to break away from Soviet rule.
    Have you ever been to the (now) Czech Republic, particulerly Prague, Laddie? It’s a beautiful city, one of the nicest in Europe despite the smudge of the Soviet era. And the Five-Petalled Rose Festival in historic Český Krumlov. That place is a real Bohemian Rhapsody.

  12. If anyone listens to the Preston and Steve Show on WMMR, they interviewed Jagr a week or two ago and they asked him about his late night ice workouts. In the middle of listening to the interview I dropped my skepticism about him and became aJagr believer. It was a fantastic interview and perspective on the once Flyer killer.

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