Board of Trustees Wants McQueary Off The Field on Saturday

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The Penn State administration and board continues to fumble the ball.

According to reports, the Board of Trustees has asked that Mike McQueary be kept off the field… but not out of the stadium.

I’m amazed how behind the curve the university has been here. It’s like they’re just reacting to what the public wants. If they knew what the hell they were doing, they’d have the foresight to realize these things ahead of time. 

I have a $100 that says McQueary will eventually be asked to not enter the stadium or get fired. 

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19 Responses

  1. further proving this was not about those kids that got molested this is and was always about getting Joe Pa out

  2. Mcqueary is a spineless douche nozzle who used a child’s misfortune to further his own career. I hate that guy.

  3. McQueary is also the only credible witness in the case. If he just ignored what he saw, Sandusky would likely still not have been charged with anything. Courageous at first and then cowardly in going along with the cover up. But then again he grew up in the PSU bubble and dreamed of being there, so I guess when that’s your outlook within the cocoon, these actions/moral compromises seem reasonable at the time.

  4. McQueary is a p*ssy. For his own safety he should not enter beaver stadium sat.
    – On a personal note- I can’t wait to tailgate saturday, go to the game, maybe get a few lap dances at the end zone club that night & drive back home to philly around 2am

  5. If the Board knew anything, McQueary would be out, too. What don’t they understand about “you need to completely clean house”? And if they get that but just want to be able to run the team till the end of the season till they replace the staff… why the hell fire JoePa?
    This just makes no kinds of sense from any angle. The 45,000 students and 500,000 living alumni deserve better than this from their administration.
    Where’s the Billy Beane/Theo Epstein/Moneyball university administration? Obviously, something needs to change, fresh thinking needs to come in with new ideas for everything with this… rooting out who knew what, and when (then firing them); a nomination process for President then debates between the nominees (it works [sort of] for the US, why not for Penn State); a MAJOR commitment to children’s welfare charities (in addition to the continuing success of THON); a transparent record of ALL illegal activities on campus, damning or not; and convincing, somehow, Urban Meyer that this is still the best place for his next coaching job.

  6. McQueary is a coward for not pushing Sandusky over and taking that kid out of harm’s way. And, then to continually see Sandusky around campus with young boys through the years and not ask why the f*** that pervert wasn’t in jail. I don’t know how he lives with himself.

  7. give em all private rooms and rope
    Sandusky, those two that got indicted with ’em, Jo Pa PSU prez and asst coach Reds
    all 6 – I can’t see how any of the six of these dirtbags can live with themselves
    I’m in my 50s, in 8th grade (on a dare) I smashed an ice cream cone on some kid’s head
    we all laughed
    the kid ran home crying
    I still feel like shit about that – almost 40 years later
    how the hell can any of these guys sleep at night

  8. He needs to be fired yesterday.
    And I’m glad they threw Paterno out with a phone call. That’s more consideration he gave those poor kids.

  9. I will never forget while I was at psu witnessing that red headed pussy mcqueary roughing up his gf in mclanahans. He still got a meatball sub too. I remember because meatball subs were $1 that week.
    That just shows you the type of character that red headed mother fucker has.

  10. McQuery is the leading witness. He can’t coach because he’s in Governor Corbett’s witness protection program now.

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