Allen Iverson to Lawyer: “Go to Hell”


"I know you lurking. I know you lurking, man. I know you lurking," Iverson said. "How the hell you live with (it)? You've been involved with three suits against me. You know what to do. You got a plan."

Lattimer: "I just go to work every day."

Iverson: "I know, and I'm the one that pay you, and you know it. But not this time jack. … I die before I let you get me this time."

After nearly two hours, Lattimer said he appreciated Iverson sitting for the deposition.

"Go to hell," Iverson said.


Deadspin has the transcript of Iverson's deposition in a $2.5 million lawsuit against him. 


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  1. @Grant Are you an idiot or just new here? Perhaps both? It was posted on Deadspin before 700 or CB so if anything they both “stole” it from them. And believe me, the same number of stories tend to show up over there well after they’re posted on CB so it goes both ways. There’s only so much to write about on a given day in the Philly sports scene, you’d expect to see the same story on both sites. As long as no one did a copy/paste job I don’t see what the problem is.

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