Do You Think Flyers Beat Writer Frank Seravalli Asked Bam Margera for His Autograph When He Sat Next to Him on a Plane This Morning?

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I'd say that probability is high… to very high?

No doubt Franklin enjoyed his humble brag, sitting next to Bam for six hours, which I’d imagine isn’t a pleasurable experience. But hey, it probably beats other potential pitfalls of a hockey beat writer’s life… like getting riemed out by Peter Laviolette for writing something that was wildly speculative…



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  1. these types of posts are getting really annoying and I find myself coming to your site less and less.
    Why on earth would anyone of us that reads your site care about this?
    it just sounds like you have beef with the guy or are mad that you are just a twitter “follower” of all of these beat writers.
    Stick to sports news like how ESPN helped cover up the Syracuse molestation. when there’s nothing going on locally, stick to the most popular NATIONAL stories… not the daily events of beat writers.

  2. Y are there always so many haters on the internet? If you dont like something there are millions of different sites…

  3. johnny — i liked this site (when philly sports was active) now that there’s nothing going on he seems to just work off of twitter which is bogus.

  4. Its constructive criticism. If he wants this site to succeed he should take it for what its worth. I am sure majority of the readers do not come here for these types of posts.

  5. @K but this site is called crossing broad as in broad street which is in philadelphia. Id rather know more about whats going on in my hometown (relevant or no to sports or media clowns) than some peepee toucher in syracuse or penn state. It’s called entertainment, don’t like it, don’t read it.

  6. I agree with k. The problem is kyle thinks he needs to be “on” with every post, but it results in forced humor.
    This site has gone downhill since kyle went full time. He approaches it every day with the philosophy ” how can i make more money off this site” and not “how can i make this site better”

  7. Al — you can only cover so much of philadelphia’s athletes/ beat writers twitter feeds before it starts to be pathetic and uninteresting. Didn’t pronger just have surgery? report on how it went..or how vick is doing/ how he is not playing tomorrow night.
    the point really is — there are better Philadelphia-oriented sports stories out there than what he has been raking in off of twitter. If I were interested in a beat writers traveling experiences – than I would be following them on twitter too. The Jeremy Maclin thing was not bad..but c’mon no need to regurgitate EVERYTHING in your news feed.

  8. as i wrote my last comment he posted another story about ovechkin’s twitter… not philly themed. so, there goes your “philly only” argument.
    kyle, create some sort of format with your posts…have a nightly twitter roundup or something.

  9. guys, you really need to stop crying. there’s a 4-day lull in philly sports– you try writing a sports blog in that circumstance. and i’ve been doing this full-time for a year. in which time the site has more that tripled in popularity, and I make about twice as much as last year. so, tom, you’re way wrong.

  10. if you think you gained readers by posting about the flyers’ beat-writers’ tweets – you’re the one that’s wrong.
    and don’t get so cocky, d-wad

  11. Ladies and gentleman, the narcissistic douchebag himself, Kyle Scott. You know how I know you love yourself too much? Of all the blogs I read, yours is the only one where I know the name of the author. By the way, your typos have also doubled since last year. Write a real story, dumbass. Lately, all you do is make fun of people, when you don’t have a leg to stand on in the first place because you’re a piece of shit.

  12. How am i wrong?
    There are 3 types of posts
    1) twitter pastes
    2) plugs for tickets shirts etc
    3) artikes that suspiciously appear elsewhere before you post

  13. you know my name because the other blogs don’t know a lick about marketing slook, let’s be real honest here.

  14. kyle im pretty sure no one cares that your making “double what you made last year”

  15. Kyle: I’m not here to bash this article, or how you run YOUR site (blog?) that’s on you. (Make as much money as you can while it lasts). I would like to know more about who (I assume it was Serevalli) it was that got bitched out by Laviolette, what went down, what the wildly speculative article was or what it was about, etc, etc. don’t know if I missed something recently but I would like hear about this.

  16. finally, someone picked up on the important part of the article, instead of whining in internet comments. that’s about al i can say, though.

  17. “internet comments” … isn’t that what you do for a living? and aren’t the tweets you post “internet comments”? … you got real defensive from valid critiquing…you always seem to.
    the way I imagine david murphy, based off of your bashing, is exactly how you sound in your comments here.

  18. If you don’t like the content on the site, or have some ridiculous personal dislike for Kyle, it’s real simple, DON’T READ IT! No one is making you view this blog. He can post whatever he wants. If you think you can do it better, rather than complaining, why don’t you create your own blog and show how you think it should be done? Dopes…

  19. This site has really gone downhill since the penn state story broke, even before that.
    700level baby. the only real philly sports blog left.

  20. I use to tease my wife for reading TMZ, and similar sites, but then crossing broad became the philly sports version of those sites, and I had to stop teasing her. I think I’m done with this site, but I know I can’t look away from a train wreck as it happens.
    One thing I don’t like is a sports blogger who represents the fan base getting into verbal spats with athletes I like. Yes, you “Slappy”. Try not to make us all look like doushbags. Thanks.

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