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Last night, Drew and I had a lengthy (like 30 minute) conversation with new Sixers CEO Adam Aron. 

Aron touched on many topics, including the demise of Hip Hop Hip Hop's resignation in the name of love, and the use of Jim Henson’s Creature Studio and the Raymond Creative Group to create a new mascot. The latter is run by the former best friend of the Phanatic, David Raymond.

Aron spoke about the fact that there will be less in-game music, but better entertainment surrounding the action. Possible changes include a live band playing an hour before game time and other ideas from a two page list he has put together. He also told us a cool story about how he was personally able to bid on and win 10 lots of Dr. J’s memorabilia.

In short, he is determined to make the Sixers relevant again:

“When I was a kid, this was a four-sports-team town. And in recent years, this has been a three-sports-team town, and oh by the way, the Sixers play there, too. The new ownership group is going to build this back into a four-sports-team town again.”


Very good listen as you slack off at work on this final day before the holiday weekend.

Listen after the jump. You can also get it on iTunes by simply searching "broad street radio."

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