Broad Street Radio: Talking with Penn State Student Reporter

This afternoon, we had Ryan Beckler on, one of the students who hurled questions at Penn State’s Board of Trustees last night. He came on around the 5:00 minute mark, for around 30 minutes. He says that most Penn State students were totally against the riot and that it was a high school student who started tipping over the news fan. Also, what’s it’s like to be a student journalist covering what is perhaps the biggest sports story of the year. He writes for, which has done an excellent job covering the story.

After that, we took calls from folks in Penn State, Philly, and Iowa. The podcast is also available on iTunes by searching “Broad Street Radio.”

Listen after the jump.


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10 Responses

  1. Should have asked why they decided to meet at 10pm instead of 10am. If they announce this in the morning, I there are any riots.
    Also should have suspended Joe the day the grand jury report came out, could always lift suspension if needed. Would have gotten in front of the story, and they could have brought focus back to Sandusky

  2. Everyone involved should have been put on leave. Just shows that everyone in central PA doesn’t understand how the real world works.

  3. Why are they playing the game Saturday? Just forfeit the last 3 games and don’t accept a bowl invite… Oh wait they are a bunch of greedy counts up there

  4. Blame a High School student for starting the rioting. Didn’t see any Penn State College students trying to stop him. I guess they all learned that from McQueary.

  5. Good article, but best comments ever! Couldn’t agree more with you all. WTF is anyone thinking in “Happy Valley”?? Could this be any more of a cluster fuck?

  6. This is more about how the real world has become rash and ridiculous with this 24/7 media coverage and overanalyzation of everything. Its all about finding a scapegoat and the media’s spin. Everyone is forming conclusions based on ridiculous assumptions. Get some more facts. The media needs to go the fuck home and leave us alone.

  7. How should the media and normal level headed individuals analyze harboring, enabling, and protecting a child molester? Subtract “10 year old raped” and add “10 year old murdered”. Would they still cover it up? Stop thinking that Penn State is a magical Camelot and treat it like the state funded institution that did nothing to protect young children from a serial child rapist that it is

  8. Jumbo-
    WTF are you talking about? You’re just another a-hole that knew nothing about PSU before this all happened and never will.
    Forfeit the last 3 games? Why? Because ONE (let me repeat that again – it’s ONE PERSON) sick bastard molested kids the entire school and alumni, along with the current football players suffer?
    It’s posts like yours that have been pissing me off all week.

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