Where’s Scott Hartnell?!

At the Field House with Claude Giroux and two coeds!

Bam! Scott Hartnell– found you!

If these encounters played out anything like their on-ice tendencies, I’d imagine that Giroux ordered two Grey Goose and tonics, evaded the dancing crowd, walked over to his conquest, seamlessly slipped a domestic beer out of her hands like the Grinch stealing candy canes from sleeping Whos and handed her the see-through beverage with a wink and a nod. Stink. Skank. Stunk. Dirty, Claude.

Harts, on the other hand… well, he most likely ordered two Bud Lights, knocked into a couple folks, slipped and inadvertently spilled the beer all over his target, who was so smitten by his puppy dog-like clumsiness and flowing locks that she agreed to hang out for a while. 

Fucking gingers, man. Always finding a way.

Both of the girls are bartenders, and the one on the left is a former Temple dance team member, according to our tipster. 

Well played, guys.

H/T to reader Dave, who says this pic was taken about two weeks ago


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  1. Noooo now Giroux is Hartnell’s Old City bash brother?
    Giroux will be traded next week to Nashville for picks + prospects while Hartnell nudges himself in between Couturier and Briere’s domestic partnership. This man is the devil.
    Hartnell would find a way to get Mother fucking Theresa out for a drink.

  2. ahaha no beers spilled… just a good time at the field house.. as always.. shoutouts to the bartendaaaas!

  3. Wow now these are some amazing looking chicks lol……that you could find in any dump bar…I am so impressed with their great catches. These guys have no standards when it comes to who they take pics with, at least get some hot girls.

  4. Hartnell is f*cking everywhere. Guy never takes a night off from trying to get into some chicks pants

  5. This is hilarious and the descriptions are dead on. Thanks for the great start to Hump Day! Just don’t follow Scotty too much Claude!

  6. plastic cups and backward hats, you stay classy sideshow, oh those foolish canadians looking for the top notch fur in a college bar… aint gonna happen boys. Right now these 2 are screaming “NO!” at thier negative ept tests morons.

  7. Okay lets all get down from our high horses and remember they are kids (Claude, Carts, and Richie were at least, Hartnell not so much). Kids who make me realize I should have stopped hitting the books and hit the ice harder because if Harts can get girls that hot I obviously chose a wrong line of work. Damn Claude. Shes smoking hot. I envy you.

  8. You’d think with all the money they make, these guys would try to drink better beer/alcohol.
    And, to Tom and Alex above, who the fuck are you to talk shit on some random girls you’ve never met? I’ve never met them either, but they seem perfectly attractive and likely share our interest in philly sports. Oh noes! The horror!

  9. lived next to hartnell for the past year. Usually had this insanely hot dark haired women with him and would rarely see him outta town. Guess hes cleaning up strange now with Carts and Richards outta the picture ha. good for him.
    Great depictions of the bar scene Kyle.

  10. For two young athletes with lots of money, they have terrible taste in bars – Field House is horrible.

  11. Well doesn’t seem like they had too much of a problem finding chicks, guess that’s a personal problem…and stop hating on their ‘drink’ choice Kyle made it up as an analogy nowhere in the picture do you see anything you could tell what they were drinking.

  12. Hey Dave, does Kyle Scott go to your job and slap the dick out of your mouth? No? Then move along.

  13. Dave! Didn’t I tell you to go back sucking my dick? Get off this site or I’m firing you!

  14. “Dave! Didn’t I tell you to go back sucking my dick? Get off this site or I’m firing you!”
    Posted by: Dave’s Nuts | October 26, 2011 at 02:14 PM
    Hahahahah, Semanticks!: Nuts don’t have dicks. Nice try, kid.

  15. Rumour has it that still to this day in the parking lot where The Vet once stood, there exists a large underground tank where the real Steve Jeltz kept his supply of Jheri curl oil.

  16. @Defenestrate wheels that is hartnells ex girlfriend. They lived together. He cheated on her and she broke up with him. I live in the building too. She is heartbroken.

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