Your Grandparents’ Phillies Rally Song

When I first clicked on this video from George Graham, I had full intentions of making fun of yet another awkward Phillies rally song. But the more I watched, the more I started to like this guy. He hits some serious notes in the :43 second anthem. In fact, I can picture choppy black and white b-roll of the 1954 squad throwing around baseballs in wool uniforms at spring training. Well done, sir.

Somewhere, Jimmy Rollins thinks Ol’ George didn’t put enough spirit into his song.

Graham’s second, more modern anthem is after the jump.

at the Phillies’ games day and niiiight…


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6 Responses

  1. Awesome stuff here. I haven’t been able to find this anywhere. The first song, not only do I see grainy newsreel images like you mentioned but you can’t help but think the words were “We will phight phor the phillies” or something like that. I have to say though, the second song just sounds like he made that up.

  2. VVV, I’m pretty sure the absolutely horrible practice of replacing every F with a PH is something remotely new, in the Illadelphia-fan era. I may be wrong, but I hope not.

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