UPDATE: Phillies Reach Agreement with Jonathan Papelbon

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Oh my.

Jim Salisbury reports that the Phillies have reached an agreement with Jonathan Papelbon:

The Phils and Papelbon have reached agreement sources tell CSNPhilly.com. Pending physical.


Salisbury says the deal is four-years and approaches $50 million. Jayson Stark says there may be a vesting option for a fifth year… making the total package worth over $60 million. Ugh.

According to Hardball Talk, if the deal is for $50 million or more, it would be the richest ever for a reliever.

The take from Barstool Boston:

Good riddance. I don’t like those guys who talk about how much they love big game pressure, suck in big games and then go celebrate like they won the World Series after blowing the biggest lead in the history of baseball. Let the cleaning house process begin.


Here's all you need to know about Papelbon (after the jump). Somewhere, the Dropkick Murphys just inked a long-term deal to play outside McFadden's.


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  1. I hate this and I’m very angry about it and I want to yell at someone and the Phillies FO are azzholes and I hate Papelbum and I wanted them to keep Madson and Fuck this

  2. hahaha jim you’re silly. Kyle scott I don’t read that shit on csn philly or whatever so please continue reporting on your site

  3. STFU Jim Salisbury. What the hell is he supposed to do, NOT relay the information that he was signed? Douche canoe.
    I look at it like this: Madsen has been very shaky in the closer role, other then last year. He was not proven. Papelbon is younger, and is a proven commodity. If we were to keep Madsen we’d have to pay him a ton of money. If we’re going to spend that much quan on the closer position at least have it be someone who has a proven track record at the position. BOOM!

  4. They’re paying Papelbon MORE?? Who, in their right mind, thinks Papelbon is better than Madson??? Am I the only one who thinks Madson is better?? And the video above doesn’t make anything better DAMMIT

  5. FACE – It’s Madson, not Madsen. Also, if they decided to sign Madson, it would be for less. So not only did you misspell Madson, but your argument sucks.

  6. Papelbon is a better pitcher as he put up better numbers pitching in the AL East. Per fangraphs, “Jonathan Papelbon is far and away the best reliever to hit free agency this offseason. Papelbon posted three wins above replacement for the second time in his career. In addition to his three WAR, he had a career best 1.53 FIP. At 31, he is still very much in his prime (he is throwing as hard as ever) and is one of the few relievers set to hit free agency worthy of a long-term deal. After Papelbon, the list of free agents drops off.”
    The main concern is his extreme douchiness.

  7. Who cares how it’s spelled, you got what I was saying, and what if they give MadsOn 11 mill a year and he turns out to be 09′ instead of 10′?

  8. The main concern is his extreme douchiness.
    Exactly. They signed the best reliever on the market. I don’t care if he’s an ass hole, just get Doc a damn ring!

  9. Importing RedSox losers is not a good sign for next year…and it pretty much means I won’t finish watching a game with papelboner taking the mound and using that imposter-tough guy face. Now I’ll be rooting for complete games from Doc, Lee and Hollywood.

  10. So Papelbon celebrating after winning the World Series in that video and having some fun acting funny makes him a jackass? Let a guy have some fun.
    I agree with a previous commenter. Papelbon is in fact a mystery to NL hitters and the league in general. He fits in well with this team in my opinion. Closers are supposed to be goofballs. No one bitches about Heath Bell acting like a goof. Remember when he slid to the mound at the All-Star Game?
    Point is, when Papelbon is locking down saves and closing games everyone will be cheering for him.
    I’ve wanted him all along. Guy has been a proven closer for 6 years. Blown saves are gonna happen. This team has been getting stale the past few years. It’s time for some fresh faces and new blood.

  11. And for people worried about draft picks.
    “If the Phillies lose Madson to another team after offering him arbitration, they’ll surrender one pick and gain two.”

  12. Papelbon’s numbers.
    2.33 era, 1.02 WHIP, 219 saves of 248 chances, good for 88%,
    4 time All Star
    Madson’s numbers.
    3.59 era, 1.29 WHIP, 52 saves out of 78 chances, good for 66%.
    0 time All Star
    While Paplebon is a douche, so is Madson’s wife.
    If they are both looking at similar $ i’ll take the guy with the 88% career save percentage over the guy with the 66% any day of the week. Who gives a fuck if he’s an asshole, as long as he does his job and isn’t a douche in the locker room.

  13. Seems like a good interview. Needed a change of scenery after that mess of a team up in Boston. Cry now, but this guy is a horse. I’m just glad we locked up a real closer and are done with projects.

  14. stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid move. WE NEED THE HITTING NOT THE PITCHING RAJ!!!!! come on now!!!!! quit getting all this pitching you asshole

  15. The Phillies were really lacking a major douche bag on the roster. This fills two voids. See ya suckers!

  16. Can’t wait to see how many people crucify Amaro if he signs a really solid player like Michael Cuddyer. He’s another guy I want on this team. No reason his numbers don’t inflate in CBP compared to Target Field. Cuddyer is exactly the type of guy this team needs. Gets on base, hits homers, drives in runs, and most of all, he can give guys a break at first, second, third, left, and right more often than those positions got in the past.

  17. “Madson was shakey in the closer role, other than last year.”
    Learn something about baseball. The closer role is a total head-fuck role. You don’t know what someone is or isn’t capable of until they’re put in the position full-time. Madson was never given the opportunity to go out and shake off 2 or 3 blown saves, other than this year. (Wait, no. Not even this year, because he didn’t blow consecutive saves this year… DOH!)
    The first year given the chance, he splooges all over Brad Lidge and Josie Contra all at the same time. Yeah. Jerkoff. He’s always been shakey.
    I hate this move. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Jon-a-tan (in my Rollerball spectator voice) and his Bostonian Sox Cucker lineage. If the man can close, by all means, close.
    But, I think Madson has the better bang for would-have-been buck.

  18. Well now, THAT was interesting. Giving four years and $50 million to Papelbon was certainly surprising. However, he is a proven commodity as a major league closer for the last several years while Madson had only been in the role for three quarters of one season. Unlike most of the already closed minds here, I for one am willing to give Papelbon the benefit of doubt, after all, the Phils had previously rolled the dice on another closer who came to town with a sketchy track record, and Brad Lidge went 48 for 48 in our World Series winning season. Think about it.

  19. didnt know we need a closer since our offense cant even make it to the ninth inning gratz phillies

  20. Shit I hope this tool isn’t a partier. Last thing I want is to see this attention whore pussy out on the town

  21. Why are we complaining we got the best closer in the market. We are saving 17 million without Madson and Lidge and he has Cliff Lee/Halladay like closing skills. More money without Oswalt because Worley can fill the role as 4th starter. Plus I think Raul off the books so Brown takes his position (MAYBE), Im glad they are spending the big bucks on their pitching staff

  22. Jerry you are a d-bag. Really he stole the article from 700Level? The two articles are nowhere close to each other, except for the fact that they read Reported Papelbon signed.
    Get a life douche. This is a blog, blogging about a report that all media articles are covering. Does ESPN need to ask permission from 700level before they run it on their website? numpty.

  23. please someone make sure he doesnt do anymore gilette commercials with nick swisher in the shower. god our closer is gay.

  24. Hey Slaisbury can you stand up when you’re on TV please. Also, the speech therapy didn’t quite cure the lisp, work on that.

  25. I love all the negative comments, unreal. Think about 10 years ago, we couldn’t sign a big closer if we had too. Papelbon is a far more proven closer than Madson. Love Madson for what he did here, but if he and Boras are going to demand ridiculous cash, then move on. Might as well shell out for the proven closer.

  26. Who cares, still cant hit in the playoffs!!!
    Papelbon will be fine.. Can splurge on a reliever because they have 4-5 guys (Bastardo, Stutes, Defratus, Aumont, Schwimer) that will make nickels over the life of the contract.

  27. If the sign Cuddyer everyone will forget that Papelbon is on this team until spring training. Madson is gonna get stupid money from some shit team. Who cares?! Give Papelbon a shot till you kill the guy

  28. OK Slappy, think you will of whether it’s good or not for him becomming a Phillie, and of the price, BUT…
    Please do us all a favour and do not ever mention again the name of that Shyte Boston band who pretends to play Celtic rock/punk/pop/whatever, when it’s really just shyte that’s way inferior when compared to anything in The Pogues’ catalogue.
    Mention it again and I’ll get Shane McGowan on your arse after I get him back on raging bender of booz-n-drugs.

  29. Don’t like it, to be honest. Rather have a home grown guy in Madson who knows what it’s like to pitch in CBP for the same money than Pap-Smear-Bond. But if RAJ likes it I trust him. He’s done us well so far with FA and trades.

  30. You whiners need to change your fucking tampons. This guy’s been doing it 5x longer than madsen with better numbers. Who gives a fuck how much money they give him ? They don’t give you money back at the end of the season if they don’t win the WS. Stop playing GM and be happy that your team isn’t the marlins.

  31. He’ll have a great first season; very few guys in the NL East, let along NL have experience against him. He doesn’t change how he pitches under pressure, which is both a good and bad thing. The contract is a little rich for my blood but it was a need and apparently Madson wasn’t biting on their offer.

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