Winter Classic Ticket Pricing is Interesting

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This won’t be news to those of you who are full-season ticket holders, and it won’t apply to those of you who aren't… so basically it’s completely irrelevant.

How’s that for a lede?

The Flyers sent out Winter Classic pricing information to full-season ticket holders last week. While it’s expected that very few (if any) tickets will be available to the general public, here’s an idea of how the market will take shape.

How often do see sporting events where you pay more for upper deck seats? As you’ve probably deduced, sitting down low for a hockey game taking place 100 feet away makes for less than ideal viewing angles. The best seats, according to the pricing plan? Club level, on the first and third base lines.

Pricing for the alumni and Phantoms games is much less. You can view that on the full image here. Of course, you have to buy tickets for those games, too, if you want to to purchase Winter Classic tickets…

We’ll continue to update with any new info and make it our goal to leak the Winter Classic jerseys before they’re unveiled

H/T to our man Mike for the heads up

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8 Responses

  1. NASCAR is the only other sport I’ve heard of where the further away the higher the ticket price.

  2. Hahahahahah glad I’ll be watching it in the warmth of the 33139. I just hope they don’t try to use that moving sky cam like they do for NFL. For faster paced hockey, it’s too retching.

  3. Nobody can confirm or deny what the jerseys will be until they actually come up (through the dugouts) with whatever they’re wearing. I’d be perfectly happy with 1974 editions of the jerseys. Hey, to make it a true “classic” why not also limit both teams to materials and equipment to match the era of the jerseys they’re wearing. All wooden sticks (actually, wood is technickly a composite), real leather skates with all metal blade holders (I still have a pair like those), leather padding stuffed with that thick woolen felt, etc. Even old skool jockcups and the garter belts for the socks and suspenders for the breezers. That’ll make their playing a real classic heheheh.

  4. I sat first base side in Boston about 25 rows up, could not see from the boards to the face-off circles in the zone… It was still a great experience and just have to look at the big screen whenever there was play in the zone near us… Hall of Fame Club will definitely be the best seats in the house in CBP. They could change that with full plexiglass boards, but then they’d lose advertising space

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