Thank you, commish, for watering down the Major League Baseball playoffs and Wild-Card race.

According to Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle:

Commissioner Selig confirmed MLB is adding two wild-card teams in 2013. Selig said the additional playoff round likely will be for just one game.


He also wants to get this implemented for the 2012 season, according to Justice.

The two Wild-Card teams will face each other head-to-head in a one game playoff, an occurence that creates even more incentive for teams to win their respective divisions.

Perhaps instead of adding two teams, MLB could lengthen the first round series to a best-of-seven, so a 162-game season isn’t decided by a shortened five-game series (and yes, I felt that way before the Phillies shit in the Cardinals' bed).

Also, the Astros were sold to Jim Crane and will move to the AL West in 2013 (Ed Wade gone?).