Broad Street Radio: Why Don’t We Like The Eagles Anymore?

And it’s not for all the typical fire Andy, Juan sucks reasons you’ll hear on sports talk radio. Drew and I speak with Eagles post-game show host and founder John Miller about how the in-game atmosphere has changed, casual fans’ attitude, hipsters, the city’s “need” for blue collar players, and some of the on the field stuff. 

John joins us at the 10-minute mark. We open it up talking about Jonathan Papelbon and how we’re turning into the Red Sox, and Penn State.

This was our best show so far. Drew’s one-liners – “that’s not how the court of public opinion votes” and “we know the time’s Andy’s, but….” – are slowing turning my co-host into Chris Matthews— and I like it.

Listen to the show after the jump or search “broad street radio” on iTunes.

I'll have roughly 2,000 words on this tomorrow.

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6 Responses

  1. I hate Asante and Desean. Shut the fuck up and play the game. Stop thinking about the money and maybe you won’t cost us the game by dropping a punt.
    I wish all athletes were like hockey players.

  2. Dude, great show. You and Drew are freakin awesome together…and yes, his one liners were priceless. Keep it up, I’m subscribed.

  3. Is this really that complicated? The Eagles have turned into a lifeless mess. Have you heard Merrill Reese lately? He is a defeated man and it is just depressing considering all of the years that I have listened to him. He sounds like he’s given up and so has Mike Quick. There is whining and in-fighting on the team. The NFL stands for the “No Fun League”. The NFL is also a ruthless business, which I know I personally cannot stand.
    The Phillies on the other hand have gotten better and better every year. We really have the potential to set a new franchise record in wins next year if we can stabilize 3B and LF. Players want to be here. My goodness, our #2 ace’s wife said she loves riding the train around the city.
    Oh, and we can’t forget. The Phillies gave the 20-30 somethings the first major championship of our lifetimes. THAT is worth something.
    It all adds up. Baseball is better than football anyway.

  4. Oh, one more thing. No one on the Eagles seems to care, at least on the defensive side. You never see anyone stepping up on the field and getting in someone’s face for taking a penalty. No one is held accountable. Now I’m not saying players should chew each other out on the field, but it would be nice to see someone step up and tell a guy to get his head out of his ass every now and then.

  5. its pretty much the entire NFL. I dont get as excited to watch an NFL game as I do a Phillies or Flyers game. Like you said its also the players, we as Philadelphians get excited to watch the Giroux, Pence, Lee, Simmonds type players. Im so sick of the players like Vick, Desean, Samuel that just dont seem they give a shit if they win or loose, they just care bout their contract, they just have no heart what so ever

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