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Eagles: It’s the coach. He brought together an extremely heralded group of stars and they’ve started 1-4. Whether they are partly to blame (they are) or not, there’s no denying that the Eagles have talent on par with the best teams in the league. Unfortunately, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. 

For too many years now, Reid has made the same dumb mistakes and shown an unfathomable failure to correct or learn from them. Unlike Charlie Manuel, who admittedly didn’t know how to pull off a double switch when he got here but has since learned, Reid is like Pavlov’s dog… only if Pavlov’s dog tried to eat the bell and didn’t make the connection between ringing and food. The same stimulus – over and over again – is not producing the intended response (I’m talking about the two minute drill here, folks). The dog quickly figured out that when the bell rang, it was time to eat. Reid, on the other hand, has watched the clock tick down for years and still doesn’t recognize that he’s out of plays when it hits zero, even though he salivates the whole time. Fire him. Please.

Rollins: If the Phillies can lock up Rollins for three years with a fourth-year option (their option), then I’d do it. But signing an aging shortstop to a five-year deal when this team is already over the hill and cascading down the other side… well, that’s just stupid.

I’m tough on J-Roll™, but he’s had a tremendous career here and should be given nothing other than the longest standing ovation in team history when he returns. Still, there’s a time to say goodbye. I think now is that time.

October sadness: The image of Ryan Howard scooting around Whole Foods on a Rascal on a day where most of us expected him to be preparing for an NLCS game is going to go down as one of the most haunting and telling pictures in the fabric of Philly sports. The season began with so much promise (and payroll!) but ended with Howard slumped on the first base line and shopping for organic groceries on an old persons motorized cart. Sickening.

Crossing Broads: KHL ice girls!

Crossing Bros: Girls love Giroux despite the gaping whole between his teeth. JVR, on the other hand, has boyish good looks and beastly skills. Tomato-tohockey player. Guess I’ll go Roo.

Flyers goal song: Many of you have told me that you don’t like the Union’s DOOP song being played at Flyers games. Last year, some of the players (I believe, Briere) requested the song be used at The Well. The Flyers asked the Union and were given permission to use it, which they did beginning in the playoffs.

I like it. I say have all local teams use it. Let the Phillies use it once every three games when they hit a home run and the Eagles play it once a month when they score a touchdown. Synergy! Since you all like those horrible abortion mashups of Phillies, Flyers, and Eagles logos on t-shirts, I see no reason why this wouldn’t work. DOOP.


Today’s Drinker’s challenge: Guess the total number of offensive yards gained for the Eagles on Sunday. Closest wins a $50 gift card to Amazon (our prize from CBS Philly’s Blog Awards, as promised). 

Enter after the jump.


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27 Responses

  1. I’d rather hear the DOOP song than “Fly Eagles Fly”.. I’d probably rather hear something from Kenny G. than “Fly Eagles Fly”.

  2. I like the Flyers playing DOOP for goals. I’m glad they replaced that stupid song used before this.

  3. Claude is a god damn wizard. He wears a long pointy blue hat with stars and shit on it underneath his helmet as he lulls defensemen into a bumbling stupor with magic spells and then makes goalies look like they have downs. I loff heem. He ees goot guy!

  4. Bro Hymn was great and it got everyone riled up even more than they already were after a goal. Doop is just… annoying.
    Ryan, I’d rather hear a bullet ripping through my torso than that damn eagles song.

  5. DOOP is POOP. Pennywise 4 life.
    Also, learn the “Let’s Go Flyers” cadence, kids. We’re not Rangers fans.

  6. Steve K is clearly trolling. That doop crap is beyond obnoxious. Even Song 2 was better than that.
    Hell, go back to no goal song. Anything is better than Doop.

  7. it’s been so long since the eagles scored a td, that i don’t even remember this “fly, eagles, fly” you speak of.

  8. If we are going to get rid of any song, can we get rid of Hot, Hot, Hot after the Flyers fourth goal in a game? I hate it.

  9. Sorry but I think Rock and Roll Part II by Gary Glitter was the best goal song…(The “Hey!” song for those that don’t know it.)..I understand he was arrested for child pornography and I am sure some media outlet out there is just waiting for us to play it again so they can say we love….well you get it…
    DOOP I am on the fence about it. Was against it at first but now I can go either way.

  10. Bro Hymn was SO MUCH BETTER!!! Its so much more epic and suitable for hockey. Its especially more fitting after a really important game winning/tying goal. Hearing some goofy, non-serious techno song with DOOP in it doesn’t contribute to the atmosphere of a goal like that. If I want to yell DOOP after a hockey goal, I’ll goto Boston and yell it right after the stupid Rick Flair “WOOOO”.

  11. Abortion Mash-ups. Nice! I like the DOOP Song. Especially since its at least something Philly first had claim to (in the US anywhay)
    The Ducks were using Bro Hymn for 3 years before the Flyers switched to it. I always felt dirty hearing it.

  12. As a Union and a Flyers fan, I wasn’t big on the Doop song at first but over time it grew on me. Sure, it’s a stupid techno song but at least it’s unique.

  13. Bro Hymn after a goal sounds like a bunch of mindless zombies groaning and gets no one pumped up. Atleast there is a beat to DOOP that gets people clapping and dancing well after the initial goal celebration. But I would have preferred if it remained a Union only thing.

  14. Definitely Doop. Hearing Pennywise mumble and then scream has nothing to do with Philly. At least Doop is Union-generated. Total offensive yards for the Birds – 375. Birds win 24 to 21.

  15. DOOP is awesome…the people hating it are the same ones who are loving how they play Nickelback and Three Days Grace every chance they get. they’re also the same ones who still think this is the 1970s flyers

  16. I said it the other day and I’ll say it again.
    happy weekend

  17. That Broheim song is tired and it’s a sorry reminder of Failure 2010.
    That gay limey Doope song is too silly and more faggoty than the Blackhawks song.
    I say they should use something from the The Pogues (my favourite all-time band), like “Bottle of Smoke” (bad-arse):

    Too dirty? Perhaps “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah”, especially the chorus (which is self explanitory):

    Whatever they use, it’s gotta be something the crowd can sing/scream along ta.

  18. hahahaha, LOL @ the Kenny G. comment!!!
    DOOP, well, its not as cool as Blur’s Song 2. And I don’t get the crossing-over of songs/sports. I see no reason to use the same song all over the place as that will undoubtedly tend to get boring or irritating after a while. Not that I’d complain about hearing any goal-song thirty times a week as I watch Flyers games.
    Whatever song gets used is probably fine provided its not from that asshole Gary Glitter (Rock and Roll Part 2 – heinous – someone please kill it with fire).
    I would prefer they play a song by the Descendents after a goal.

  19. This Carson trade is great news for the team going forward (though it does seal the fate of the Carson Era as grossly mismanaged in the past) but it doesn’t change how infuriating this franchise can be with its volatile decision making.

  20. @Tony “Doop is poop.”
    I couldn’t agree more. I’ll admit that I really liked the Bro Hymn, but I’m not afraid of change. That said, I don’t want the Flyers to share anything with the Union, much less a song better suited to a Baby Einstein dvd than a hockey game.
    How about they keep the goal horn going for a good 30 seconds and add in some air raid sirens towards the end.

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