World Series Game 6: Rebound Sex

[UPDATE: Of coooourse the heartless souls at MLB are plundering David Freese videos on YouTube today so millions of people can't share and enjoy and watch and talk about how great their sport is]

I enjoyed that.

I know you hate Joe Buck (I don’t), but you need to put that aside for a moment. His call of David Freese’s walk-off home run last night was one of the most perfect you will ever hear. 

We will see you tomorrow night.

I’m just old enough to remember the 1991 call he was channeling: Game 6, Braves-Twins, Kirby Puckett hits a walk-off home run to force a Game 7. Jack Buck, Joe’s father, on the call: And we’ll see you tomorrow night.

20 years and one day since that now famous call, which comes with a league mandate to be featured in every baseball history highlight reel, Joe got a chance to re-imagine his father's call, this time for the hometown Cardinals.

[Buck told Deadspin that the call is "always there"]

Jack and Joe Buck called Cardinals game from 1954 through 2008, when Joe began to focus on just his national television duties (and his awful talk show). As unbiased (or not) as Joe tries to be, make no mistake– he’s a Cardinal guy.

Last night, he was presented with identical set of circumstances that his dad was in 1991: game tied, home team needs a win to force Game 7. Freese, who, like Puckett, took part in some earlier heroics, stepped to the plate and, like Puckett, hit a walk-off home run to center field. This time, Joe made the call… for the team he and his father narrated for over 50 years.

If you don’t find that at least a little bit cool, you don’t have a soul.

Last night’s game was the equivalent of rebound sex for Phillies fans, anyway. We might not really care for either team, and will probably go back to being sad today, but for one night, it was glorious and we were able to move on. Even if it wasn't the same. 

Besides, our ex was whoring out his phone number on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2011-10-28 at 9.54.44 AM

*I have no idea what he was doing, or if that was his real number. But, apparently, some folks actually spoke with him. So… yeah– Shane Victorino gave out his phone number on Twitter. What a weird night.


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  1. Great post; I made sure to actually say that rather than thinking it because I’m sure many will bash you for the whole Joe Buck thing. I also actually don’t mind him either; it seems like people only want to hear when he says something negative about Philly but when he compliments us or says something about the other team people act like it didn’t happen.

  2. From a pure baseball standpoint, all alegences aside, easily the best game I’ve ever seen.
    I used to hate Joe Buck but I loved his call on the DeSean Jackson punt return TD against the Giants last year and have been swayed since. Last night was a great call.
    “…DeSean Jackson…get’s a block…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??”

  3. Joe Buck calls it like it is, and some people simply can’t handle it. Fans need to grow up and get out of the “Everyone Hates Us” stigma. GET OVER IT. Game 6 was nothing like rebound sex, what does that even mean? It was a great, possibly the greatest game 6, or greatest world series game ever played. As a sports fan that’s all it means, so take it for what it actually is. Not every sports story has to be compared to sex or movies. Seriously, people need to get over the Phillies loss and appreciate a game played by teams that do what it takes to win. Instead of watching the Phillies score 5 runs in one inning and then lull us to sleep over the next 8 with consistent pop ups and ground outs, we actually saw a good offensive baseball game. EACH TEAM HAS RUNNERS ON BASE EVERY SINGLE INNING, AND GUESS WHAT? IT MAKES GOOD SHIT HAPPEN FOR YOUR BASEBALL TEAM. Ryan Howard isn’t paid $125M to strike out 200 times a year. 2008, and the game 5 loss is the past, get over it, obviously the players are.

  4. John, all fair points, but you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD:
    “Seriously, people need to get over the Phillies loss and appreciate a game played by teams that do what it takes to win.” Then went on to vent about Phillies.
    Sort of like rebound sex……

  5. Joe Buck is AWFUL
    he is boring
    his jokes are TURRIBLE but that never stops him
    he even turned down Ron Noel
    seriously re-listen to that “great” call .. no emotion. just like his dads over-rated call was.
    Dude blows and makes every sport more boring in the process … has nothing to do with philly sports.
    Beez Nutz

  6. Kyle- I wasn’t venting, I was comparing the ineptitude of the Phillies at the plate with the two teams still playing today. Our offensive players aren’t paid millions to be bailed out by shutdown pitching. That recipe could end up biting you in the ass which it did. In the end, the Phillies lost, that’s something we are pretty used to seeing. I got over it the next day because there is nothing else I can do except sulk about it.
    Agree to disagree….

  7. I wish the Phillies played the way the Cardinals do. I’ve never seen a team come back as much as they do. Takes alot of heart, something that seemed to be lacking with us at times. They are literally never out of any game. Props.
    Jimbo…..tryna fuck?

  8. they say that about every team thats in the championship, “this team never gives up.” they said that about the phils when they won. they said that about the giants last year. so everyone saying theyve never seen a team with as much heart, you can say that about almost every team in the championship round of every sport

  9. John- I thought the all caps constituted venting? Yeah, we’ll just differ on this one. Just messing around.

  10. @blonders….are you serious? That is EXACTLY how the Phillies used to play. Up until recently they were NEVER out of a game. No matter how many runs they were down they found ways to come back. They’ve just gotten old and some of the Phils clutch hitters have regressed.
    Also the greatest World Series Game every played was Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. 0-0 into the 10th. Morris and Smoltz mowing everyone down.
    Don’t get me wrong, last night was an amazing game, but it was also very sloppy, with both teams giving up outs, and both managers making very questionable decisions. Regardless of all that tho, the Cardinals refusal to give up was amazing.

  11. Remember back in 07 through 09 when the Phillies ACTUALLY played like that, when they had the magic? As much as I hate the fucking Cardinals and how repulsed by baseball I am right now, theres no denying what a great game that was. I think the most important thing for the Phillies in the offseason is trying to find a mix of players/coaches that somehow re-ignites that magic that the Cardinals have, and make it last! We can have the best team in the league all we want, and play as well during the regular season as we want, but it won’t mean dick if our offense decides to fall off the face of the fuckin planet. As the last 4 years have shown, for good and bad, that magic makes or breaks a team in the post season and we NEED to get it back.

  12. No doubt the Phillies of 08 were comeback kids. My point was that nothing of this magnitude. And I would have loved to see this years team play that way, that’s all. To back my point about the significance of last night, From Jayson Stark- “They should say they were a part of the first World Series game ever played in which any team trailed five times — and still came back to win.
    They should say they were a part of the first World Series game ever in which a team found itself losing in the ninth inning and extra innings — yet still found a way to win.
    They should say they were a part of the first World Series game in history in which a team got down to its final strike, its final breath, twice — once in the ninth inning, once in the 10th inning — and somehow won.”

  13. Game 6 1991 made me a baseball fan for life. Didn’t have a problem with joe making the same call. It was a tribute you numbskulls.

  14. Just in time for trick or treat, Joe Buck is starting to look like his dad… a rotting zombie broadcaster, spooky.

  15. Did anyone notice Lance Berkman toward the end of the clip giving the home plate ump a friendly slap on the upper arm as if to say “Atta boy, friend!”?

  16. Errors or sloppy play, and questionable managerial moves are a part of the game. Call it bad, call it good. Anyone can sit in front of the tv and dwell on the sloppy plays and errors and have a case for how it was bad baseball. Bottom line, we watched it, we were entertained. It’s the world series, so watch it and appreciate it for what it is.

  17. blonders doesn’t actually watch baseball, she’s just looking for someone “tryna fuck”. classy.

  18. I turned on my first baseball since game 5 in the 10th inning last night. I am probably one of the few, but I couldnt even enjoy it. Just kept sitting there thinking that should be us. Plus I had tickets last night…

  19. I went to sleep so didn’t see Buck’s “call for the ages.” Is it just me or is Freese being gang-raped at the plate?

  20. And to the imposter poster who’s posting with my name (The same pimply-faced adolessant who’s poster under “Chris Pronger is a fag”, “Jimbo Thompson”, and probably as “Ron Noel”, who apparently will fuck anybody but is probably still a virgin), nice try, but it ain’t going to fly.
    It’s only me if my name is linked to my Typepad account:
    There you can see my posting activity. If it ain’t there, I didn’t post it.
    So give up this lame-arsed pussy move and be a real man and post as yourself. Ya wankering pussies.

  21. Interesting how everyone is saying they wish the Phillies still played like that… I recall hearing the announcers saying, “They just never give up. The Phillies just keep coming at you” during the NLDS. True or not, it was said. More than once. (Probably not during game 5, though.)

  22. Hello Bitches!
    Boy have I missed you. Anyone watch baseball tonight? I hope you all die while sucking on your own nut.
    Cards win! Cards win!
    Hey Iron Balls, you suck! Cards win!
    Joe Buck rocks as did his dad. You just suck so much you can’t understand him.

  23. Wasn’t it great to watch a team not over hyped take it all in the clutch.Isn’t that what you want from a great sporting event.

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