Well, Shane is Ready


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  1. If there one pitcher in baseball you could hand pick to start a win or go home game for your team, who would it be?
    Hint: He’s on the mound for the Phillies tonight.

  2. Phils fans will pull a Vancouver Canucks & riot tonight after they lose. Phils bats are cold & Chris Carp will bring it tonight.

  3. Kyle Scott is such a loser. He never writes anything, just reposts shit. A freaking monkey could be trained to do that!

  4. Ninja go troll somewhere else.
    I’m feeling awesome about tonight’s game!

  5. Ninja, obviously you don’t read Kyle’s blog on a regular basis, especially morning wood which is always awesome

  6. The Phils will win tonight, no worries. 6-3 final. the 3 runs for the Cards will be a late inning futile attempt at a comeback.

  7. Andrea
    i know your a chick (i hope) and i know your kind doesnt take well to these types of things.
    BUUUUT, its called humor

  8. I can see it now- tight game, Doc is at 120 pitches in the 7th, Charlie comes out to the mound, Doc then “talk to the hand” at Charlie, goes on to finish the game. He’s got 160 pitches in his right arm tonight, if that’s what it takes. Or, he may put on a 100 pitch clinic tonight. Phils win, Phils win!

  9. Yankees are out. Let’s watch tonight as Doc’s strike zone expands two inches on either side of the plate. NO WAY the Phils lose tonight!

  10. I’m with “El Wingador” – just ignore Ninja. He’s trolling on here just to try and stir stuff up. I don’t understand people who do that, and think it’s a shame that they spend more energy hating other teams than they do cheering their on.
    Be better than that fellow Crossing Broad readers!! Focus on the Fightins! Let’s Go Phillies!!!

  11. Any dang varmint—that includes squirrles (tree rats), gophers (dirt rats), cardinals (feathered rats), and even “ninjas” (shit rats)—that shows up at CBP tonite and I say we give em the Carl Spackler treatment:

  12. @mph about verlander, umm no because halladay has better playoff experience. ie – no hitter in nlds last year if you might remember.

  13. @ninja stop it with that shit or I’m going to hunt you down and skull fuck the shit out of you
    10 Hours Til Shit…Gets…PHILTHY

  14. I’m nervous as hell…think there will be riots in Philly tonight if they don’t win?
    Also, this could be the last time we see Jimmy in a Phils uniform.

  15. I’m back bitches! Despite that Little PUSS Kyle Scott trying to censor me and block my posts.
    What a freaking tool!
    How is the game going?
    Shame on you Kyle Pussy Scott!

  16. Good night you little bitches. Enjoy watching the cards win their 11th championship.
    Better luck next year bitches. Suck it!

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