Your Afternoon Roundup: $50 Amazon Gift Card Winner, Victorino Not a Fan, Vagina Cakes, and More

This girl wanted Mike Richards to marry her. He winked and nodded, apparently, but we don't believe that's legally binding. She sent us the picture. So, um, yeah.

– Shane Victorino, not a fan of CB

Screen Shot 2011-10-17 at 5.45.22 PM

Unfortunately, many of the Google Image results for slappy return this guy:

Screen Shot 2011-10-17 at 5.46.25 PM

As if I didn’t hate squirrels enough.

– We have a winner! Congrats to Glyn Richards for his guess of – right on the head – 422 total yards for the Eagles. He's the winner of this week's Six Pack. Email in your inbox, Glyn. You have a $50 Amazon gift card coming your way.

– Donovan McNabb prepared for yesterday’s boner by taking in a Lingerie Football League match on Friday.

– This is horrible: Dan Wheldon and his wife had each other's initials tattooed on their wrists the night before he died.

– The Sixers sale has been completed for the fifth time in three weeks.

– And finally, two girls left Tony La Russa a vagina cake in his hotel suite. 

Screen Shot 2011-10-17 at 5.49.46 PM


That’s all, folks. Slappy out. 

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61 Responses

  1. Ugh, I was at the Flyers game on Saturday, and there was some annoying Mike Richards fangirl sitting behind us, screaming “LET’S GO RICHIE” and wearing a Richards Kings jersey. It was not pretty.

  2. You’re probably going to whore this around on all your fake Phillies Facebook pages to get views, and it’s about you not liking their teammates personality! Irony!

  3. All gay twitter shit aside, shaner was the only 1 in the phils lineup u could trust in the post season.

  4. i dig this flyers gal she is cute and has that whorish look in her eye which is always a huge plus i shoot one though the five hole…sound the horn lou great work kyle

  5. Way to interact with your fans Shane, why not just embrace it? What has him so pissed though, I don’t really remember you (Kyle) coming at Shane during the season? I think his charity thing where he cried was actually posted on here.
    Shane is no Asante “Tough M’fer” Samuel.

  6. It’s a tough position to be in as a pro athlete. I definitely haven’t watched any baseball (and won’t) until Spring Training 2012, but we all must move on. I doubt any of us actually expected any player to pout (like us) after 24 hours. All we can do is hope this failure of a season drives each of them to make the necessary changes to (try to) prevent this from happening next year. I hope Shane takes a few weeks off, clears his mind and goes bananas with his off season workouts.
    In the end, at least he was rooting for the Brewers.

  7. Phillies were the biggest letdown in all of baseball.
    Shane needs to take the criticism like a man. Keep up the good work Kyle

  8. He’s pissed about your tweets about his nonsensical BS? Don’t use twitter if you don’t want to see people’s opinions of you! That’s the whole thing!
    Keep it up Slappy!

  9. Definitely a Delco chick. She’s got that “I fuck every dude I meet” look in a classy kind of way.

  10. No ya didn’t JT, good try though. That girls been with her boyfriend for like ten years, went to Penncrest with her too, Getzy89. And Ryan Howards fiancé Krystal went to our high school too. They’re both freaking hotties. I’d do them both, possibly at the same time. #MediaPride is right Getzty89!

  11. “He’s pissed at my comments about his Tweeting.”
    Yeah because you are trying to say he doesn’t deserve to have a personal life. Get over it. Act like a fucking adult. I was just as distraught as anybody about this loss but you have to move on, and so do the players. Oh, and he likes the Cowboys, who gives a shit? He is from Hawaii, not Philly, he doesn’t have to be a fucking Eagles fan to be an athlete in Philadelphia. Stop trying to make something out of nothing to get attention for yourself.

  12. Oh my god! Ha! I know that girl at the top of this page and she’s a really cool ass person, I’m definitely not surprised she would do something like that, make a sign and stuff, she is so funny! She’s beautiful inside & out and I think it’s gross the way some of you are talking about wanting to ‘f*ck her’ and claiming to have ‘been with her two summers ago.’ Like someone said, she has a boyfriend for quite some time now who I think was at the game with her that night. Some of you guys are just flat out raunchy. Anyway She’s honestly one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever known and has an awesome sense of humor! That pic rocks!! Nice job putting it up on here Kyle!! big fan of your site. – MM

  13. Ha! These comments are ridiculously hilarious! Cool Ethan, was there mustard squirted all over that hot dog she was scarfing down at WaWa? Adda boys!

  14. the same thing with the Roenick comments dude. Not trying to be an arse or anything but this is why editors come in handy. Need to provide a different vantage point from which to interpret your posts etc. Honestly who gives a shit what victorino is tweeting. the season is over. dude is allowed to root for another team so long as we’re out – especially the underdog. but for real. no need to spark beef with philly athletes over some bullshit. dont you want to be in the good graces of the likes of roenick and victo? not necessarily the press’ job to be in the good graces, but then again you’re not the press so to speak. i dont know, food for thought i guess. hate to see you beefing with victo and roenick though. because if they knew your intentions they would never be pissed off etc. but your intentions didnt really come through clearly.

  15. Seriously, fuck everybody who says “shane needs to take the criticism like a man”. news flash people, he had 2 of the phillies 3 hits in Game 5. If anything, he was one of the only reliable hitters for the team in the NLDS this year. Those of you who don’t recognize this are the same dumb fucks who jumped on the bandwagon in October of 2008.

  16. Chickie’s not particularly attractive, she needs to add some body to her hair and remove some hair from her body. Victo has to be back in Mid February for spring training so for the next 4 months he can do, say, eat, drink fuck anything or anybody he wants, dude gets 4 months off a year. Also, at the time he grew up most of the players who went to the pro bowl in hawaii were cowboys, who knows, with his dad’s political connections maybe his family met some of them? Also, i’m sure that they mostly had the 4pm cowboy games broadcast out there so it’s hard to blame him for his bad taste in football teams, it was spoon fed to the poor boy. BTW – There are no squirells in hawaii Kyle, you should visit.

  17. Let it be known that while I said I would eat her vagina cake, I did NOT claim to be with her two years ago. That’s an impersonating J.T. who can’t even use periods. Fuckface!
    Although, I could claim it. It would probably go something like this:
    “That girl is one piece of Ase. I know from experience, if you know what I mean.”
    “Well, not me personally, but a guy I know, him and her got it on… Woooo Weeeee.”
    “No, no they didn’t. But you can imagine what it’d be like if they did.”

  18. that girls facejob looks good, but if she wants to hide her true age, she should have had the sagging skin on her elbows lifted. that is one giveaway to a true gals age.

  19. “that girls facejob looks good, but if she wants to hide her true age, she should have had the sagging skin on her elbows lifted. that is one giveaway to a true gals age.”
    Posted by: what? | October 18, 2011 at 10:44 AM
    Aye, it’s not attractive; they look like they belong on an octagenerian’s arms…
    But “Truth” (thanks, Laddie):
    It’s really a combo result of her sleeves being hiked up and the fact that her elbow joint flexes more than 180 degree’s. It always fastenates me when a girl could do that kind of flexing with her arms. Makes me wonder what else she can flex like that. Ya know what I mean, Boyo? Nudge, nudge?:

    [Moose Knuckles McGee, Except for the hair (I lost all me follickles in that industrial accident), I wonder if there’s a relation hahahahahahahah]

  20. Ron Jeremy, Im running to CVS rrrrrrright now to get Pantene Pro V’s extra body conditioner, thanks so much for the tip! In terms of removing hair, there’s none to remove but again, thanks for the tip, I’ll take that into consideration when my hirsutism kicks in. Thanks ‘what?’ but my arms were bent oddly, and of course thats hideous, it’s the first thing I noticed after the pic was taken, yet I’m 29, thank you 🙂 Hunter, I feel for ya if you go to Wildwood in the summer, buddy! I take offense to the fact that you say I look like every chick you’ve ever hooked up with in Wildwood, considering I don’t wear hoochie clothes, smoke Newports and rock over sized gold hoop earrings. (Most of Wildwood) To everyone else…I have no idea whether to thank you for the ‘compliments’ or run straight or the hills. Stay classy, Philly! GO FLYERS!

  21. I’d rather eat the vagina cake, but i like your attitude and your body is rockin! Can i cast you in my next snuff film?

  22. that poor chick should have never sent that pic in. BTW should would look better with fake cans

  23. I didn’t send the damn pic in, my girlfriend did, Kyle wrote that I did but my friends the one that emailed him. Is Haterade on sale today? Ron Jeremy, sure why not. You sound like a ball of fun!

  24. I think i’m in love Ducky, can i buy you a car? Seriously, everybody’s pulling your ponytail cause they think you’re cute.

  25. Fighting online is like racing in the Special Olympics; Even if you win, you’re still retarded… don’t forget it

  26. I would give that dumb friend who sent that in the business. Idiot should know anything with a comment board will be mostly negative/untrue.

  27. Ahh, I can take it. It’s all in good fun. Corky, love it. I miss watching you on TV. You always made me feel smarter than I really was, and for that my dear friend, I thank you. Ron Jeremy, you’re too kind. Love, Ducky

  28. “go spend more time learning 1st grade english…”
    Posted by: fastenates | October 18, 2011 at 01:19 PM
    WTF’s “1st grade” mean?
    Aye, I may be a reform skool flunkie, and I may skip the dickshunairy for the sake of saving time cause I have important things to do besides comment here (if you don’t like it, STFU), but I know enough that English should always be capitallized, moron. I bet you’re that failure of a teacher who was trying to teach me wrong the other day:
    Remember what I told you then, and still applies now?:

  29. “Ritchie doesn’t do duck face lady”
    Posted by: bobHALO | October 18, 2011 at 02:50 PM
    Who the fuck’s “Ritchie”? “Go spend more time learning 1st grade [E]nglish.” (With a fucking capital ‘E’!)
    His name’s not “Mike Ritchards” so:
    “Richie”, R-i-c-h-i-e: Richie

  30. That fake Flyers “fan” who proposed to Richards should get a life. What ever happened to rooting for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back?
    Honey, if you love Richards that much, then move to LA. Flyers Nation won’t miss you. At all.

  31. Shes a disgrace of a flyers fan for rooting for Richards over the flyers. That being said I would still lick her vagina

  32. She’s a Flyers fan dudes. it’s pretty clear.

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