At the Field House with Claude Giroux and two coeds!

Bam! Scott Hartnell– found you!

If these encounters played out anything like their on-ice tendencies, I’d imagine that Giroux ordered two Grey Goose and tonics, evaded the dancing crowd, walked over to his conquest, seamlessly slipped a domestic beer out of her hands like the Grinch stealing candy canes from sleeping Whos and handed her the see-through beverage with a wink and a nod. Stink. Skank. Stunk. Dirty, Claude.

Harts, on the other hand… well, he most likely ordered two Bud Lights, knocked into a couple folks, slipped and inadvertently spilled the beer all over his target, who was so smitten by his puppy dog-like clumsiness and flowing locks that she agreed to hang out for a while. 

Fucking gingers, man. Always finding a way.

Both of the girls are bartenders, and the one on the left is a former Temple dance team member, according to our tipster. 

Well played, guys.

H/T to reader Dave, who says this pic was taken about two weeks ago