Disturbing Excerpts from the Grand Jury Presentment on the Jerry Sandusky Case

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Yesterday, the state of Pennsylvania released the full grand jury presentment on the Jerry Sandusky case. The report, a 23-page PDF filled with uncomfortable and sad accounts of Sandusky’s love of young boys, details the findings that led to charges being brought against Sandusky, Penn State athletic director Tim Curley, and the school’s senior VP of business and finance, Gary Schultz.

Here’s a synopsis:

There were – at least – eight victims who were exposed to Sandusky’s manipulative and devious sexual advances. 

Sandusky, who played for Joe Paterno and coached under him from 1977-1999, had full access to all university athletic facilities both during his time as coach and after he retired (since he still ran camps and remained a part of the school community). Those camps were often for members of The Second Mile, a group founded by Sandusky which started out as a foster home and later grew into a full-fledged charity aimed at helping troubled young boys, most of whom came from dysfunctional and unfortunate upbringings. 

He used this access to molest several of the boys.

The presentment details eight different victims (though it wouldn't be surprising if there were more), all of whom experienced Sandusky’s sexual advances. His go-to moves were the following: When driving with the boys (to and from camp, to Penn State and Eagles football games, and other places), Sandusky would often place his hand on their legs to gauge their tolerance for such uncomfortable advances. He also routinely performed a “back-cracking” move in which he would roll beneath a boy (sometimes when they were sleeping at Sandusky's home) and crack his back, as a way to ease into other advances. He would persuade many of the boys to take showers with him after camp activities and other physical events, even when the boys were not sweaty. He often asked the ones who seemed uncomfortable in the shower – evidenced by them standing a few stalls away from Sandusky – to come closer… so he could touch, lick, “bear hug,” and have sex with them.

On one such occasion, in 2002, a Penn State graduate assistant heard “rhythmic, slapping sounds” coming from the showers in the locker room. When he looked in, he found Sandusky having anal sex with a young boy estimated to be about 10-years-old. The incident was reported to Joe Paterno, who then relayed the report to his boss, athletic director Tim Curley.

Curley told Paterno and the graduate assistant that he would handle it. Curley and Schultz (VP of business and finance) called the assistant into a meeting a few weeks later. The assistant says he described the incident in detail. Schultz, however, told the grand jury that he and Curley understood the contact to be “inappropriate,” but that they didn’t believe a crime (sex) was committed. They revoked Sandusky’s access to the locker rooms and prohibited him from bringing young boys onto campus. Police were never called.

Sandusky was arraigned on a litany of sexual abuse charges. Curley and Schutlz are being charged with perjury and failure to report. Paterno faces no charges, as prosecutors believe he did the right thing.

After the jump you will find disturbing excerpts from the grand jury’s presentment detailing Sandusky’s interaction with young boys. Caution: Awful and disgusting would be the only way to describe this. The accounts are graphic. These are direct screenshots from the presentment, which was released to the public yesterday. You can read the full 23-page document here.


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44 Responses

  1. ANYONE who knew what was going on over the last DECADE and didn’t notify the police should be imprisoned for at least the next decade, if not more. Don’t tell me Paterno did the right thing, and then tell me he never contacted the police. That’s BULLSHIT! When you find out someone’s fucking little boys in the ass, there’s only one right thing to do, and that’s dialing 911!

  2. Mikebiff, Paterno contacted the higher ups at Penn State as soon as he heard what was happening. He expected them to handle it and assumed it was taken care of. Control was taken out of his hands because this was not his responsibility. He did his responsibility by reporting his findings to the men he thought would make Sandusky pay.

  3. This is so disturbing…..this should SHOCK the PSU community for a long long time, I cannot believe anything like this was ever able to continue when it had been witnessed by ANYONE…so disgusting!

  4. Oh my god! How disgusting! I feel so sorry for the boys who have gone through this

  5. Alex. Paterno by state law is responsible for reporting to the police. Mandated reporter. Cops first then the AD. It’s also common fucking sense. Not to mention a moral and ethic responsibility to a man who leads other young men and has for 50 years. Also, nice sense of urgency Joe. Sleeping on it a night before telling anyone. Lets make no mistake here. Joe told his AD then just forgot about it. Legacy and institutional preservation at its ugliest.

  6. @Alex you’re a dope. Kids are getting fucked in the ass in the locker room showers, and you think it’s OK to just pass the buck? NO, YOU CALL THE COPS.

  7. Can’t say I’ve ever been physically ill from something I’ve read on this site until now. Some of that probably has to do with my hangover, but this is absolutely horrifying.

  8. So I read this as, Joe Pa didn’t want his program ruined while he was still viable as a coach and a recruiter. “On paper,” he reported it to the AD and PSU VP of Finance, who did absolutely nothing. He never followed up to see what the School was going to do about it.
    Everyone from the President down needs to be dismissed/fired/whatever you want to call it to save some face for the school, if that is still on the table at all in the court of public opinion. All those who perjured/non-reported at the sake of the program, need to be imprisoned, and for a long time. How many more instances of abuse did they enable? How many young lives mentally ruined?
    This is no different than the way the Catholic church handled pedophiles identified within its ranks. It needs to be dealt with swiftly and severely. Although not a religious institution Penn State, it is not above reproach, and the persons employed by Penn State who participated in this acted as criminally as it gets.
    As for Sandusky, if he is not dead before he is sentenced, I have no doubt his new peers in the joint will treat him the same as it’s documented he treated those young boys in the grand jury report. I’ll take the under he lasts two months.

  9. Time to fire Paterno and the rest of the coaching staff and start with a clean slate. This is so disturbing.

  10. The program was aware of this for years. Former players like Jim Paxson got in trouble for prank calling that sick fuck Jerry. I also recall Sandusky having a step son who played for PSU, I’m sure he got it growing up.

  11. I’m a Penn State student and long time fan and this is the most troubling thing I’ve ever heard. It’s flat out disgusting and there’s no explanation that this happened or wasn’t reported. I’m praying for all of the victims and their families I can’t imagine how difficult the last 15 or so years has been for them. I also have a problem with people calling out Paterno for this. When he found out from the grad assistant what happened, he contacted Curley immediately and also Gary Schultz. What people don’t realize is that Schultz oversees the University police department here on campus. I know he could have done “more” but telling your boss (who said he will handle it) and the head of the local police department isn’t exactly ignoring the situation. Stop making this out to be about Paterno and show some compassion for the kids and families involved.

  12. Phil whether in title or not Paterno is the boss. End of story. The AD and VP of campus security report to him. And he knows this. Paterno can have his calls answered at the White House in 2002. Every PSU sycophant excusing him needs to stop right now. It only makes you and the school look worse. This is a crime of unspeakable nature. Every human being regardless of their position has a moral responsibility to ensure the police know and cannot rest until they are sure they know. PSU police are not the police. It is akin to saying you told the Swiss Guard about a pedophile archbishop. Disgusting.

  13. I rarely curse, but IF it can be proven that these motherf____er’s at Penn State knew about the child abuse and didn’t call the cops need to suffer VERY PAINFULLY and go to jail for a long time…from the molesting coach (I detest rape, but sandusky deserves to be painfully raped until he dies….and then he has hell and the demons down there to look forward too) to Joe Pa (whos old senile as should have CALLED THE F’N COPS WHEN HE FIRST HEARD ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF “TELL THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR) straight to a “pound in the ass HARD” prison.
    Penn State football should suffer for decades due to this mess, and if the NCCA doesn’t smack down hard penalties on penn state…the hell with college footbal!!

  14. Paterno did the correct thing and immediately reported what he was told to the people in power. He is an employee of Penn State. He may not liked the result, but he did what he was supposed to. The prosecutor also said that Paterno did the right thing with his actions.

  15. Paterno did the correct thing and immediately reported what he was told to the people in power. He is an employee of Penn State. He may not liked the result, but he did what he was supposed to. The prosecutor also said that Paterno did the right thing with his actions.

  16. Paterno has a lot to answer for. Don’t forget that Sandusky retired in 1999; he was confronted by a victim’s mother and police in 1998.
    Also, this graduate assistant is worse than the whole bunch. He witnessed Sandusky and didn’t contact the police immediately. Everyone else he contacted was one step removed. What were his motives for deciding to drag Paterno into it?

  17. they wont fire paterno. He has gained the respect of every person on campus. He will leave when he decides to leave, there is noway PSU will disgrace the most legendary coach in college football history

  18. This whole thing makes me absolutely sick and disgusted. This is not only an embarassment for the university and all of those involved, but also for every student, alumni, and fan that has ever cared for Penn State.
    I believe that Joe Paterno did the right thing by telling Curley who in turn told him that he would handle it, but I find it hard to beleieve how he couldn’t press Curley to put an end to the situation by calling the REAL police. For Curley and Schultz to say that “inappropriate” contact was made but no sex crime was commited is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
    I believe that Joe Paterno has done more for college football, especially Penn State, than any other individual has. His success rate of having kids graduate and become succesful is to be commended. Penn State simply would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for Joe Paterno. I always thought that this would be Joe’s last year but I think this cements it.
    Whether or not you think he did the right or wrong thing by only telling his bosses about it I do not know. But the emotional toll that this will take on him may end his career.
    More importantly, my prayers go out to all of the poor kids and their families who were put through hell for the past 15 or so years. I can only hope that you all try to find comfort and closure.

  19. Anyone claiming that Paterno did enough in this situation is a complete moron. Actually, it’s easy to separate the PSU alumni from the other commenters because they are all Paterno apologists. I just laugh because you were the same ones lambasting other schools during their scandals, and now look what Jesus Christ of Happy Valley himself has gotten into. But yeah, basically telling one person that a PSU coach was giving head to 10 year old boys in the locker room and not following up on it is no way near as worse than recruiting scandals.

  20. Also, first complaint/investigation was made back in 1998 and they allowed Sandusky to coach for another year before he went out on his own terms (at a time when people assumed with him only in his mid 50’s, that he’d eventually succeed JoePa as head coach if he ever frickin retired). College football lifers don’t just retire with a possible promotion on the table to dream job at some point in future.

  21. It’s as simple as this really. Joe Pa not reporting this to the police allowed other young boys to be raped and scared for life. He has to live with this fact and he is lucky to not be facing charges for failure to report this to the police. Anyone reading this who has similar knowledge of such acts, no matter how far removed from the situation, has a moral obligation. Please tell the authorities. Prevent further harm.

  22. As a PSU alum, I have to say this is an absolute fucking embarrassment. One could argue that Paterno did the right thing by reporting to Curly, but there’s a stronger argument to be made that he didn’t do enough. He knew about the allegations in 2002, and only yesterday was an indictment handed down. Meanwhile, over the course of the last nine years, we have no idea how many more boys have been victimized by Sandusky. Legally Paterno may be spared, but his reputation is severely damaged. To say he’s blameless is to live in a fantasy world. He’s gotta go!
    The university’s handling of this is a disaster. Spanier has come out and defended Schultz and Curley. He, also, needs to leave now. We should all be disgusted by the fact that the university is paying (with your tax dollars) for the legal defense of Schultz and Curley…as if they cannot afford their own attorneys.

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  24. So as far as Paterno goes in this, they’re telling us that at some point he had to actually have a thought like “Sure am glad the higher ups handled that whole thing with Jerry molesting kids in my showers.”?
    I don’t think that can be construed as “doing enough” by anybody.

  25. Unless Paterno did something passive or active to cover this up, you have to look to the AD, the VP, and the DA who didn’t even press charges. To make this about Paterno is to miss the point, but he should still be investigated to make sure that there was no coverup taking place.

  26. Folks it looks like Paterno knew of Sandusky’s inappropriate behavior as far back as 1998. This will be made clear. It is probably the reason for the sudden retirement in 1999. Please stop and ask yourselves: why would the TOP D-coordinator in the country at the age of 55 just retire? 55 is young in coaching. At PSU it’s downright juvenile. He just stopped coaching. PSU knew they had to get this guy away, or as far away as they could, from the program. God only knows how long they excused his behavior. I am nauseous. Go Nebraska. And go whoever these immoral people play forever.

  27. Fu#k ANYONE who knew that children were being molested and thought that reporting it to school staff was enough! That means YOU Paterno. All of you idiots whk say Joe did the “right thing” are insane. You would think that after one YEAR of his reporting the incident and NO ARREST , Paterno would have done EVERYTHING in his power to EXPOSE the truth to bring about an arrest. HE FAILED period!

  28. I am physically sick after reading this. Every person involved is wrong and should all be punished, including loveable JoPa. If you think for one second that there aren’t MANY other children whose innocence was taken throughout the last DECADE+ of cover-ups and silence, you are kidding yourself.

  29. This is totally disturbing. Everyone that is directly or indirectly associated with this case should be in Jail, even including Joe Paterno. I am so happy that Tim Curley could be going to jail for several years. Tim Curley had lied several times when me and three other figure skaters were discriminated at the ice rink at PSU. He ruined three figure skaters lives by his lies and now finally his lies have caught up with him and this time its not about discrimination its about withholding valuable information in regards to this sick Sandusky guy.

  30. Shame on the graduate assistant for not confronting Sandusky then and there, and taking the boy to a safe place that very minute. Coward.
    Shame on Paterno for not having the police inside his office 15 minutes after the grad asst told him the news… “We’ll involve the Curly and Schultz later.”
    Shame on Curly and Schutlz for not having the police waiting at Sandusky’s office door the moment he got to work.
    Most of all, Shame on Sandusky…1,000,000 hells to you. I pray you get the Ghadafi treatment.

  31. My heart breaks for all those children who had to endure what happened to them. Having an 11 year old son and to look at him and to think what those kids (many his age and younger)had to deal with shakes me to my core. God please give them poor children,many who are now adults, the power to go on. please everyone pray for them.

  32. Homo sex has been approved by America. It is no wonder that the sexual abuse went on for years. The universities are pits of political correctness and toleranec of all that is immoral and perverse. Penn State is corrupt. I will not be surprised if Penn State continues to cover up the truth. May all the corrupt adults who permitted the sexual abuse of these young boys be jailed for life.

  33. 28 yr old grad asst. Don’t try to stop the godlike pervert. Go home and tell your daddy. What a fukin coward. Prison for you on a cell block with gangbangers who DO hate “short eyes”‘, yeah thats what child molesters are .

  34. If ANYTHING this is a PRIME EXAMPLE of an INSTITUTION, whether it be the CATHOLIC CHURCH or COLLEGE / PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL or any other institution where there is a big cultural, monetary and emotional investment via the participants and a desire to COVER UP horrible and depraved things in order to protect the institution at the expense of any victims or the truth of wrongdoing. I hope that this is a LESSON to everyone that covering up wrongdoing and horrible crimes and allowing perpetrators to operate with impunity with no consequences can DESTROY the institution FAR MORE than the initial crime itself. THIS would not have happened if it had occurred with say a BIOLOGY PROFESSOR in the BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT or CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT CENTER at the PSYCH DEPARTMENT but because it was COLLEGE FOOTBALL everyone was willing to look the other way to protect the otherwise “pristine reputation” of COLLEGE FOOTBALL. LESSON LEARNED I HOPE!!!!

  35. @mike thomas – you are an ignorant ass. This has nothing to do with “homo sex.” THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH A PEDOPHILE WHO IS PROBABLY A CARD CARRYING CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN FOOTBALL COACH WHO PROBABLY VOTES FOR “FAMILY VALUES.” WE KNOW HE IS MARRIED WITH A WIFE, AS WELL! I am a GAY FATHER, helped raise a well adjusted, and popular kid (and today is quite the lady’s man) and would literally KILLED a pedophile, like this PEDOPHILE FOOTBALL COACH OR ANY PEDOPHILE CONSERVATIVE CATHOLIC PRIESTS, if they HAD ever touched one of my kids when they were children. IDIOT!

  36. @mike thomas – PEDOPHILIA = RAPE OF CHILDREN OR CHILD RAPE and EVERYONE’s business. What you ignorantly refer to as “HOMO SEX” – Sex between consenting adults and NONE of your damned, ignorant business except to note it probably occurs between two adults of the same sex in the privacy of their homes.
    The reason these little boys got raped and the pedophile got away with it so long was directly because of ignorant attitudes like yours that couldn’t imagine anything this depraved occurring in the midst of their beloved COLLEGE FOOTBALL institution. Instead of admitting your values are screwed up, you’d rather make scapegoats of gay people. Well, in this case, you aren’t going to get away with it. It was a HETEROSEXUAL MARRIED COACH who raped CHILDREN. Your attitude of blaming “the gays” for PEDOPHILIA rather than admitting that the worshiping of the institution of college football is responsible for this tragedy is the reason why this horrific tragedy occurred in the first place. I guarantee you this gay father wouldn’t have had to go to Coach Paterno to figure out what to do with that filthy PEDOPHILE. This GAY FATHER would have STRANGLED the POS COACH raping the CHILD before I ever had the chance to run tell Coach Paterno! Then again, I don’t love the institution of COLLEGE FOOTBALL or THE CATHOLIC CHURCH to get in the way of my INSTINCT to protect children.

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